May 7, 2009

Dazed And Confused?

There seems to be some confusion amongst the skeptics about this commercial...and I'm not referring to Kidman's casting. The plot which involves Kidman almost kissing a man, and then leaving to go drink a Schweppes, leaves them a bit bewildered. And in full disclosure I'm seeing this comment from non-haters as well. So here's a lesson in foreign culture. Many, if not all of the confused posters, must have missed the episode of The Newleywed Game where an Indian couple were among the contestants. LOL, a Newleywed game reference makes me feel old. Faithful viewers would know that when a couple got a question right usually they would hug or kiss. Not the Indian couple though. And this became a point of contention host Bob Eubanks would not let go of. As a child watching this I thought it was very odd. But then again India seemed as far away and as strange as Mars to me at the time.

To get to the point, hugging and kissing in public is taboo in Indian culture, even between husbands and wives. Its quite a hypocritical rule in Western eyes, since Bollywood films can have all the suggestive dancing they want and violence too. But, for better or for worse, kissing onscreen and in real life (publicly) is a huge no-no.

So now you know.


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