June 5, 2009

It's All In The Pants

We couldn't resist. Although we are working on a profile for one of everybody's favorite skeptics, the latest and dumbest comment came to our attention and had to be addressed here. To bring everyone up to speed, Nicole Kidman was photographed filming a scene wearing a long breathable skirt, the kind an average suburban mother would wear on an average day. Easy to wear, easy to wash. But this is the drivel that came out of a hater's mouth:

Skeptical: "I don't wear skirts to do my errands in either, cg. As a matter of fact it takes a really special occasion to get me into one. She really is not depicting the average woman in either real life or in her movies when she wears skirts or dresses all the time. Most women wear jeans or slacks in their everyday life. Another way she is living in la-la land."

These women insist the man must wear the pants in the family but they always wear pants to run errands. They won't be deterred by fabric and insist on sacrificing fashion and femininity for their daily duty to their family!

Also deserving a mention is erniesmom, who is so wrapped up in hate, she didn't notice Nicole was photographed in character. Silly woman.

erniesomom: "I believe I heard once that men want to marry their mother...(.Now not literally) But I do believe Itty Bitty did marry his grandmother....UGH! She is horrible.
Who the **** ever named her the most beautiful woman? Stevie Wonder?

She looks so matronly and filthy......I mean-someone please donate an IRON to the goodwill.Maybe she will find it--but I guess she wouldn't know exactly what the appliance is or what to do with it.

And she has that Dreamy look again....Did I say Dreamy? I mean comatose.
Did anyone notice her eyes? Either shes high as a kite or she was asleep in the car.....Who was driving??"

We think perhaps Skeptical and her ignorant cohorts need to contact the buyers at Appleseeds, Chicos, Chadwicks, The Dress Barn, Newport News, Sears, and JC Penney to let them know real women and mothers don't ever wear skirts or dresses unless it's time for church.

The song posted below is in honor of all The Real Women who wear pants. After a hard day of trashing Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, and after attending one of his concerts that night, The Real Women need some food. Next time you're in the drive-thru, think of them, and their love for red jeans. And have a nice chuckle.



WhatAWaste said...

That song was f-ing hilarious SkewerMistress!! I can just see Mimosa singing that as visions of Jimmy W run through her head!

SkewerMistress said...

Jimmy Wayne reminded me of the red jeans! Thanks!

WhatAWaste said...

Red jeans, now there's a fashion statement if ever there was one. *eyes rolling*

WhoBStinkn said...

Love it!!!

lmkimball said...

Where do you find these gems?!? That is hysterical! Thanks SkewerMistress.

SkewerMistress said...

A large music collection is helpful.

THANK_YOU said...

That maclen fool on the UM blog is certifiable. This is their comment:

maclen said...
"So...as the orb is shown how it's done by his more successful "openers"...it's summer, and kidman is back on the set...her only true love...and she is scheduled to present at the Tony awards this weekend, (she starts "jonesing" when she hasn't appeared at an awards show...even an industry awards show she has had nothing to do with for the last 9 years)... and do not fail to recall that there was an announced trip to the "less fortunates" on behalf of the UN also this summer. So look for that to also spring up in this publicity tour...(for I did predict when this UN trip was announced last year for this summer, she would also be filming when it came up...lets see if I am still right) We're into half the year already, and surely kidman could not possibly have found time prior to take that trip...I mean there was lame photo ops, but mainly simply trying to scrap up a new film role...and she's managed to scrape up another low rent, and no doubt low profile dreary and depressing weeper...but now it's time as she's in principle photograhy and awards show loitering to get some "humanitarian" publicity while shes at it... so just as she was on Letterman to shill for her last movie...then to The View to shill for her last movie...it was to the UN to shill for her last movie. For basically kidman doesnt consider the "less fortunates" unless she needs to ramp up for the publicity...again, simply penciled in between press junkets and talk show or awards appearences."

So when exactly does this idiot (maclen) think Nicole should have planned her UN trip? During her so-called "time in hiding" they all talked about? When there are no photos of her, she's in hiding because she doesn't want anymore bad publicity. When she is out in public, she's a famewhore. It will be seen as PR no matter WHEN she does the UN trip!...lol

That is what is so predictable, not Nicole's PR.

SkewerMistress said...

There is no other way to say it Thank_You. Maclen is an idiot savant. The only opener who is outselling Keith is Taylor, and she's outselling everybody because she's a staple of the tween pop market now and allowing that side of her career to grow. A new pop remix of her latest single will be sent to radio soon.

And of course maclen is incorrect once again re Nicole. Nicole is presenting at the Tonys because she had a successful run on Broadway and they love her. She has presented at the Tonys since "The Blue Room" and her upcoming film is based on the Tony-award winning musical "Nine". Where does maclen gets his consistently incorrect "information"? "Rabbit Hole" is not a one-note tear-jerker. He has no idea when during the summer the UN trip is scheduled. Nicole has been involved with the Tony organization in the past nine years.

Me thinks perhaps his manure is homemade!

THANK_YOU said...


Well "he" likes to hear himself talk evidently, and hopes that putting all those many words together in sentences, will make it look more sensible & believable. Little does he know, it just makes him look like a babbling fool.

And I believe your guess is right about that manure of his! LOL!

SkewerMistress said...

I think maclen is a "he", but who cares if I'm wrong. Either way, "maclen" is definitely wrong.

yawn said...

MacIdiot is just that - an idiot and completely fully of manure for sure. I have never witnessed so much "waste of words" in all my life. I pity anyone who has to come in contact with s/he in the "real world" - at least we can ignore the words on-line, can you imagine though having to actually listen to him/her drone on and on an on in daily life ... oh the horror!

And with respect to the other fools that can't tell the difference between Nicole in costume on a movie set and out and about in real life - good grief. Once again they continue to provide examples of their delusional state and outright stupidity.

Anonymous said...

IF IT MADE ANY SENSE, it would be pathetic.

Did "it" leave out a few words now and then that might make it sound reasonable?

I am serious, that whole thing made little sense .

Anonymous said...

Something funny!

I see that the haters were in such a spin when they saw the Goodwill pictures, they didn't even realize at first the pictures were from the new movie.
Later tried to cover that up, but it was there for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Everyone must be keeping up those emails to E! about MOD 2.0 and her bias. She is complaining on the threads about being criticized.

countrycat said...

She might be complaining but I'm still not sure she's done anything concrete. A friend on the board and I both reported Yuki-Onna for personally attacking me on two separate threads. I hope she temp banned her but I can't tell. At best they'll get a slap on the wrist. No one has gotten banned that should be, especially Mimosa. I am so sick of her attacking people with good legitimate opinions/facts and saying "You don't know that's the truth". Gee Mimosa...would you like one of us to say that after everything you post? Cause we easily could!

Anonymous said...

If you go back in time and remember their threads and post, they are just repeating same old , same old, same old


Their leaders are lacking in NEW LIES to talk about.

Must be because Keith and Nic are having a nice life.


WhoBStinkn said...

MOD shows definte favoritism to a few haters. Or Yuki, nomorefan, mimose and yourescaringme would be banned for life.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, banned for life from the E board??? I don't think I could take that! For God's sake people, get a fucking grip. What are you? A bunch of five year olds? GROW UP

Anonymous said...

I would think EVEN the MOD would be "ashamed" of the crap that is said on E!.

It represents HER and HER JOB.

So it is statement about her character too !

SkewerMistress said...

Anon if you feel it is acceptable to call posters KoolAid drinkers, advocates of NAMBLA, and necrophiliacs then go ahead and join the haters.

Haters in the past were banned for much less and since the MODs decision not to do her job, they have gotten away with nearly everything they've thrown at the fans. Nevermind what they've said about Nicole and Keith.

But if you enjoy that, you should look at the "What is Hate" section below. I've added some new quotes.

THANK_YOU said...

Anonymous said...
Oh my, banned for life from the E board??? I don't think I could take that! For God's sake people, get a fucking grip. What are you? A bunch of five year olds? GROW UP

June 9, 2009 12:39 PM

Well we have so many choices as to who this not-so-intelligent person could be.

astilbe? Could be, and she would only post this anonymously though, because otherwise her stellar reputation as being one of the "nice" skeptics would be ruined.

Mimosa? Another candidate for this anonymous poster. She's been feeling the heat lately, so her fuse is probably a little short. But she wouldn't fall for the baiting, would she?

PurpleRain? Yes, this most definitely could be her because she knows all too well that everyone has a "boiling point. we all have one." Have you reached yours, PurpleRain?

Oh "so" Leery? This person barely knows how to type out a coherent thought without (((giggles))) involved, so I don't think it's her.

cynical gal? This one has been hanging in the background, letting others spew the raging hate, while she tries to appear semi-neutral. But her not-so-subtle jealousy of Nicole comes shining through every time, and I don't need to see ... ... ... to know exactly who this person is.

YoureScaringMe & Yuki? The two "Y" sisters as I like to call them. They both love to antagonize & bait. Yes, BAIT. Skeptics don't do that, do they? Speaking of five year olds, these two fit right in with that mentality.

nomorefan? Of course it could be her, she has the biggest gutter mouth & mind of all.

Don't forget there are all the aliases to consider also, so there are just too many suspects to know for sure. I just hope whoever they are, they feel better now that they've got that off their chest! :D

SkewerMistress said...

Thank_You, I have received no less than 3 comments today, one 4 paragraphs worth, on why we have no life. Damage control must be on overdrive.

Anonymous said...

Posted by nomorefan today....

"Anybody else hear about Skank blowing a hissy fit on a recent commercial flight? Wouldn't even look up at the flight attendant when asked if she needed anything?"

What happened to Nicole doesn't do commercial? It was all a lie and a coverup. She paid the paps to photograph them at the airport but took a private jet????

nomorefan will believe anything, even if it contradicts her own argument.

Hateful moron.

SkewerMistress said...

Very good question! What happened to the insistence Nicole never flies with the public? No link, no source, posted on the negative thread. They never stop trying, do they!

Anonymous said...

I would think EVEN the MOD would be "ashamed" of the crap that is said on E!.

It represents HER and HER JOB.

So it is statement about her character too !


THANK_YOU said...

SkewerMistress, it's a little hard to put the horse back in the barn, as they say, now that everyone knows these women for what they really are, and not their padded, personal resumes of being experts at everything.

Oh I take that back, they have hate down to an art.

I'd say damage control is coming a little too late in the game now, don't ya think?

Anonymous said...

nomorefan always thinks she's pulling a fast one. I figured out where she "heard" the plane rumor...she never heard it at all. Read it on the Urban Myths tabloid hound, that's where. She doesn't even have the balls to give her source. And when was the last time Nicole was in Chicago? My memory says it was the Oprah show appearance in November of '08. The Globe gets around to printing that half a year later? And MusicGossip forgets to put a date on the scan? Yeah okay, whatever!

MusicGossip and nomorefan connected again. I know you'd be proud of me Skewermistress!

WhatAWaste said...

Check out these comments from the UM blog. They're talking about the concert that took place last night in St. Louis.

These are the types of bi-polar remarks that just floor me, and make me say WTF???

cricket said...
I'm going!!! I'm in the sixteenth row unless I get really lucky and win a ticket upgrade from one of the radio stations. He was great when I saw him last month so I'm really looking forward to tonight. If anyone's interested I'll let you know how he was later tonight.

June 11, 2009 3:11 PM

ShutUpAndSing said...
Why yes cricket..we need to know! Have a great time. Hope you win an upgrade!

June 11, 2009 5:22 PM

countrycat said...

The skeptics have tried so many things in the name of "damage control", but none of it works. Tell posters they weren't around long enough to see "the real Keith". Twist your words to mean something else so you'll get so mad you give up the board. Trash you with sly digs and innuendo. Pretend to be the victims of bashing and attacks when on the same page they've bashed someone else. I haven't figured out if they're crazy enough to actually believe its working.

WhatAWaste I remember I was online late one night and had a nice conversation with cricket. This was months ago though. I guess its because Nicole didn't come up. Talk about bi-polar. Its like a switch goes off and the hateful side pops out. Like an evil Mini-Wheat!

I'm just waiting one day for Mimosa to blow her gasket and go off on the skeptics that still go see Keith and say they had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Musicgossip isn't nomorefan. musicgossip is tnmusiclover on Myths. Her name is Evie. She's the fat woman Michele had her hands on (on her boobs) in one of the headless pics posted on JB's blog. Nomore is Sue who was ihateher on Myths. She's the one giving a blowjob to a bottle in one of the headless pics.

SkewerMistress said...

Anon I believe the writer meant the connection between the two posters, nomorefan and musicgossip. They have worked together in the past (Is Keith Urban Still A Guy YouTube video)and obviously continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

Hey Country, Mimosa's already leaning on cricket and her second positive review. Mimosa can't stand it. The witch can't let the truth BE the truth!

cricket1700 said...
"When he;s on stage I can forget what he's married to so it doesn't affect my enjoyment of the music. I know some people can't do that so I think I'm lucky that I can."

Mimosa said...
I'm not sure that's a fair assessment. It's not that cut and dried, IMHO.
I don't like any of his new music, except for a couple of songs, so I'm not willing to spend any money for something I dislike. I've seen Keithy many times, and I don't want to hear the older stuff again and again. I'm sick of it now. A new stage set doesn't really change anything. I've seen all his stage manuvers,and without anything fresh, and without better music, I personally have no desire to waste my time or money.
I wouldn't go see a show even if he was single, and still making music that I consider awful. I make my decisions based on that, and that's why I was a fan 15 years ago. His music is no longer as appealing, and that's the real reason a lot of people pass him by. It's mainly the music that has him in trouble.
Not putting any money into the KUNKYVILLE coffers is a side benefit to me. I won't go see any of NippyHo's bad movies either, but then, I never did. I have never liked any of her work,or her, and Birthjust confirmed that I was right. I won't support any of her "art" because she did make that movie, and she is proud of it. She thought it was fine and dandy to exploit a child, and I cannot forget that. I won't support Keith because he's part of it now, with all the fameho'ing and cheesiness. And since the music sucks, IMHO, it's very easy to pass by the whole KUNKY package. To me, he's just not the same artist.
But...having said all that....if he had married a better person, but the music was still just as bad as it is, then I still wouldn't go."

JustShutThemOut said...


"cynical gal? This one has been hanging in the background, letting others spew the raging hate, while she tries to appear semi-neutral. But her not-so-subtle jealousy of Nicole comes shining through every time, and I don't need to see ... ... ... to know exactly who this person is."

You forgot those misplaced commas and apostrophes. :)

Anonymous said...

Taralea-hitnrun is living in a dream world out in Iowa.

Posted yesterday by her...."The Cruise's have never objected to Suri being in front of the cameras."


Anonymous said...

Mimosa's comments interesting.

Since such a deep hate has been thought out so carefully and stated..........

Now she can be done with Keith and Nic. DONE, Gone, Splitsville, FOREVER!


OneTwo_BuckleUpSue said...

Oh hell, Cricket is genuflecting at the altar of Mimosa. So sorry all-knowing one! Let me prove my hate for Nicole Kidman!

"I wasn't trying to insult anyone by saying that...I do think most people would still buy his music and see him in spite of her IF the music was just as good as ever,but I also think some people let thier dislike of her color everything he does too. And there's nothing wrong with that. I can understand why they do, She's an awful nasty b1tch and I despise her as much as anybody on here. I liked him much better before she came along and I still hope he divorces her and goes back to dressing and acting the way he did before she got her nasty red claws into him. And most important back to making the music that grabbed everyone's attention to start with. I apoligize Mimosa if you thought that was unfair because that wasn't what I intended. I respect your opinions on here and I agree with most of them."

JustShutThemOut said...

Would someone please hand cricket a wet-wipe to clean that smelly brown residue from around her puckered lips?

WhatAWaste said...

OMG you are a riot JustShutThemOut!! :D

Anonymous said...

kookie middlesea jumped back in line too!

Cricket, hand the wetwipe on to her when you are finished with it!

countrycat said...

JSTO, I want to give you a shout out here without the skeptics jumping on me. Glad to see a fresh face on the E board. And I agree with the other ladies, you are very funny. Keep it up. We need a laugh now and again where it concerns these blowhards.

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