August 1, 2010

E! Online Skeptic Nomorefan:
Political Dunce

nomorefan: Here ya go folks - don't know if you seen this hot news story. Now this is something a very dedicated, hard-working Goodwill Ambassador of UNIFEM would be working on right now. This is the most barbaric abuse a female could have done. Can anyone tell me what Baby Girl BBQ is doing to save these women from being stoned to death - yes I said stoned to death - buried in a hole with their arms in the hole - nothing for them to try and shield their face from stones being thrown at it! But this would mean Baby Girl BBQ would have to go to Iran!

Considering that Iran already has the presence of UN/UNIFEM and other grassroots social groups working quietly within its borders, but the country will not agree to be part of CEDAW (the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women), will not look to the rest of the world and see its progress and prosperity where women are equal to men, what good would sending a white Western woman to try to overthrow the laws of one of the most oppressive countries? Yes nomorefan thinks a UN celebrity ambassador is supposed to and should be able to essentially overturn one of the most anti-female governments and ways of life in the entire world.

To put it in perspective.....

Time and time again, the committees made up of clerics and religious leaders in Iran have veto power on anything that promotes women's rights. Things like CEDAW have been pushed in Parliament but are shot down because they are deemed contradictory to Islamic principles. However the Islamic principles are determined and interpreted by each country's religious leaders which is why you have varying degrees of freedom in each Middle Eastern country. Iran is one of the most offending against ALL people and this year's riots in that country couldn't illustrate it better.

But a UNIFEM ambassador who is not a religious leader, not a politician, and most importantly a woman, is supposed to be able to "fix things" in Iran.

nomorefan you are a world class moron!

nomorefan: What's Baby Girl BBQ's stance on this barbaric situation?

You don't really care and that's a fact, jack!


BeenThereHeardThat said...

nomorefan owns her own wing in the Defying Sanity Sanitarium

Anonymous said...

She is unbelievably stupid. Such a simpleton.

Anonymous said...

Sue is a trailer park moron. What's she doing to end the abuse of women? She abuses every single day. I'm surprised she can spell Iran.

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