August 9, 2010

A Fresh Face For STS!

If you came by this morning you may have noticed STS changed from a 2 column blog to a 3 column blog. Unfortunately what we chose, basically a 3 column version of what we started with, still didn't achieve good use of the entire space, didn't give the page an organized look, and really put limitations on any graphics posted in the sidebars. So it's a new template in a different format that we really like.

A few changes....

The "What Is Hate?" feature in the footer is now part of the Skeptic Zone. It has its own page just like the E! Online Thread Archive.

We've got a slideshow photo feature on the left. More photos will be added later.

If you click on any of the Good Deeds graphics they'll take you to their corresponding charity.

STS hopes you enjoy the new layout!


Anonymous said...

You should make another slideshow of the skeptics fashion show.

KarmaKamelion said...

Like the colours, miss the skewers.

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