April 1, 2013

Happy April Fool's Day From Nashville!

Can you tell from the following statements, which of these is your April Fool's Day joke?

A) Out of all cities that have screened Stoker, the film has been the most profitable in Nashville.

B)Kimberly Williams-Paisley - actress, filmmaker, and wife of country star Brad Paisley wants to direct Nicole Kidman in a future project.

C) There are more actors in Nashville than you think. Acting couple Scott and Melissa Reeves are Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's neighbors.

Have you guessed yet? Pick carefully! The answer is....D) None of the above. That's right, each statement is absolutely true!

The Belcourt Theatre in Nashville tweeted recently...

Hey Nashville: Out of 273 locations nationwide, we just had the #1 gross in the country this weekend with STOKER. Thanks so much!

Nicole couldn't be at her hometown premiere so she sent a message to the opening night audience along with one of the her dresses used in wardrobe to raise money. Congrats to everyone all around!

Kimberly gave a very insightful interview in 2010 to Nashville Arts Magazine where among other things she discussed who inspires her. Her acting process is strikingly similar to Nicole's.

Williams - Paisley: I think Nicole Kidman would be wonderful. I loved her in To Die For and thought she was brilliant in that movie, and then she can also do something like Moulin Rouge. She has an impressive range.

I really admire people like that who are constantly taking risks and are kind of all over the place.

Click HERE to read the full interview. We hope they get to work together eventually. They've already shared a co-star, Tammy Blanchard, who appeared in both Rabbit Hole and Amish Grace.

Carrie Underwood may be Keith and Nicole's most high-profile neighbor but soap opera veterans Scott and Melissa Reeves live nearby as well. Country fans might not be aware of just how many daytime actors also call Nashville home like Tricia Cast who is married to songwriter Bat McGrath and Steve Burton bought land outside of Nashville for his family.

Scott Reeves: They are so sweet. We see them. They live right around the corner from us. They hang out, and that is what is cool about Nashville. We live in a town called Leipers Fork and you can go there and just be you. It’s the closest to a normal life these people can have. And you will see Nicole Kidman jogging down the street, and they will be at the coffee place, and over here is Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

You can read their full interview HERE.

Happy April Fool's Day everyone! For a REAL joke, you all know where to look!


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