July 22, 2010

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Updates 07/22/10

Keith In The Studio

Keith Urban: Managed to squeeze in a day at the studio before heading to Southern California for shows at the end of the week. http://twitpic.com/274spx


Want a glance into studio life? Enjoy some new photos taken this week.

Album Blog

Posted by: Keith Urban

Get a glimpse into the recording process with this week's video blog. Watch as Keith and producer Dann Huff discuss the best way to record a new song.


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Although this article mainly focuses on Nicolas Cage's current financial situation, his upcoming project Trespass did make it into the piece

"I will always see myself as a student on set, trying to get from one level to another," Cage says.

His learning curve continues when he reunites with his 8-mm director Joel Schumacher for the thriller Trespass, which starts filming later this summer.

Cage plays the husband to Nicole Kidman's wife, who are both kidnapped for quick cash.

"I am happy to be with Joel again and I'm really excited to be with Nicole, because I respect her, and I can't wait to see what we get up to together."

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From 97.3TheBuck.com

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Urban Thanks Radney & Nicole

Keith Urban has found another gem in fellow singer and songwriter Radney Foster's catalogue. Keith's current hit, "I'm In," was written and originally recorded by Radney for his 1999 project, an album that Keith tells us he can't seem to get enough of. "It's from a Radney Foster record called See What You Want To See, that also has 'Raining On Sunday' and another song I cut called 'Lucky Ones'. This is, I think, the third song off that record I've cut. For me it's a magical record. He was just in a great place at that time writing, I think."
Keith says he and Nicole Kidman grew to love "I'm In" while driving back and forth to the set of one of her recent movies. "I put together a compilation CD when my wife was in Australia filming Australia, the movie. We used to have to drive way into the outback. It was an hour drive to the set and back every night on these really crazy dirt roads, and so I put together some compilation CDs, and 'I'm In' was on that CD. The more we heard it the more we loved it, and I suggested to Nic that I should cut that song on the next record and she thought that would be a good idea, so between 'Stupid Boy' and this one she's had two for two right now."
"I'm In" is a Top 10 hit and climbing on the country charts.
Keith is getting ready to cut a special song just for the sake of his daughter, two-year-old Sunday Rose. The superstar will record the Roger Miller song "England Swings" with Australian children's act, The Wiggles, for the group's upcoming album, according to Country Weekly. Keith told the Los Angeles Daily News, "Having a 2-year-old, I'm not going to turn down the Wiggles."
The singer will headline the Grammy Foundation's signature benefit, the Starry Night concert, on Friday (July 23rd) at the LA Tennis Center at UCLA.
Starry Night will benefit the Foundation's Grammy in the Schools music education programs for high school students, as well as the Southern California Tennis Association Foundation.
Keith is also serving as Grammy Camp's honorary dean.


Selena Gomez Talks Role Models

Gomez is looking for role models, too. One was Nicole Kidman, the Oscar winner who produced Selena’s next movie – the mistaken identity comedy Monte Carlo. Another is Rachel McAdams, of Wedding Crashers, State of Play and The Time Traveler’s Wife.
“I would love to model my career after hers,” Gomez gushes. “She’s brilliant. She chooses smart roles, re-invents herself for every role. I admire that and hope I’m able to do that myself in my career.”
“I just hope to be in her presence some day.”
Rachel McAdam? She’s 31, has 20some TV and film credits. And she’s never on TMZ.
“Oh my goodness, THAT’s why I love her!”

We like Selena! Rachel McAdams is one of STS's favorites as well. Smart girl with good tasts!

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Just because it's hilarious the way the skeptics bring back old lies

hitnrun: Funny how no one ever gets a picture.

Mimosa: Yeah....why is that? Kinda like no one ever gets a picture of her with Bethany and Conrad either....because it never happens. I think she has a PR staff that spends time tweeting all the KUNKYVILLE IS PERFECT AND LOVED UP IN NASHVILLE crapola. And why is it that they have 2 houses in the same area? Do they even live in the same place?

The video at Whole Foods or the pictures you keep on your hard drives tell a different story. But carry on with the stupidity!

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