September 24, 2012

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Updates 9/24/2012

Nicole and Keith at the 2012 Emmy Awards. Congrats to Julianne Moore on her win! Well-deserved and she had a great speech as well. Looks like the Urbans had a great time.

Keith and Nicole with Ryan Seacrest CLICK HERE

Keith and Nicole with ET CLICK HERE

Nicole will be in France until Christmas filming Grace of Monaco. She'll be in the audience to support Keith at Idol next year during the live shows.

The first set pic has been released!


Anonymous said...

It was so nice to see this couple together at the Emmys. They are always so supportive of each other. 1urbanfan has made a fool of herself again by cropping out Nicole and posting a picture of Keith at the Emmys on her blog with no explanation of why he was there. Her version of reality is pathetic as usual.

Anonymous said...

I missed the Red Carpet ! THANK YOU.
Nicole's dress is beautiful ! Especially on her.

I do watch the made for TV movies and saw H & G again the other night. I enjoyed it more the second time, because I understood the historical part a bit more. Made it much easier to follow and enjoy the great job both lead actors did in the movie!

I didn't know Nicole was already in France for filming of Grace. Another great role for Nicole.

Idol talk... The world is going to get a taste of our Keith aren't they! Being the great "person" he is seems to fit in anywhere! A few of the diva type should take note!

SkewerMistress said...

Every award event it's the same b.s. isn't it? Keith looks upset, confused, out of his element, sad. He's thin. He's drinking in public to get through the night. Ooogling other women. Nicole looks like his mother.

Don't need to read any of their comments because we already know what they'll be before they post them.

Anonymous said...


But you forgot to add a few lies about why they are watching in the first place. HAAAAAAAAAA

Those are always pretty funny and pretty shopworn too.

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