August 11, 2010

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Updates 08/11/10

Tickets are now available for Haute Swapping For A Cause. Money raised will go to help the Second Harvest Food Bank Of Middle Tennessee

Haute Swapping for a Cause is an alternative way to "thrift" shop and support the community. Individuals get together and swap items from their closet, participate in the Haute Lounge and silent auction while raising money for a local non-profit organization.

This year, the event will be held at the Velocity in the Gulch and will raise money for the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle TN.

There will be food and beverages will be provided by Emeri Pink Moscato and Vitamin Water Zero. We have a number of sponsors including the Downtown Nashville Partnership with its the We Car and HER Nashville. There will also be a booth setup by an upcoming and coming designer to purchase items.

The silent auction will include items donated by Nicole Kidman, Baby2B, The Predators, Woo Skincare and Cosmetics and more.

The Sephora Haute Lounge is sponsored by Cherubim Ink and will feature a new Sephora runway technique, mini makeovers and chair massages by Be Simple Massage.

The first 50 ladies to purchase a ticket wil receive a Haute Gift Bag and everyone who brings a canned good will received a ticket to win one of two prizes.

From Twitter!

HauteSwapping: Ladies: Nicole Kidman has donated one of her very own handbags to @hauteswapping make sure u purchase ur tix for a chance 2 grab that bag!


Clips from WEFest


Rabbit Hole now has an official page on the Toronto International Film Festival website. Click HERE to view it.

The official film schedule for TIFF will be announced August 24th.


JCatNash: I think i like this tweet! RT @annacmcleod: Guess who I just saw at Whole Foods?? Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman!! And @JCatNash too!

about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck


From Keith Urban....

Spending some quality time in the recording studio this week.


Anonymous said...

New movies, new album, working with charities...what's negative about that?

ABC boasts "we'll see in 2 years" - yeah, I heard that 2 years ago.

SkewerMistress said...

Remember, it's abc not ABC! abc's problem is he/she is playing the do as I say not as I do game. At the same time abc is posting that STS is taking people's comments out of context and attacking innocent skeptics, they are lying on both sides of their mouth, reading this blog, and checking out other skeptics. Otherwise what would be the reason for studying the Skeptic Fashion show thread???

Anonymous said...

Innocent skeptics? There are no innocent skeptics. They've been badmouthing Keith and especially Nicole for 5 years. Even if someone is not the one making up the lies, they're still supporting the liar. I've hear some say they don't feel the same as the E posters yet only one has come forward and called them out. I know dozens of skeptics who have said taralea is full of it for years but they won't say it to her. They talk about her behind her back.

There's nothing innocent about standing around and watching other people hate, disrespect, and say vulgar things about another woman. Every one of the skeptics are spineless. Their lives are so empty and unfulfilling that other skeptics are the closest friends they have. They feel smart and bold but they are truly that sad.

I've never seen any comment taken out of context here. They spew it, they need to own it and it's so ugly, even they don't want to.

SkewerMistress said...

You are completely right. They twist, manipulate, and deflect everything they do onto anyone that challenges them.

To those that don't have a history of these women, and wonder how bad it is...the few ex-skeptics that have come here and told it like it is have done so anonymously. That says it all. It's not just about attacking Keith and Nicole, it's about the majority that don't believe them. They seem to think that if they post enough they can actually hurt KUNK's careers and sway public opinion. Make no mistake the sickest ones want Keith hurt too.

They only feel smart and bold in their own cocoon, with each other and their hate. In the real world they must be a nightmarish mess.

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