May 7, 2009

Friends In Low Places

One of our readers, countrycat, sent us a very nice email with a request. Could we please repost a PM that was originally available at another blog. Happy to oblige countrycat. If there's anyone else who would like to send us something they feel is worthy of sharing, don't hesitate to contact Skewering The Skeptics. Once again, we aren't interested in revealing the names and locations of the skeptics. Rather, this blog is to expose their lies, manipulation, and cruelty...not only to Keith, Nicole, Sunday and their respective families, friends and colleagues...but the fans that support K&N as well. Please continue to report the abuse that goes on daily at the E! board to the addresses provided.

To: countrycat
From: nomorefan

Sent January 24, 2009 3:23 PM

nomorefan: I seriously was going to change my tone with you on here, and respect your request but since your tone in this last PM is negative, things will continue like usual on KUNK......Like I said, I have many friends on here, and I could have told them "Give countrycat a break", but I won't. However, those of my friends on here who aren't getting the PMs I am, are very protective of me and have my back. They are fully aware of these "posters".


countrycat said...

Thank you for doing this!

Anonymous said...

Hey countrycat, to borrow lame NMF's words WE HAVE YOUR BACK TOO!

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