September 13, 2010

Watch Keith Urban's Put You In A Song
Live Chat Here!

Don't forget, Cody Alan of CMT Radio Live will be premiering "Put You In A Song" tonight on his syndicated show. If you're looking for a station online, Nashville's WKDF is already playing the new single.

Thanks to Twitter and @thesecrumbs for a link to Keith's song. You can listen to PYIAS in full at KMLE Country!

The exuberance on this song and a new "classic KU" riff is incredible! Thanks Keith!

Radio's Blair Garner from After Midnite has a behind the scenes clip of Keith creating "Put You In A Song". Click HERE to watch!


Smilin29: The Cowboy 104.3 is playing the new Keith Urban "Put You In A Song"...not gonna lie, it's SUPER good!! :)

dazelliott: looking forward to the new Keith Urban record "Get Closer" coming out Nov 16 ... sweet!

Catfishjenkins:OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! I just heard Put you in a song! AWESOME My new favorite Keith Urban song... I LOVE HIS MUSIC!!

BrooksPGarrett: KEITH URBAN'S NEW SONG IS OFFICIALLY ONE OF MY FAV. SONGS EVER. @keithurban, you are a hit makin' machine. dang.

KevinACarney: Finally found somewhere to listen to Keith Urban's new song and could not be happier

laurenscott_33: Keith Urban Put You In A Song -- :-)

itsbrooklynlove: The new Keith Urban 'Put You go a Song'' is so good i love it :)

Brianna_Saucedo: Put you in a song by Keith Urban is my new favorite song! :)

redheadraider2: Oh heck yes. Keith Urban's new single "Put You in a Song." So catchy. I love it!!

jackieh90: Really like Keith Urban's and Kenny Chesney's new songs!


Just a small programming note: All other updates not having to do with PYIAS or Rabbit Hole will be delayed until at least tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Keith's song is kickass! I wonder how many skeptics are brave enough to stand up to Mimosa and say they like it too.

Nic's in Toronto

lightboxgallery: Just spotted nicole kidman arriving at her hotel in toronto. Wearing a white top and aviator sunglasses

SkewerMistress said...

imahick, if she's still around, is the only one that will say anything positive.

They continually whine that Keith isn't "mature" enough...they've stuck with the philosophy that once you're 40 life is none of them will say they like it even if they do. But...since Paul McCartney is and always was my favorite Beatle, this blog says that "You'd think that people would have had enough of silly love songs But I look around me and I see it isn't so"....which dovetails so nicely into both Keith and Nicole's careers :)

The skeptics are the only group of women I know that give the impression they want to be old, boring, and done with.

Anonymous said...

I called my local station and requested it today.

Anonymous said...

This is the picture I have in my head when I read the skeptics. It screams Mimosa.


Anonymous said...

This man amazes me with his charisma even coming across on a computer where the sound is not the best. Great chat, and I love the spontaneous way he picks up a guitar and starts playing. I also admire his sense of humor as well as all his talents. I think Put You in a Song will be a keeper and a big hit

Verity said...

Thanks so much SM! The more Keith talks intelligently about his music the more it puts the haters to shame.

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