August 16, 2010

No One Believes E! Online Skeptic Nomorefan

July 21, 2009
"Sorry, I don't live, breathe or eat Skank"

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August 16, 2010
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nomorefan: "The Others" was on last night, and my son never saw it, so we watched it. It was the first time I had seen the movie in years, and wow, that woman just can't act. I kept thinking I was watching some community theater - ya now where your next door neighbor, who you would never imagine on stage, is playing the lead role. My daughter noticed that she lost the English accent in about half the scenes - just like in "Awfulstralia". I noticed it right away, but laughed when it was apparent to my daughter. Her face never changes in the movie - never, and she needs to show fear several times, but all she knows how to do is breathe heavily. When I saw the movie years ago, I said then that the kids were by far better actors - even the old maid is better than her. She makes it hard to watch what should be a good movie.


Anonymous said...

What a JOKE NMF is.

How many times can she post the "wisdom" of her children and couch loving hubby, before she finally realizes how phony that all sounds day after day , month after month , YEAR AFTER YEAR! What a load of bull that women can spew. LMAO

NMF and Ernie the dog ought to get a clue after all these years of spewing the same old , same old silly references ! What a way to USE (miss use) their children and husband.
Wonder if they know how that makes them look???

Anonymous said...

No, anon 7:50

They have no clue how their ugle posts make them look!

Because if they did they would give up the hate and join in the human race.

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