January 18, 2013

Under The Covers With Keith and Nicole

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have popped up on newsstands recently with some great interviews and photos. Nicole is on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter's Sundance Edition. You cna read the full interview HERE.
Keith is on the cover of the latest Country Weekly talking about American Idol and the upcoming album and tour.
We've thoroughly enjoyed keith bringing his lloveable demeanor to Idol. They won the ratings for the night of their premiere and it looks like Keith is winning over viewers just as he did with The Voice. Keith was trending nationally on Twitter during the broadcast with the hashtags #Keith Urban and #LoveKeith! And if you are a fan of the show Nashville like we are, you probably appreciate the little touches that make the show authentic like filming at The Blurbird and Soundcheck. They've kept the references to current country artists at a minimum but added two more to the list. The last episode had Rayna James' newest band member be a go-your-own-way guitarist who had toured before with Brad and Keith! Although they amp up the drama for effect, it's definitely one of the best new hour long programs. Hope everyone is having a great new year and here's one of our favorite photos from G'day USA, with our favorite Aussies looking stunning and stunned! What were they looking at? lol They had a great time at the gala and the Globes. Congrats to Hugh Jackman on his Best Actor win! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Thats funny, had not seen the "surprised" picture!

They always have a good time together don't they!

Keith's reviews from Oz are really good too...

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