May 24, 2009

A Fugue For Our Favorite Tinhorns

tin·horn (tĭn'hôrn')

noun 1. (slang) A petty braggart who pretends to be rich and important.

adjective 2. cheap and insignificant



Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha.... I know, no I know, no its me who really knows. lol

IMO cause I know ! No its me who knows. I'm right!

Way over used ?? Way stupid!

Thats a Fact Jack!


countrycat said...

OMG SMistress, you have me literally LMBO over here. After a long weekend that's just what I needed. How many times can they contradict themselves?!

"That's a fact Jack"...When I lived in Houston there were these furniture commercials that used to run late at night. The owner used to show up on camera with a chainsaw powered up and yell "That's a fact Jack!". So when I read that, that's what I think of. LMAO!

She sounds just as crazy as Hilton the furniture guy.

Anonymous said...


The name game again. Add it to the list!

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Total Posts: 65

Along with the googoo.

Anonymous said...

Take your on the user names.

All the same people!

Over and over..
What a LOL moment!

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