June 7, 2010

Let The Skeptics Spin Spin Spin

US Magazine

The skeptics say Nicole and Keith don't live together as husband and wife. But here they are again, coming from brunch as they so often do. Somehow Nicole has managed to pay off the paps that the E! Online skeptics said left town, and managed to control the weather and the direction of the wind to create the shot you see above! We've been through all of this before. Is Nicole Kidman pregnant or not? Doesn't matter. The skeptics are spinning themselves sick.

Back in the real world....

Did you enjoy the live Keith Urban chat? We sure did. Keith brought his wacky sense of humor as always. We're hoping more of these are scheduled in the future. Thanks Keith!


Anonymous said...

LMAO! Those haters are SO predictable,aren't they SM?

Mimosa has already commented on Nicole being, "...way too old to go around showing her belly."

Mimosa needs to step away from her computer & step outside so she can understand what WIND is and how it works. Her next comment will probably be that Nicole is pulling her skirt between her legs(disgusting!), and flipped one side of her collar up to try & cover her turkey neck!

How close do you think I am to what garbage she'll come up with next? If not her, one of the other haters will step up I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

The skeptics should not be commenting on what Nicole wears as they themselves parade around at Keith's concerts with necklines plunged down to there or shorts within a couple of inches of their panty lines, exposing all their cellulite and wrinkly skin. Eeek!!

Anonymous said...

How about the way they squeeze themselves into those low waisted jeans (ewwwwww!!). When they stand up their jeans slip down and expose their cracks and their bellies flop over the front. It's not just the pot calling the kettle black--it's the pot cracking in the middle (lol)!

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