August 31, 2010

Who Is Nomorefan / IHateHer / LynchHer / NKsKids4Sale From E Online Kidding?

nomorefan: I'm going off topic here for a moment, and I just want to remind you all that we should consider ourselves lucky to be country music fans and really have an appreciation for the country music genre. I was given free excellent tickets to the Lady Gaga concert last night - $180 BTW! You couldn't beat the seats, but give me country music any day. There were little kids there - like around 8 years old - I had my 14 year-old son with because he loves her music. Her opening act - who I will not give recognition to - was disgusting. As an audience member, I don't appreciate being called a biotch, sl#t and wh@re during the show. I also don't appreciate the F word being sung every other word in a song, and could you maybe have more than one sentence in a song? They acknowledged that there were parents in the audience with kids, but were exposing the kids to real rock-n-roll? Really? Seriously? Give me Springsteen, Seger, Bon Jovi, etc., any day over this "rock-n-roll". I also didn't appreciate being told that they wish the audience - yes the ENTIRE audience - gets laid after show.

I have taken my son to many country music concerts and have never regretted it because they were wholesome family shows. The things he saw, the things he heard should never be heard by him or 8 year-olds during a concert. There should be some type of age requirement with this tour.

Gaga's performance was like a broadway musical - lots of dancers, but if I paid $180 to see her perform, I would sure want her to be singing instead of listening to a CD. She even admitted during her piano session that those were the only songs she sang live in the concert.

After seeing the show, I just want everyone to have a greater appreciation of what country music has to offer compared to other genres/artists.


What everyone needs to be reminded of is the disgusting things you've posted and your alternate user names on other websites.

Here's just a small sample of nomorefan's true character

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have nothing to worry about!


Verity said...

Good grief. Sue was so offended and her child was with her but she didn't leave the concert? It's not like she paid for the tickets.

Mimosa is talking about stooping to a gutter level? She's reached far below that years ago.

Of course Lady Gaga and her opening act are off-topic but those two nuts are the schoolyard bullies that tell everyone what is and isn't acceptable on "their" threads.

What a bunch of blowhards.

Anonymous said...

“We’re from New York [F-bomb] City, but we [F-bomb] love the Midwest because you [F-bomb] love rock ‘n’ roll.”

The only place Dumb Sue will complain is on a skeptic thread so she has something to say for the morning. With her you don't know if she was actually at the show or not. If she was she was loving every minute of it. Her posts are PURE BS.

Anonymous said...

#1, Lady Gaga got it right; Sue is a bitch, a slut and a whore.

#2, If she was so offended, why'd she stay at the concert with her 14 year old?

#3, The only reason she doesn't call Nicole a bitch, slut or whore on E is because the system censors the words.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same 14 year old boy who watched BIRTH with Sue because he'd never seen it? She thinks a movie was porn and a concert is offensive yet she watches them both with a 14 year old boy. Sounds like the makings of a pedophile to me or at the very least, a hell of a shitty mother.

SkewerMistress said...

What she posts and what she does in real life are two completely different things. All of us caught it immediately. If the show was so bad why did she stay? If Nicole's movies are so bad why does she watch them every time they're on cable?

Anonymous said...

Sue lies so much I seriously doubt she ever went to the concert. I don't believe a word she says.

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