August 21, 2010

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Debunked: Bacall Disses Kidman

One of the biggest urban myths the skeptics have tried to keep alive online is that Lauren Bacall, two-time co-star of Nicole Kidman, dissed her in a 2004 interview. There's so much to the story that the E! and Urban Myths blog skeptics won't tell you. They simply keep repeating like brainless sheep that Bacall deliberately insulted Kidman.


The interview occurred in 2004 while Bacall was promoting Birth.

A presenter for the British morning show GMTV, Jenni Falconer, made the uneducated statement," And now you've worked alongside another screen legend, Nicole Kidman ..." whereby Bacall interrupted her with this quote

Lauren Bacall: "She's not a legend. She's a beginner. What is this 'legend'? She can't be a legend at whatever age she is. She can't be a legend, you have to be older."

Nicole was only 37 at the time.

So why did the skeptics latch onto the quote? Because it was taken out of context courtesy of the media. There were stories claiming that Bacall was dissing Kidman with the abbreviated statement "She's not a legend. She's a beginner". The skeptics as usual, ignored the truth and latched onto reporting that was incorrect and misleading. But that's par for the course with the skeptics. If they can't invent something they lift other lies from other sources.

While we don't have that original interview we'd like to point out that Falconer is also par for the course in the UK. It's very common for female presenters, or what we Americans usually call hosts, to be young, pretty, without a journalism or media degree, and known to pose during the course of their fame for men's magazines or ads wearing very little. We can safely say they are more personality than serious broadcaster. Falconer is in fact one such "personality". Her lack of preparedness gave exactly what the media wanted, a malleable story that could be turned into something negative.

So what does Lauren Bacall really think of Nicole Kidman? The skeptics simply don't want you to know.

This blurb that was posted on the Urbna Myths blog in the terms just as we described above - inaccurate and misleading.

So, What Does Nicole Kidman Get Out Of This Deal Anyway?

September 2004 - Bacall Disses Kidman’s Legend Tag - During an interview on British TV show GMTV yesterday morning, Bacall, 79, became irritated when the 37-year-old Oscar winner was described as "a legend". Cutting off interviewer Jenni Falconer in mid-sentence, Bacall blurted, "She's not a legend. She's a beginner.”

Choice and Nicole Kidman's Journey even wrote a whole blog about it. Unfortunately for Choice they were told they had distorted the facts, but the blog decided, as usual to dismiss the truth.

Lauren Bacall will put you in your place

Today the myth continues. From an Urban Myths devotee....

smorgas91: l bacall came out swinging when nk was referred as a legend a few years back

But as always STS has the real deal, the proof!

So let's start with some video. Here's Lauren at Nicole's American Cinematheque tribute.

We also have some quotes

From the Venice Film festival, promoting Birth

"I love working with a young actress. Nicole and I worked together on Dogville and we were friends when we started this. That laid the groundwork for our fabulous relationship on screen and off."

Nicole has often talked about her friendship with Lauren, calling her her "NY mother" and later in 2006 revealing that she'd like to see the legend win an Oscar. It's easy to see the two are true friends.

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When Bacall updated her autobiography By Myself and Then Some, her friendship and work with Nicole was included. There's a photo of them together at the Birth premiere and she says this....

"Nicole Kidman was the star, and I would most happily play her mother. I was thrilled beyond words."

In 2008 Bacall attended the NY premiere of Australia

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So much for this lie from this misinformed, anonymous skeptic:

"I am sure Lauren would not want to be known for being friends with Kidman. She has too much class to be seen with the likes of stick insect."

Another Urban Myths myth debunked. Not just the title topic but also many other aspects the skeptics try to lie about on a daily basis. Any of these sound familiar? Nicole Kidman has no friends. Nicole's co-stars never want to see or work with her again. Nicole lies about her life. Nicole cannot compliment anyone in the industry on their work. Nicole is a narcissist.

It's. Just. That. Easy.



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