June 14, 2010

Monday Morning Keith Urban Nicole Kidman Updates

We've had several reader contributions come in lately. STS wants to share them with you. Hope they brighten up your Monday!


A blogger wrote about her celebrity encounters including a sweet story with Nicole and Keith at a birthday party. The comments are sweet too. Thanks to an anonymous reader for sending the link!


I have saved the best for last. No, seriously this one is good.

Ever since moving to Nashville, there has been one person who I really wanted to see. I always figured it was a long shot, but I just wanted to be able to say that I had seen her. Well, last Saturday, Kevan and I not only saw these people, but we MET them...

Believe it. We had been invited to a birthday party for a friend's two-year-old daughter. We arrived a bit late and walked into their house, joining a big group of people. Merit immediately headed for the corner and hugged the leg of a lady sitting in a chair. I followed her, looked at the lady whom she had just hugged and thought, "That is Nicole Kidman." Not, "Oh, that lady looks like Nicole Kidman", but "Undeniably, I am standing in the same room as Nicole Kidman, what is going on. " Everyone was introducing themselves to us and she looked at me and said, "Hi, I'm Nicole and this is Sunday (her daughter)." There is no telling what my face was like at this point, but I stepped over to her, shook her hand, and calmy said my name. I stepped back over by Kevan when ole Keith came out of the bathroom and Kevan introduced us to him. It was one of the most surreal moments I've had in a while. I mean, yes, it was cool to meet Keith Urban, but I couldn't get over how I had just had NICOLE KIDMAN introduce herself to me. The rest of the party, including our friends who we came to see, were in the backyard so we headed that way after that. I pinched Kevan's back all the way out the back door because I couldn't squeal like a teenage girl like I wanted. They left shortly after, but we found out later that they had been there a while and Sunday had been playing in the back with all of the kids. (By the way, they were there because the birthday girl's mama is Nicole's masseuse.)

This, my friends, is why you should always be on time to parties.


From a reader in Australia, they found this photo, shared by Australian tv host Rove McManus. Apparently Keith Urban and Kate Beckinsale have very enviable hair. We're assuming that the images are being used without their permission. From Brazil.


Thanks to Jacqueline in Brazil for this tidbit. Nicole will be a spokesperson for the VillageMall, a high end shopping center in Rio De Janeiro.


Nicole Kidman is the star of the publicity campaign for the debut of VillageMall

Actress Nicole Kidman is the star of the publicity campaign for the debut of VillageMall, a new shopping mall that Multiplan is building in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. This is the first time that the actress has done an advertising campaign for a company in South America. The filming with Nicole Kidman was done on Friday, June 4, in Nashville, Tennessee, United States, where she lives.

The campaign, designed by the agency, Eugênio, will include a special film for TV, and ads in print and outdoor media, which will begin running in August. "The uniqueness and exclusivity of this campaign inspired us to make a longer film than the norm, two minutes long, instead of the traditional one minute and a half or one minute," explains Carlos Valladão, president and creative director of the Eugênio agency. Multiplan's investment in the campaign will reach R$ 10 million.

"Nobody better than Nicole Kidman – who besides being an amazing actress, is a fashion icon, a world-wide point of reference in fashion and good taste – to represent VillageMall," says Pedro Côrtes, Incorporation Superintendent of Multiplan.

This campaign is in keeping with Nicole's long history of working with quality companies including Omega, Nintendo, Chanel, Schweppes, and El Cortes Ingles


From The Boot.com, Keith talks about Sunday and Nicole's upcoming birthday.

Keith Urban literally glows when he speaks about his role as a father. Daughter Sunday Rose, with wife Nicole Kidman, is nearing her second birthday, and she is beginning to really take on physical characteristics of both of her parents.

"She's a good mix [of the two of us], I think," said Keith backstage at the CMA Music Festival at Nashville's LP Field. "She's got my wife's legs, that's for sure."

With Father's Day around the corner, he explained what he thought was the best part of being a father. "All of it! It's always something new, that's what I love about it," the superstar gushed. "And maybe [other] dads are different, but for me, it keeps coming on. I'm like, 'Oh my God, that's my daughter.' It's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I feel very grateful for it."

While Keith cannot say enough about being a father, he won't be celebrating Dad's Day this Sunday. It is actually a special day for someone else -- his wife's birthday. Since they both grew up in Australia, they decided to celebrate the Australian Father's Day, which takes place on September 6. "What I did is I took the liberty of recognizing that we have dual countries going on and Father's Day is different in Australia," he said. "It's in September. So, I said to Nic, 'Because your birthday is June 20, we'll forgo Father's Day. We'll honor the Australian one this year, and we'll go back to the American one when it doesn't fall on your birthday." He adds, "I can't be taking the day away. I'd rather it be about her, so I'll celebrate it in September."

With their joy at having a daughter together, will Keith and Nicole be having another one soon? "I'm not, not trying," he laughs, "so we'll see."

Keith is set to perform at Chicago's Soldier Field on June 19, as part of his tour dates with the Eagles.


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