September 7, 2010

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Updates 09/08/10

CMT Live's Cody Alan is getting a chance to preview Keith's new single "Put You In a A Song" today and will report back tonight on his show.

cmtcody: bfast w/ @keithurban to hear his new song- will tell u what I think tonite! I like my eggs scrambled. Wonder how KU like his eggs? #fb

@keithurban likes his eggs any way, just "well cooked!" #fb

@keithurban says hearing his name at an awards show is an "out of body experience." more on my bfast w/KU tonite and his new song Mon #fb

He's also interviewing Keith for Thursday's show

Click HERE to find out where to listen.


Looking for a station to watch Keith's live interview on the 13th just before PYIAS hits the airwaves?

KILT out of Houston is already promoting that they'll be carrying the live interview

Click HERE for more info.


whateverittakes.orghas added some new products Nicole's helped design for them like this cute tote bag

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Proceeds go to 21st Century Leaders and UNICEF. Click HERE to go to Nicole's product page.


The Peace Day website is reporting that Nicole will be a part of their festivities with a message as UNIFEM ambassador. Many other celebrity ambassadors are reported to be taking part September 17-21. No word yet on when Nicole's message will air.

For more info on the event click HERE


We have footage of Moulin Rouge! at the 20th Century Fox celebration


Rabbit Hole has made The Playlist's blog one of the top anticipated films at TIFF

The Playlist

Rabbit Hole" - Director John Cameron Mitchell leads Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart as a young couple trying to cope with the accidental death of their young son in what Mitchell described as an anti-Hollywood production and a personal project (Mitchell lost a brother at a similar age and felt a deep connection with the adaptation of David Lindsay-Abaire's award-winning stage play).The picture also stars Dianne Wiest and Sandra Oh and almost featured a score by Final Fantasy aka Owen Pallet, a sometime member of the Arcade Fire and violinist, and it appeared he recorded some material, but then became too busy to complete the full score. He has since been replaced by Anton Sanko. Also, Nicole Kidman gave up a chance to star in Woody Allen's "You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger" which she initially was cast in, but left that project in favor of "Rabbit Hole."


Nicole has updated her website with a new story from Haiti

The Women of Kay Famn

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Ines (UNIFEM’s Executive Director) and I met and spoke with a small group of Haitian young women who had all experienced sexual violence. Yolette Jeanty, the inspirational head of Kay Fanm who runs the shelter, helped the girls feel safe enough to talk to us. One said she’d been attacked by two men, another spoke about running from violence in her home and finding shelter at Reviv. It’s hard for these young girls to talk about what happened and it’s extremely affecting. Thankfully, when they talked about what they want to be their faces changed – the pain replaced by hope for their future. They inspired me and so I wanted to share that with all of you.

Much love, Nic


We've got a small update on Just Go With It, Nicole's movie with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Co-star Nick Swardson gave an interview which gives us more info on some of the supporting characters. Heidi Montag's character is apparently married to Kevin Nealon's character, the plastic surgery addict. JGWI is set to release on February 11th, 2011.


Some fun tidbits

Labor Day…
Sep 6th, 2010

Well i actually labored on labor day. Many of you know i work at the Cheesecake Factory part-time. It’s a good gig. They are super flexible, i hardly worked at all this summer and they were cool with it. Admittedly i’m ready to be done with the side gig but for not it’s perfect. I did have to work labor day however! Boooo… i know, know! But the perks were, #1. i met Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman. When i say meet them it was more like this; Nicole, ”Ummm. i was suppose to be getting a salad?” Keith, “Yea, i got my food and she didn’t get hers. We thought it was weir they didn’t come out at the same time.” (is an amazing Australian acsent of course) Me, “Oh, so sorry about that. It would be on it’s way but i will double check for you.” As i was walking away the salad got their and kept us from becoming best buds. But we hung out non-the-less. ;-) #2. the dude from Orange County Chopper was in as well. We didn’t to hang out but it’s cool seeing a non-music semi-superstar. Other than that it was a crappy day to be stuck inside!

JillUsrey: Had a quiet, but exciting night at work. The exciting: I did Nicole Kidman's Stand-In's hair. I did Kidman Hair!


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