August 31, 2012

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Keith and Nicole are enjoying the final days of summer at the US Open.

We hope all our readers have a safe and happy holiday!

Aww, the Kiss Cam found them!

....To answer a reader's email question, Keith and Nicole were sitting with the USTA President and his wife. Brooklyn Decker, her costar in Just Go With It, was also at the match. Nicole attended Roger Federer's recent birthday party. Here's more photos!


Anonymous said...

It was Roger Federer's birthday party that Nicole attended in New York City.

SkewerMistress said...

Thanks for the correction. I am not much of a tennis fan. I will watch if its on tv but I don't follow the sport. A reader sent me the photo with a link I forgot to double check. All the same, it is very funny when skeptics question the seating. Nicole's been going to Open matches for years.

Anonymous said...

How cute! And love the playful moment.

Must have caused a big fuss with the idiots huh? LMAO


They just keep telling lies and Keith and Nic just keep living their happy life...ha

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