September 19, 2012

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Updates 9/19/2012

Keith has been enjoying the first rounds of auditions of American Idol. Word is that the crew has a great chemistry and it should be very interesting to see what they agree/disagree on.

From the exec producer of The Voice Australia

@JulieWardTV: Word from the set of American Idol is that @KeithUrban is fantastic. But we at #TheVoiceAU knew that. We miss him but wish only the best

This comes just as the skeptics in the basement are creating fake posters who are "Australian" or just now "deciding to join in". Spelling mistakes and all. Of course there's the poster that says she has sources which are really Google links she's not posting and her own imagination. They keep trying and failing but that's what happens when you join a board specifically created by an owner that has a desperate need to throw reality out the window.

CNN has a peice profiling the judges on why they decided to join. You can watch that HERE.

CMT has a list of why Keith is a great choice for AI. We have to agree!
You can read the list HERE.

Keith will be the guest host on this weekend's Country Countdown USA with Lon Helton. For more click HERE.

Keith also has the honor of being picked by The Grand Ole Opry as the spokesperson for their new radio campaign. You can read more and listen to the ads HERE.

Keith's segment on this year's Country's Night to Rock is now up!

Nicole is off to France again for pre-preoduction on Grace of Monaco. She'll be back in the States though for The Emmys this weekend. We can't wait.

Speaking of The Emmys, nominated actors were asked what were their favorite tv shows growing up. Nicole has answered this before, around the time of the Bewitched remake. She also borught up th e two miniseries that really started it all for her. Miniseries tend to get a bad rap but the Kennedy-Miller productions were always of such high quality that Nicole's movies have been available on dvd for ages. Check them out if you haven't already. You can read the small story HERE.

Lee Daniels spoke recently about working with Nicole on The Paperboy. To read more click HERE.

Daniels: I said to Nicole, 'Listen, if you can't do your own makeup on this, you can't do this movie because you don't know this character,'" Daniels says. "This chick is, well, she's trailer trash. When one thinks of Nicole Kidman, one doesn't think of that. I thought she'd go running for the hills, but she came back right at me."

She sure did. Kidman, 45, texted Daniels photos of herself in naughty lingerie in which she also did her own—yup!—makeup. By now, most movie fans have heard about the scene in which Kidman urinates on Efron after his character is stung by a jellyfish.
"Nicole gets down and dirty," Daniels said. "But let me tell you what else she does, she sent the crew members champagne. She's in the trenches. She was at craft services helping out. She was one of the guys."

We haven't heard much on The Railway Man. That's because Colin and the crew snuck off to Australia with very little press coverage compared to Scotland. Nicole did not film any scenes there but we did find an interview with Colin where he talks about the film, Australia, and Nicole. Colin quipped on Nicole being his wife in the film "Some things are easy." and that she was an asset in his goal to play a husband returning as a tortured man.

You can read more and watch the video HERE.


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