March 5, 2013

Keith Urban: On Top Of The World!

Hi everyone! Did you get a giggle out of the photo? While we love Dave Grohl and Brad Paisley (Thanks for the pic Brad!), who is that sitting behind them taking in this year's Grammy rehearsals? Keith said he took Sunday and they also took her to Nicole's Oscar rehearsal. It's great that Sunday can now see another facet to her parent's jobs and why they get dressed up!

But the main part of this post is to congratulate Keith. Keith was fan voted on Ryan Seacrest's website as the most popular country vocalist of all time. While there's a bit of hyperbole in that statement it's a testament to how many fans Keith has earned and the positive impression he's left viewers through American Idol. As well, Keith was voted Best Country Guitarist for 2012 by the readers of Guitar Player magazine. What an honor!

We'd like to say thank you to Jasmine, an STS reader from Australia. She's been traveling and wanted to let everyone know that a country station serving Canberra and the ACT region (Oz's capital) has been getting through their "Long Hot Summer" with Keith's song serving as the theme for their promotion. Thanks Jasmine and you can listen to Hot Country Radio in Canberra anywhere in the world by using the TuneIn radio app or visiting this webpage.


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