May 29, 2009

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges!

The lies from the skepti-haters continue as does the careers of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. The couple has recently been photographed in New York City, as Nicole is preparing for her upcoming film "Rabbit Hole", which is to be shot there next month.

Let us examine their theories:

hitnrun: "One of the reasons celebrities like NY is because they can move around freely for the most part without paparazzi bothering them."

Are you saying NYC is a getaway for stars to escape the paps? I don't know about that. Ask Michelle Williams after the death of Heath Ledger. Ask Katie Holmes during her run on Broadway. Ask Hugh Jackman who has been recently photographed with his daughter. Ask Sarah Jessica Parker who has been photographed multiple times taking her son to school.

Yes, let's ask SJP. Okay sorry but we can't do that. But we can show you the next best thing....

Here's a link to some recent NYC pap photos of Keith and Nicole.

The photographer....Santiago Baez, a local NY pap.

If one does just a little digging you'll find a story about him and SJP.

It seems that Baez and another pap (they tend to work in pairs) spotted SJP on the street and began taking pics. He told her another set of paps were waiting at the end of the block. That's what the paps do. They work in tandem and are all connected in some way. They all know each other. They all have contacts, know each others strategies. Some of them are kinder than others to the stars, as Baez was.

But the haters want you to believe the paps in New York don't follow celebs on tips, hunches, or personal habits...or find them....or run into them. And they only know where they are because the stars called them. They walk around visible to everyone with a badge that says "Paparazzi" and they ask politely if they can take the celeb's picture if they haven't gotten prior permission. LOLZ Anyone with two brain cells would know this isn't true.

imahick:It is a game that is played with the paps. There have been plenty of articles and TV shows on the subject. That way the celeb gets the picture taken and that feeds their need for attention / media coverage ... and they don't have to put up with the paps around every corner.

imahick fails to include that there are paps that work on the fly. Hello....Flynet. And they aren't the only ones. There have been tv shows and articles and coverage showing what the paparazzi will do when they don't get the cooperation from the stars. Don't kid yourself, imahick knows this too.

Another claim they are trying to make is that we would see a pic of every move they made from the apartment or hotel to the theater and back.

nomorefan: "Where are the pictures of them leaving their apartment the night they went to the theater? Where are the pictures of them in their car? Where are the pictures of them going into the theater? There was obviously no secret back exit door of the theater because they had to get in their car on the street - like everybody else."

The haters love to throw their brains out the window. The photographers may not be able to follow them step by step to their destination. They may have more than one pair get shots with gaps along the way. The public only sees the photos that were sold to the media. Paps take many shots, sometimes hundreds. Out of that number there are so many that are unsellable or so-so. Out of the ones that are good enough, the media only buys so many.

Interestingly enough, pap shots of Nicole leaving her residence were taken today. And bought today and posted today. That dear friends is the difference. The haters don't know what shots were taken and which ones weren't on Broadway night. They only know what they see on the gossip sites...and that never tells the full story


tane said...

The haters dig their own graves. They are pissed the new movie is actually happening. Now that's entertaining!

Anonymous said...

They are so obsessed, and think everything is some evil plan created by Nicole. They talk so much about how she tries to get attention and PR, but I just don't see it. If you aren't googling her name every day (as they seem to do) you hardly hear anything about her. I usually have no interest in the movies she stars in, but this new one sounds like it could be good.

OneTwo_BuckleUpSue said...

I really like this blog. It cuts through the bullshit. And bravo for putting the worst of the worst of their comments, the new hate section on here. They are vile excuses for wives and mothers.

countrycat said...

You have been busy SMistress! Great Job!

But can someone tell me what is a Candy Labitt?

SkewerMistress said...

Keith was photographed wearing a t-shirt with a Candy Labbit, the creation of artist Frank Kozik. The caption is a take-off on the haters blog pic for KUNKWorld.

WhoBStinkn said...

What's up with JB's blog???

SkewerMistress said...

I just visited the page and its a-ok. Alterations for the new pic perhaps?

Anonymous said...

"Vile excuses for wives and mothers." What gives you the right to make that determination? I know that you won't post this comment, becuse I don't agree with your hatred. Seems more than skeptics are selective about the reality they accept!

SkewerMistress said...

Wrong again skepti-hater!

THANK_YOU said...

"Vile excuses for wives and mothers."

Sorry anon @ 6:49, but this comment is right on.

I knew one of these women (yes, she's a wife & mother) years ago, and would never have guessed she would be keeping company with some of these fools. How people can keep the same gripe going for this long, and type up the thoughts they do on these boards & forums, is unbelievable. Do they not read their own words? Do they not feel the least bit dirty as they hit that post button?

I've read some of them say, "Sure, I'd say any of this I'm posting, right to Keith's face!"

I highly doubt that, because they would be too busy trying to get one of the two spots next to him in their BSE picture.

Anonymous said...

Well, I see you posted my comment, just so you could call me a name. It seems vile excuses for, wives, mothers, divorcees,women with way too much time on their hands, covers an immense territory!

SkewerMistress said...

Well Anonymous this will be the last response you get published. So very cliche, continuing to deny you are in the hater clique.

It doesn't matter who you are, nomorefan or one of her friends. When we know how you operate, "damage control" won't work.

We hate the lying and denial by skeptics to further their cause and the feigning innocence while doing it.

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