May 27, 2009

We Love The Smell Of Desperation In The Morning

There is a new blog in town. One that claims to be from an impartial stance and written by a "student of psychology". Kind of like the Forehead blog is written by a "student of celebrity culture".

Does this sound like an honest blog with these lies and half-truths?

"I’ll call them the "bunnies" (because that’s what they were named by the “skeptics”), are ardent fans of both Keith & Nicole. This group wants Keith and Nicole to be happy and seem to believe everything they read about the love story."

Not true at all. You don't have to be a fan of both Keith and Nicole to be considered a bunny by the haters. Not all fans love Nicole or like her movies. But most respect their union.

"Most believe that Keith and Nicole can do no wrong."

Lie #2

"The skeptics usually start off discussing Keith and Nicole (and they are not kind), but the thread inevitably turns ugly when the bunnies come on board, and make it personal."

Here is the overwhelming evidence that this new blog is written by a hater. Anyone who has read the threads, even casually, know its posters like Mimosa that will immediately attack fans personally without cause.

"It’s predictable…and as I read post after post, pretty obvious that the “bunnies” were unable to distinguish between bashing the celebs Vs bashing other posters.
Again, the skeptics were generally posting about Keith and/or Nicole, and the bunnies were getting personal. It’s a recurring theme."

See evidence above.

"They have essentially stalked the skeptics (now called haters) for years, collecting comments, private emails, private messages and in some cases, private discussions, only to use that information “against” the haters."

Wrong again. The pictures, PM's, emails, and so on were all freely given and posted by the haters themselves of their own free will. On the other side, you as the author, know the haters have emails, pics and other communications stored themselves. They just haven't admitted it.

"I suspect this site was shut down, possibly by an external authority, because all of a sudden it was gone and when it returned, none of the original content was there."

Wrong again. If a third party of some authority had shut it down the content currently there would not be allowed. The blogger has the ability and the right to change what's there at any time. If the Revealed blog wants to post pictures the haters have posted themselves for the world to see, that's their prerogative. And also its their dilemma if what they are doing is illegal, which to our knowledge is not.

"Get my point? The ‘skeptihaters’ limited their comments, albeit nasty, to Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. Gossip at it’s all out nastiest."

Lies, lies, lies. The fans have been accused of being employees and paid plants for both Keith and Nicole, Keith's fanclub, the NKU fansite, and many blogs. Yours truly has been accused of being other posters who are fans. Fans have been accused of endorsing NAMBLA and pedophilia. Of being mentally unstable and nutjobs. Of being liars and dishonest. Of being necrophiliacs for being Nicole Kidman fans. Of being Kool-Aid drinkers and idiots for being Keith fans. Of being nothing more than cookie baking and scrapbook making whackos who can't see past their own nose. The haters know everything and see everything clearly. They know all the right people and have all the right contacts. They are perfect mothers and perfect wives. They can analyze and critically evaluate every picture, interview, movie, concert, album and be 100% right. They are the moral and cultural authorities on everything. And the KU-NK fans are just crazy.

So you, dear blogger, are a liar.

"But the Bunnies turned “skeptihater haters” are far more worrisome to me."

Because you are a hater and this new blog is just a ruse to counteract the truth we've been putting out? I notice you didn't really comment on this blog. The truth is here and that's what you're afraid of.

There's more lies we didn't post here; the list goes on and on. Why bother?

When nomorefan, who conveniently commented 3 days ago (She found out about the new blog fast!) calls your blog neutral, you are in big trouble.

Readers, don't be fooled. The blog link made its rounds through the haters first and that's how they "found it" so quickly. And how did that happen? It was made by a hater and linked on another hater's blog. They only trust a select few (a secret they don't want anyone to know), so you can be sure it was made "in-house".

"Skewering The Skeptics" thinks "Bunnies Vs Haters" is a fraud blog, set up possibly by astilbe (nomorefan's BFF), to distract readers from the truth. After all, rumors were circulating that one was being created. And what better way than to use this opportunity to try and reclaim some honor. Only the haters never had any honor to begin with. Urban Myths had to admit she has multiple authors after she recruited Anastasia to write for her, as an "actress" with some authority. Ha! That plan soured quickly, as what other hater could it be but Stasia.

STS is not going to post quote after quote from the haters to prove our point. All one needs to do is read the last few pages of the Baby Girl Thread on E! and you will see how quickly an expression of a positive opinion about either of these two celebrities gets a personal attack. The MOD warned both the skeptics and the fans. But the blogger "Are U Kidding" just happened to omit any wrong doing by the haters.

This blog says, are YOU kidding? Go home. You've already been skewered.


Anonymous said...

Amen to that - my thought when I read it was "give me a break".

The haters who are stalking Keith, and we know they have done it because they bragged about it in times past, should read the article about Gary Allen at CMT:

Grand Jury to Consider Case of Gary Allan's Alleged Stalker
Singer Appears at Hearing but Does Not Testify
May 27, 2009; Written by Edward Morris

Gary Allan
Although singer Gary Allan and his alleged stalker, Katherine Walker, sat only a few feet apart in a Gallatin, Tenn., courtroom Wednesday morning (May 27), they never got to face each other in front of a judge.

Police in the Nashville suburb of Hendersonville, Tenn., arrested Walker May 4 and charged her with burglarizing and vandalizing Allan's home as well as stalking him.

In court, Walker asked General Sessions Judge James Hunter to appoint an attorney to represent her. After that was done, she agreed to forego a preliminary hearing and have her case bound over to a grand jury to determine if she will be indicted for the offenses.

The judge ordered Walker not to make any contact with Allan, his family or his property and warned her that any violation of the order will land her in jail.

None of the evidence Allan's lawyer, Bill Ramsey, compiled against Walker was presented during the hearing, but samples of it were handed out afterward to the media. It included copies of menacing messages Walker allegedly posted on MySpace and a DVD of a surveillance tape showing a figure who looks like Walker vandalizing Allan's property.

Following the hearing, Ramsey told reporters that Allan has also filed a civil suit against Walker to buttress the criminal charges.

"He just wants [the stalking] to be over," Ramsey said.

SkewerMistress said...

Excellent article. We appreciate you bringing attention to the issue. This blog wonders where they are going to go with it? Ignore every nasty hater comment and only highlight what the fans have done mostly to defend themselves in what can only be described as a "war room" environment? Please don't insult our intelligence by claiming you like Nicole's films. Oh you can say you've seen them, as most of the haters have. But don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining (to quote Judge Judy).

WhatAWaste said...

Just more bull$hit from the haters! Like you guessed SkewerMistress, I can see astilbe's fingerprints all over this blog. She's been MIA for WEEKS now, and probably been holed up honing her "writing" skills on this blog. Too bad it's too little, too late to counteract their own bad PR!! BAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

THANK_YOU said...

Don't worry Skewermistress, we can recognize damage control from a mile away, and can appreciate this new blog for what it is...a scam that NO ONE will fall for, except those that are in on it already.

"I’m not a card carrying Keith Urban fan club member but I enjoy his music and have been impressed by his live shows. I am not a poster on message boards, for example, and I don’t have copies of his pictures or magazine articles on my hard drive."

Are U Kidding us?? Oh, yes you are (a poster on message boards) & do (have copies of pics & articles on your computer). That's why you went over the deep end with KUNK in the first place. But keep on writing your slop, & keep telling yourself that it's helping your cause. :)

SkewerMistress said...

A reader emailed me this old post by imahick, who was the first person to comment on the new blog. It seems the skeptics efforts are usually joint-ventures (Urban Myths blog, the Brad Paisley video). With that in mind it makes one wonder when the BvS blogger says she's a "student of psychology".

Imahick said...
I find this whole thing to be an interesting exercise in psychology. JB is clearly someone who was friends with some of the skeptics and actually visited skeptic sites, so must have been a "hater" herself. Now...she's absolving herself of her sins by "squealing" on the skeptics in punishment for our crimes.

It sounds to me like she's a bit left of center, if you get my drift.
March 12, 2009 10:15 AM

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