August 2, 2010

Nicolas Cage No Longer Starring In Trespass?

We don't have complete confirmation yet that this story is entirely accurate, however the idea of Nicole Kidman co-starring with phenomenal actor and best friend's partner Liev Schreiber is an intruiging one!

Oscar winner leaves Schumacher-Kidman thriller at 11th hour.

Cage Won't Trespass

August 2, 2010
by Jim Vejvoda

Nicolas Cage has quit the kidnapping thriller Trespass just two weeks before cameras were set to roll in Louisiana.

Deadline reports that Cage, who was set to have starred opposite Nicole Kidman in the Millennium Films project, "abruptly backed out of the film late last week and then left on vacation—apparently to the Bahamas."

The site claims no one can seem to reach Cage, which leaves producer Avi Lerner scrambling to find a new actor to replace him or lose the movie altogether. Kidman remains set to play a wife who, along with her husband, is captured by thieves. As Deadline explains, "Cage at first was going to play the husband, but within the last two weeks he switched and instead decided to play the leader of the kidnappers. Millennium offered the husband role to Liev Schreiber."

The speculation is that Cage is simply burned out after doing the global press tour for The Sorcerer's Apprentice and shooting back-to-back films in order to pay off $14 million in back taxes to the IRS.

Cage has made several of those films for Lerner's Millennium shingle, namely Wicker Man, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans and the forthcoming Drive Angry.

This update that Cage had supposedly switched to the kidnapper role instead of the husband does explain the recent confusing story revealing that Jordana Spiro had joined the cast.......

"Joel Schumacher ("Twelve") is directing, with Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage starring. The storyline involves a married couple taken hostage by a group of thieves led by Cage's character. Spiro will play Petal, the head thief's girlfriend, who becomes a willing accomplice in the crime."

More on the story as it develops....


From the original source....

Insiders say that Nicolas Cage is not coming back. Millennium will forge ahead, intent on keeping its start date. That is pending the casting of a suitable replacement. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

The movie got way better with Liev Schreiber starring. He's a beautiful man.

Verity said...

Yes please on the Liev Schreiber!

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