June 5, 2010

What Really Happened In Hong Kong

Before you read the real story let's take a look at the hate and stupidity from the E! Online Skeptics

Mimosa: Just another reason NOT to buy any watches from Omega. I am disgusted by their choice of Granny Freeze Kidman as a promotional person. Did they never watch "Birth"? Someone needs to rent a copy for the execs. I bet some of them have kids.

hit n run: Have to say, its surprising that he can handle the boring lifestyle all this time. Its just the two of them for the most part. And everything is work related. They don't do anything fun or exciting.

hit n run: The point I was making is that they have no common interests. Nothing they enjoy doing separate or together. For all that they have, they lead a very boring life. JMO

Mimosa: Keefus is a fool. He is the most p-whipped man in the public eye....and it's not even a p-whippin' by a young and sexy woman. He's p-whipped by an elderly Michael Jackson look-alike. She makes him look ridiculous. He's in need of a serious man-hood intervention by Bob and Shane.

hit n run: She makes him look gay nomorefan. They have always looked awkward and clumsy together. Anyone who has ever seen a picture of them kissing would never believe their oh so in love

hit n run: "The couple burst out laughing, exchanging some whispers." Sounds so juvenile. Typical KUNK - lets give um something to talk about, as she broke the other strap. Did it overshaddow Keith's performance? Well, its the broken strap that got the write up, not his performance. Its all about HER, just like always.

Mimosa: What a nauseating bunch of PR crapola.

Mimosa: Maybe he really wasn't there. KUNKY has lied about his whereabouts before.....

hit n run: Well he might as well not have been. Six billion people in China and he played to an audience of 200? Why bother. No one else in the country even saw a picture of him. It was all about HER!

That's right. If you only end up looking mean, bitter and spiteful over a charity event try to put the spin on it that it never even happened!

Oh skeptics you should know better than that!

Nicole Kidman is on stage at a glitzy charity gala in Hong Kong introducing the evening's star performer, country music singer Keith Urban. The fact that he also happens to be her husband allows the Hollywood superstar the chance for some playful teasing.
"When this was being put together by [host] Omega, they asked if I would be willing to do a cabaret act and I said no," she laughingly tells the 200-strong audience. "They said, 'We've got to give them something different,' so I thought, 'We do have a music man in the family.' I'm sleeping with the band....therefore you get favours."
Nicole smiles conspiratorially, delighted by the boldness of her jokey confession and totally unapologetic. "I am his biggest fan. His daughter is his second biggest fan," she declares. "Welcome Keith Urban!"
Bounding on stage the Nashville-based three-time Grammy award-winner pays tribute to his movie-star wife and fellow Australian: " Nicole Mary, thank you baby girl. That was a beautiful introduction." He invites the cream of Hong Kong society to "clap, stand on the tables and dance", setting the tone for this most intimate and informal of private concerts.
They may be one of the world's most high-profile couple, yet Nicole who turns 43 on 20 June and Keith, 42, could not be more unaffected ot spontaneous in their love for each other. Four years after their lavish wedding in Sydney and his subsequent painful stint in rehab, the relationship is clearly stronger than ever.
It sounds corny, but their love is so palpable on the night, it seems to infuse the grand ballroom of the swanky Four Seasons Hotel, adding an edge of excitement and unpredictability to what could otherwise be just another worthy fundraising event.

Certainly the lyrics of Keith's songs leave no one in any doubt as to who they are meant for.
"Seeing as how my wife is in the audience tonight, I will do a song for her," he pledges sweetly as he launches into "Making Memories of Us" with just his acoustic guitar for accompaniment.
Seated at her front row table, Nicole visibly glows with adoration and pride. She joins in with the rest of the well-heeled crowd, singing and clapping along to Keith's version of "Proud Mary", in which he substitutes "If you come down to Hong Kong Harbour" for "If you come down to the river", much to the delight of the local celebrities, politicians and businessmen. By now, he has them eating out of his hand. When he launches into Elvis' "All Shook Up", everyone is on their feet, including Nicole, who energetic dancing causes the fine spaghetti straps of her short Nina Ricci dress to snap.
The half hour concert is over all too quickly and Nicole is back on stage kissing and thanking her charismatic husband and noting wryly as she struggles to hold up her dress: "Before he started playing, I had straps. Now, I have no straps."
The Kidman-Urbans are in Hong Kong for a mere 24 hours, a flying visit even by their globe-trotting standards, yet they manage to win over this most cosmopolitan and sophisticated of cities with their natural charm and enthusiasm. Surprisingly, it's the Oscar-winning actress's first visit, something even she finds hard to believe.
"I have been to most places in the world, including some pretty obscure places, but it's strange, I have never been to Hong Kong," she tells Hello! earlier in the day, during a few quiet moments in her hectic schedule. "It still blows my mind that I can go places in the world that I've never been and people who know I am. It makes the world feel smaller; it's a very warm feeling. People love Moulin Rouge! - that always seems to be the one they mention."
Nicole is here in her role as ambassador for the prestigious Swiss watchmaker Omega to launch a new boutique in the heart of the shopping district, the company's tenth in Hong Kong, and to unveil the Constellation Co-Axial Chronometer, a Ladies 35mm limited edition. It's a dazzling state-of-the-art diamond and white-gold watch, with a purple alligator strap and a price tag of HK$168,800.
The actress is presented with the first numbered piece of 38, which she later takes off to auction at the "A Night With The Stars" gala in aid of the United Nations Development Fund For Women (UNIFEM) for which she has been goodwill ambassador since 2006.
As testimony to her and Keith's extraordinary pulling power, bidding fetches and impressive HK$540,000 for the watch, and the total proceeds from the evening including ticket sales at HK$10,000 a head, are a whopping $HK1.32 million.

Fearless and instinctive in her roles in such complex films as Eyes Wide Shut, and Dogville, Nicole is just as dedicated to her humanitarian work.
"We didn't call her; she called us," explains UNIFEM's public affairs chief Joan Libby-Hawk, who accepted a cheque for the amount on stage. "And she said 'I'm in this for the long haul.' There's a level of passion that shows." Nicole, who is also a goodwill ambassador for Australia says "UNIFEM is my passion in terms of women's rights and gender equality. They work tirelessly to eradicate violence against women, to make sure laws are either implemented or upheld to protect women and to help every girl in the world receive an education.
"I was raised by a feminist mother. I want to give back and protect women because if you do that you protect families - most times, women are the heartbeat of the family."
She jokes about persuading her husband to perform in her place, "I was like, "Hey baby, do you think instead of me singing, you'd come along and perform?" she tells Hello!. Although she has proved her vocal talents on screen in films including Moulin Rouge! and Nine, she insists she's "too shy" to sing live publicly. (When asked on a scale of one to ten how shy she actually is, she tellingly answers "two to three".)
Keith's involvement makes perfect sense in any case. "He's committed to women's rights," says Nicole. "We have a daughter together - and I have a daughter with Tom [Cruise, her ex-husband] - and Keith's just become very committed to this cause as well".
She is equally grateful to Omega for its support over the years. "They are so philanthropic. Their whole thrust with me has always been my association with UNIFEM, which is unusual for a company," she says. "I think that just gives me loyalty to them. And they make great watches."

Nicole and Keith celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary on 25 June and family life is clearly the couple's main priority. "We are making enormous efforts to never be separated for more than three days, and even that is too long. Life's short," Nicole says simply. "I've reached the point in my life where I've slowed down a lot. It's not difficult."
"My priority is keeping my family together and not being away from them. We've just gone on the road with Keith, and I do a film maybe once a year or once every two years. Before, I used to work non-stop, but I was younger and in a different place."
She is referring here to the years spent on her own after her divorce in 2001 from Hollywood superstar Tom when she threw herself into her work as "an escape". No more.
Most of the time, Nicole travels with Sunday Rose, who turns two on 7 July, although the trip was too short to justify the jetlag in this instance,
"It was a 24-hour flight from Nashville, so we were like "We can't do that to a baby." Nicole explains in a voice that is still softly but unmistakably Antipodean. Instead, she and Keith will take their daughter home to Sydney next month for a big family party to celebrate her sister Antonia's marriage in Africa in April to Singapore-based second husband Craig Marran.
Will Sunday Rose be a flower girl? "She's barely taking direction now, like, 'Can you pick that up for mummy please? Pass that to mummy? So I don't she'd be able to do that. She'll put on a party dress."

Nicole fixes you with her cornflower blue eyes, exuding warmth and good humour with no trace of the ice maiden she is sometimes portrayed as. Her hair, far too blonde for the film Australia, is back to its burnt-copper best and she is a study in elegance for the Omega opening and media interviews. She seems confident and relaxed, too, despite the frenzied activity surrounding her visit. At the store opening, she graciously takes direction from an over-excited master-of-ceremonies, posing in front of an airbrushed photo of herself.
"Look behind you - it's you there," the awestruck microphone man exclaims. "You look amazing today. Can you say 'Hi' to the media in Hong Kong? A big wave from Nicole!"
Later, after she's cut the purple flower-studded ribbon and toasted the new Constellation timepiece with champagne, she shows just how down to earth she is when her car is delayed circling the block. Confides Omega president Stephen Urquhart:" She said to me, " Stephen, let's get a taxi." She didn't say, 'Where's my car?' had there been a taxi there, she would have taken it and that is Nicole.
"She is very poised and respected by both men and women. I think she is more beautiful now than when I first met her seven years ago; I think being a mother has really helped."
Both Nicole and Keith have spoken in the past about their love of the simple life at their 110-acre ranch outside Nashville, Tennessee. "I love living there," she attests. "We're all about keeping life simple and keeping it simple for our daughter. She just goes to a local Kindy [kindergarten]. We don't buy her a lot of stuff and we donate on her behalf to things."
For her birthday, Sunday Rose will have five little friends at her party. "We're not into big parties," she smiles " And Mum here will make a birthday cake, 'cause I don't think you should buy a birthday cake. Birthday cakes are meant to be handmade."
She and Keith also have a home in Los Angeles, where they stay when visiting her and Tom's children, Isabella, 17, and Connor, 15.
"They've blossomed in to adults now," she says fondly. "It's a beautiful thing as a parent to see your children walk elegantly into their adult years.
"To ave been given the chance to raise a child again at this age is such a gift. I'm just incredibly grateful." And more children? "Yes, but it depends on God," she says pragmatically.

Nicole's life may be uncomplicated compared with what it was when she was caught up in the Hollywood whirl, but it's all relative, of course. She has just finished three weeks of filming a romantic comedy with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston called Just Go With It in Hawaii, her birthplace, and admits she had "an absolute blast".
"I've been friends with Jen for a while and she's divine. And Adam and I worked on Saturday Night Live when I was 22 or 23. He just called me up and said, 'Would you do this?' and I said 'Yeah, I would love to come to Maui," she grins.
"He set up a whole pre-school for the kids, cause he has a one-year-old and a three-year-old. My mum and dad came over[from Sydney] and we hung out there. It was really good.
Former Friends actress Jennifer had publicly declared her glamorous co-star a comedy natural. "So not natural," Nicole laughs heartily. "I learnt alot from the two of them. Adam basically told me what to do and I did it."
Her next film, Rabbit Hole, marks her first foray into producing and is more in keeping with her penchant for darker , more challenging material. She stars as a happily married women whose perfect world is shattered when she and her husband (Aaron Eckhart) lose their young son in a tragic car accident.
She is also planning a field trip to earthquake-devastated Haiti with UNIFEM at the end of July. "There was an enormous amount of interest [after the quake in January] but things tend to quiet down and the country is still in enormous need," she observes. "I'll be working to bring awareness to make sure things that were destroyed like women's shelters are re-established."
At the end of a long day, and after Nicole - by now wearing a cardigan over her errant dress - and Keith have posed for photos at each and every table at the gala, the couple discreetly slip away to catch their flight.
It's just over 24 hours since they first landed in Hong Kong. But by the time they get back to Nashville, they will have been away from their baby daughter for three days, and that's the limit of what they are willing to bear.


So that's what actually happened in Hong Kong. Skeptics strike out AGAIN.

We'll leave you with this....

nomorefan in February of this year claiming not to know anything about Nicole Kidman websites...

nomorefan: [in response to Verity]

I was talking about the other big Nicole Kidman fansite

Good Lawd - there is more than one?

*Nice touch with the "Good Lawd". Brings back so many memories of "anonymous" comments from the haters.

Here's nomorefan yesterday talking about a magazine article that's not been posted anywhere but Nicole and Keith fan boards...

nomorefan: ETA - new magazine article out there where Mr. Nicole Kidman claims that his wife is too shy to sing and dance in public to his music, but yet the article has pictures of her dancing during his Hong Kong performance. Obviously he doesn't have balls anymore, because a man would be embarrassed to see his wife acting like that!

There's a reason there's no link, no accurate quotes, and no source, which is by the way Hello! Magazine in the UK. No verification from nomorefan because she found it on a board for fans of Keith and Nicole as a couple! Bahahahaha! nomorefan and the skeptics are trolling every site they can get their hands on. Priceless!

It's. Just. That. Easy.


Anonymous said...

I would say the "JOKE" is on them, EXCEPT THEY ARE THE ULTIMATE JOKE!

Thanks Sm, make them look like the fools they are!
Tara can hardly stand it!
June 4, 2010 5:35 PM
Anonymous said...

They don't even know to read. Caught again. Twisting the article is their forte.

Duh, it's a gala benefit with 200 "cream of Hongkong" guests and not a concert for 20,000 or 200,000 or 2M or 2B and Hongkong is an island and not in mainland China. Don't know georgraphy? Better check Google Earth. Hahahahaha !!!!!
June 4, 2010 9:12 PM


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