January 25, 2012

Date Night With Keith Urban

To Fight Batten Disease

Please click on the video below to find out more about Craig Benson and his family's efforts to find a cure for Batten Disease and other rare orphan diseases that are not heavily funded. The clip, although brief, is very informative. Keith will be headlining a benefit for the Beyond Batten Foundation on February 10, 2012.

<a href='http://www.bing.com/videos/browse?mkt=en-us&vid=6eeef7c4-eb0e-417b-9fbc-7ed6aeebd63d&from=&src=v5:embed::' target='_new' title='Country singer joins Austin dad's effort in finding cure for disease' >Video: Country singer joins Austin dad's effort in finding cure for disease</a>

Despite some recent messages from readers that highlighting Keith and Nicole's charitable work may do more harm than good where skeptics are concerned, STS strongly believes their negativity and hateful spirits that have already attacked Keith's participation in this event are irrelevant. We will continue to highlight worthy causes, no ifs, ands, or buts. It's also worth mentioning that the Season Of Giving piece we posted OVER 2YEARS AGO has continued to be a popular feature of this blog.

The great news is Date Night with Keith Urban's largest sponsorships are already taken as are a large number of smaller sponsorships. We send our prayers and best wishes to the children suffering, the families affected, the researchers trying to find a cure, and the organizers of the big night.

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Anonymous said...

I owe you an apology SM. After watching the video I'm embarrassed I even wrote you. I now see my worries were really stupid. The game playing the trolls are doing is sickening but it shouldn't stop you or anyone else from staying positive. I understand why you didn't respond back to my email. I'm sorry.

SkewerMistress said...

SkewerMistress said...
Dear Anon, no apology necessary. The reason for me not responding was due to the fact that I received 3 separate contacts from unrecognizable emails and anonymous messages to the site.

To get everyone up to speed - a skeptic took it upon herself to rope the entire Urban family into a nasty post about charity. I updated the left sidebar unaware of this fact and out of that the 3 messages were sent to me.

Unfortunately if I don't know you or your email address I don't know who is behind the message. I received 3 of them in such a short time frame and that raised a red flag for me. Yours did sound sincere if I'm right about which message you sent. However the past is the present as far as the skeptics are concerned. I had not heard from them in a while and as we all know they are old dogs with old tricks. I've had self-professed friends of skeptics write me to complain. I've had self-professed friends of Amanda write me. I've had skeptics write in to tell me they know I am such and such former skeptic, including one which is supposed to be dead according to nomorefan if you ask her, or such and such NKU poster. All wrong. All via anonymous messages. I'd be a fool to believe they aren't from skeptics until proven otherwise and I'd be a fool to believe they wouldn't try contacting me again. The desperation is so pungent you can smell it. There is one nut who thinks they are slandering me as an impartial observer when all they are doing is giving the blog free advertising.

I decided to address the issues when the proper time came, for everyone to read, and I decided that time was when I found the KVUE clip. So I'll tell you now what I was going to tell you then. We can't stop them from posting the hate. E! Online and its parent company NBCUniversal allows it. If these women want to be so callous, so malicious, so nasty as to berate charities it's on their heads. Fake concern for Keith's side of the family and two little girls is a skeptic hallmark. So I won't have any guilt if like one of them creates a rumor that the youngest has Battens and that's why Keith's involved in the charity and that's why there haven't been many pictures. "Same Shit, Different Day". No I can't have any worries about the reactions of women who have folders worth of Nicole Kidman pics on their computer labeled "The Bitch". Or those that act like one to people they pretend to be friends with online. It also includes those that write lengthy emails describing a personal relationship with Keith that never happened now trying to convince the world that Nicole has no biological children. And those that send out death threats. Let's also include those that use their child's name as a sockpuppet persona to trash Nicole on gossip sites. And those that visited Nashville with the express purpose of stalking every establishment Keith's ever been known to frequent.

This blog will continue, business as usual.

Sweet Thing said...

Hell, it doesn't matter what Keith and Nic do. If they didn't have a charity, the bitches would say they don't care about the needy. If they go to an event, it's for PR. If they don't, it's cause nobody invited them. If they get a nomination, they paid for it. If they don't get a nomination, they weren't good enough. It doesn't matter. They're haters and haters don't speak the truth. They speak hate. You keep doing whatcha doing, girl. Personally, I like keeping the pictures and news to ourselves. It's way more fun watching them make fools out of themselves. Like Leery/Red Jasper weaseling out of her own story and making Neiman Keith's next door neighbor. Bahahaha! Helps to know who Neiman's hubby is before sticking a big fat foot in your mouth.

Anonymous said...

Is nomorefan killing off her old usernames now? That's going to be a huge murder scene.

I missed the slam on charities but I wouldn't let a couple of old bats stop you from doing anything you want with your blog. You tell it like it is. They made their beds.

Anonymous said...

"Is nomorefan killing off her old usernames now?"

You never know!

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