May 13, 2009

Let Me Be Your Friend

As reported by Variety, Nicole Kidman has dropped out of the untitled Woody Allen project. We at STS were going to do a combined blog about "Rabbit Hole" and the WA film, but since the situation has changed so will today's blog. In light of the recent announcement, there is no better time to put the spotlight on a skeptic new to the game, maclen.

maclen is a curious case. Not a former or present Keith Urban fan by any means, this poster attempts day after day to impart his "knowledge" of KU, country music, and Hollywood. Why is this? He is simply of the maturity level of a middle-schooler, much like his compatriots. Maclen is nothing more than a hanger-on who found a blog....a blog that needed someone willing to be a daily know-it-all who will talk to himself. Urban Myths is using him and he wants to be in their clique. Desperate to fit in with the Kidman haters, his nightly trolling of the internet to find fault with the couple always falls short. What is not short are his musings. They may appear fancy and well-researched, but the only thing that makes them different from other hater comments is that the fool can't shut up.

To say his posts are verbose is an understatement. To say they are filled with complete lies is also not an understatement.

maclen:"The fact that there is no story or info whatsoever about this film...and woody is simply collecting actors for his next film, to me does not bode well for this "production". Sounds like Allen is simply "contractually obligated" to put out another film, and the gears are in place, and deals are being made...again, with no story, it seems...or script."

Sorry maclen but Woody Allen never reveals the title before a film goes into production. Actors are sent sides with only their scenes in them. Scripts are not leaked. Almost all of the details are kept under lock and key. Once Allen finishes one project he is off to the next. Surely know-it-all maclen would have known this, basic details Allen fans know and actors have openly recounted.

maclen's latest musings....

maclen: Kidman bolts from Woody Allen kidman is in, then immediately out of woodys next flick...not very surprising if it is in fact true...but what is surprising of course is the circumstances...I was predicting actors already involved would start to bolt when kidman became involved. But apparently no one I surmiss that actors threatened woody with leaving when kidman was announced to be now kidman is out. It seems kidman's short jaunt into LAX last month, you know where both GG and JJ hooped it up online...was as I surmissed...kidman flew into lalaland to plead for a role in the flick...but it seems woody, and clearer minds (probably the producers and and the studio) all she's left with, perhaps, is "Rabid" Hole...with it's 6 producers...2 no name bankrollers...with a future price tag placed on it and hawked at cannes...and 1 failed actress.

Is anyone else letting out a good laugh? There's more holes in this argument than Swiss cheese. When wrong the first time, don't admit it! Just try and pull the old switcheroo. While STS does not know the exact reason for Kidman's departure, looking at THE FACTS, here's what we surmise. Kidman has had two projects in the works...Woody Allen's next film and "Rabbit Hole". There has been no confirmation of either concerning filming dates. What was assumed to be happening is that "Rabbit Hole" filming would be started later, perhaps even in 2010. However, with casting announcements coming together so quickly and a production office and email already set up, perhaps the reality is this: "Rabbit Hole" will start filming earlier than expected, thus creating a scheduling conflict.

If however the reason Kidman dropped out is personal, her reasons should remain that way if she so chooses. Fans seem to be very upset at her leaving. And while this blog is also disappointed, keep in mind that there has been and continues to be much idealizing and "what might have been" speculation going around. Perhaps Nicole and Naomi would not even appear together onscreen as so many have wanted. Perhaps this film will not be one of Woody's best. Perhaps Nicole weighing her options felt it more important to be with family than to be on set for what may be a small role. Or perhaps it is as the fate of so many actors, when scheduling forces them to do only one of their landed projects. And keep in mind Kidman is the lead role and a producer on RH. Which would it make more sense to drop, if one had to make such a choice?


The rep tells Access that Nicole had to leave the project due to a scheduling conflict with the big screen adaptation of David Lindsay-Abaire’s Broadway play “Rabbit Hole,” in which Nicole is starring and she is producing.

maclen, congratulations! You've earned another star!

maclen:Yeah, hoosier, the typical excuse... which I pointed out in an earlier comment to A449...of "scheduling conflicts" can be easily verified by the actual events. Will kidman be shooting her film when woody is filming his...something to keep an eye on! As for the events of both films if they do make it to fruition...I can see it now...woody's and kidman's films, and I always like to stress about kidman, IF her film makes it onto film...( I always expect that her film will fall apart at any minute)... I expect to hear when kidman's film makes it out to the public, "She passed on woody's film to make this?" Imagine the indie flick starring dogville...human stain...birth....fur...margot...or a woody allen flick starring current awards darlings brolin and pinto. While woody's flick more than likely makes it once again to awards buzz, kidman lays another rotten egg in another "starring gig" in another of her patented angst ridden indie yawners...

Again maclen your lack of basic industry knowledge is showing through. Simply lining up the time when WA films and RH is filmed just won't work. How would you know when exactly Kidman would have been needed for the WA shoot and for how long? It is doubtful that any actor in a WA film would be needed for the entire production period. Actors don't just show up on the set on Day 1 of filming and say I'm here. There is alot of prep work. There's meetings with hair and makeup, costume fittings. Rehearsal time which varies from director to director, and also because of budget constraints. Locations...where will this be shot, multiple locations? and travel time for actors and crew? And most importantly Kidman is a producer on this. So she is going to have even more on her plate. This is all on top of having to learn her lines, do her character work, etc.

maclen is one of the reasons why people think actors just show up on set, say their lines and go home. It doesn't work that way.

So go ahead and make your calculations....if it makes you feel better.


Anonymous said...

There is truly no one more annoying than mclean. He/she is the biggest fool around. I have never seen someone so freak'n full of themselves in all my life. He/she is the ultimate in a famewhore. He/she just cannot shut up ...

BTW this is a great site -thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I read those crazy comments and LOL. What a total ass.

Well we all know UM is a USER.

Nothing new about that. Reads every post everywhere and then broadcasts her INSIDER info.

More LOL stuff.

I think it might be cover you A$$ & look intelligent and like an insider when we already know where the info came from.

The E! haters do the same.! Look for fans post and then pretend they "know" something. lol lol

Keep up the good work

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