September 4, 2010

All For The Hall Benefit Announcement Coming September 7th

On the Twitter homefront it's been a little predicatbale except for one particular tweet. And that tweet was from Keith Urban's account letting a fan know that the 2010 AFTH was happening and to stay tuned.

Since inept skeptic know-nothing maclen declared that AFTH might not be happening because she doesn't want it to, we have to laugh. In usual skeptic style they don't research anything and just hope things go their way. What a pity.

We have to thank a CMHOF staff member for getting back to us and letting us know about the announcement for next Tuesday. They also pointed out to us that tickets for the Los Angeles AFTH are already on sale.

If you want to buy tickets click HERE

All for the Hall Los Angeles, a benefit for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum Featuring Emmylou Harris, Kris Kristofferson, Taylor Swift and friends

September 23, 2010

Club Nokia at L.A. Live

Inept skeptic maclen will be pleased to know her favorite artist Taylor Swift will be there ready to get sympathy votes for her Female Vocal CMA nomination.


P.S. Is maclen aware yet of how much Rascal Flatt's sales have declined, commensurate with most country artists? She'll never learn to keep her mouth shut will she?


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