October 8, 2012

Taking A Break....

It's time for another hiatus for the blog. Real life calls but there may be a post here and there. Thanks to all our readers for coming back month after month!

In the meantime, check out Taronga Zoo's For The Wild Campaign which Keith and Nicole support.


SkewerMistress said...

To the reader that sent in a message: Blogger will not allow me to edit your post so I'm letting you know I am well aware of where the skeptics are hiding out. The current URLs won't be published here. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, Don't give a hoot where the heck the couple of bottom feeders with no life are, but will miss your recent updates!

I sure know about real life getting the way though, so when you can give up a little news flash!

Thanks Sm. I will keep checking in when I can.

Funny thing is, Keith and Nic so busy having a wonderful life, many of us can't keep up. LOL

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