May 17, 2009

Wrong Again, Naturally

Mimosa's latest lies

Mimosa: "Of course it's a load and a half. She knew her obligations for 2009 last year, as far as the shooting schedules for her little movies go. They don't just plan these things at the last minute. The press releases don't indicate how long something has been in the works, but sometimes it's years.

Oh Mimosa Mimosa. Please stop blabbering on about what you know nothing about. Sometimes movies are in the works for years and sometimes not. But schedules change, that we know for sure. Lets take a look at the two movies. "Rabbit Hole" has a recently confirmed start date of June 1. The Woody Allen project is rumored to start July 8. If both dates are correct it would be impossible, as Kidman is lead and producer, to do the WA film.

Another thing...WA films are guaranteed to be made. Unless something happens to him he always has another "upcoming project". They don't need to planned ahead for years. There isn't a fear of it not getting made or having the director prove himself to backers and producers. Nicole was not on board for the WA movie years or even months ago.

If there had been something already scheduled, everyone would've known about it already. And if she was really in demand for that role, they could work around her "conflict" because it happens all the time when a producer really wants a certain actor for a part.

We at STS could make a list a mile long of how many actors and actresses have had to miss out on parts because of scheduling conflicts but we won't bother. But filming of RA was predicted months ago to be later on in the year, and now it has moved up. Mimosa knows better.

The fall-out from Awfulstralia scared the money men, because in this economy, no one can take another Kidman induced flop. In good times, her movies don't do all that well, so who wants to take on that kind of risk? And we all know it has nothing to do with Suro or Keith. She'd never back out of anything for them."

Hmmmm...Then why have it announced that she would be in the cast in the first place? If they were so unhappy with "Australia"'s performance, which by the way is her 3rd highest grossing picture, would they allow WA to cast her? Do you really think Woody Allen would allow that kind of influence from the backers in the first place? Of course not. And if she was cast long ago, as you claim, they wouldn't have known "Australia"'s American performance at the box office. "Australia" was a hit internationally. Foot in mouth?

We also have to consider that WA films are never blockbusters or huge money-makers. As successful as "Vicky Cristina" was, it still only made 91 million worldwide, as opposed to "Australia"'s over 200 million. "Scoop" only made around 40 million, "Cassandra's Dream" around 22 million. His films are no longer sure things or guaranteed masterpieces. They seem to do extremely well (for a WA film) or be seen by very few.

So who are the backers? A Spanish company called MediaPro. MediaPro has been quoted as saying "We are very proud to be working with one of the World's best film-makers. Our ambition is be where the talent is and we are always happy to create long term relationships with our partners." At the time of this quote (2008) the locations of all 3 movies after "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" were still labeled as undetermined. And if you don't even have a location, you can't make up even a tentative filming schedule. So much for years of planning ahead!

Whats very important to look at here is why would MediaPro be so anti-Kidman. They are a European company and Kidman has a large fanbase in Europe, even Mimosa has admitted that. Kidman rakes in the bucks worldwide and was listed as one of the world's few bankable female stars. There has never ever been any reports of backers or film studios or anyone else being able to tell WA who he can cast. In fact WA often times goes against the grain. For example, his casting Juliette Lewis in "Husbands and Wives". To this day fans/critics are arguing whether or not that was an inspired choice or a horrible one.

We also need to discuss another rumor. A gossip site Popeater "reported" that Kidman's role in the WA film was to be "a princess en route to a palace in India, where the handsome Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal meets her." Sound familiar? It's nearly identical to the plot of the Schweppes commercial. Skeptical replies with this...

Skeptical: "I wonder who really cancelled, her, Woody, the producers, the backers, ??? From the description of what her role was to be, it sounds just like the ginger ale commercial that everybody made so much fun of. Maybe Arjun requested a real woman to play the part so he wouldn't be laughed off the screen. I sure would like to know what really happened."

Again, we're shaking our heads here. How is Popeater an authority on a tightly-held secret such as a WA script? If in fact that was her character, which seems very silly for a movie role, how would Allen possibly been able to plan this years ago before the commercial was filmed? And why would he want to? The more reasonable rumor is that Kidman was to play a hooker. Now why is this more reasonable? Haha, not for the reasons you think skeptics. It makes much more sense because Woody has a history of writing characters that are hookers. In fact we found a blog devoted to this very subject....

Now of course this is just a rumor, but which scenario makes more sense to you?

As a treat, here's a very interesting recent video interview with the director of "Rabbit Hole", John Cameron Mitchell. It confirms that Dianne Wiest was just added to the cast as announced in early May. FYI, the cast has just been completed with the addition of Miles Teller, Sandra Oh, and John Tenney.

(link provided because video box was too large)


Meg said...

Mimosa is full of crap, but I do have to say that I was quite surpised when I first heard about the WA film back in March. There was an interview with the screenwriter or playwrite of Rabbit Hole back at the beginning of March & he said that filming was to be in a few months, May or June. Then the WA film is announced at the end of March. More info started coming out that it would be filmed this summer in London. Add to that, Keith's touring scheduled has been known for months. His schedule didn't have long enough breaks for him to fly to London. Word didn't come until just this week that Kidman dropped out of the WA project. I personally think it was unprofessional to sign onto this WA project. She's a producer of Rabbit Hole so she is well aware of the scheduling. Not to mention I thought it pretty unfair to Keith to sign onto yet another project being shot out of the US knowing what his schedule was. At least Rabbit Hole is being shot in New York. This is the first movie since they got married 3 years ago that has been shot in the US.

Now, reading this, many will probably think I'm a Skeptic or "hater". I'm not. But that doesn't mean I have to understand or agree with everything that Nicole does. Even some of her other fans were surprised about the WA project.

Anonymous said...

thank you!

SkewerMistress said...

Meg, I must say we have received comments far more "hater-like" than the one you have sent. I'd like to clear up a few things. It is absolutely your right to think Nicole is unprofessional but one must keep in mind a few things. The screenwriter never mentioned a specific month in that interview. The filming date has just been confirmed. The WA pic has still not come out with a confirmed filming date. We have no idea if the conflict was created with a chageup in schedule for RH or WA. Perhaps concessions were made once a certain actor came aboard, such as Dianne Wiest, and filming had to be completed by such and such a date. As a producer I feel Kidman would absolutely be able to do that for a project as close to her as this one. If it is for family reasons that she left, it only confirms that the haters are wrong about her again. It is our belief that the WA movie was a small role for her and thus not a huge mistake to leave it behind. Still disappointing from a fan point of view, but not the end of the world. This blog believes the reaction of some of her fans to this announcement was unnecessary and over the top. There is a long history of cast changes with Woody Allen, sometimes even during filming. Casting/the studios/Allen are experienced in how to handle this. Kidman has a reputation of being a very hard-working, dependable, give it your all kind of actress. Leaving projects, as most steadily working actors have to do because of scheduling, has not hurt her. She could not do "Casino", so the part went to Sharon Stone. She had to back out of "The Panic Room" due to a knee injury. She couldn't do Wes Anderson's "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou" due to scheduling so Cate Blanchett took the role.

Concerning Keith and his schedule, what projects Kidman chooses and how Keith schedules his tour is between them. Kidman has already said she would not do a project specifically made for her by director Kar Wai Wong because it would involve being based in China for months. "Australia" was in the works before they got married and had to be scheduled within an inch of its life I'm sure. Same with a huge project like a movie musical "Nine".

Say she's unprofessional, but we don't have the exact details, and most likely will never be privy to them. I think its best to leave that call to her colleagues.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, its not our life now is it ?

I guess I wouldn't be too keen on "working harder" either, if I din't have to.
At this stage in her "life", I would say she doesn't!

The funny thing on the haters part is, IF Nicole "did" the film, then it would be because she only thinks of herself, NOT her family.

If she "dosen't" do it, her FANS judge her unprofessional and stupid. & the haters judge her too old.

So what it amounts to, everyone thinks they have a STAKE in Nicole Kidman .
Good Grief.

You decide.

SkewerMistress said...

Here's how I see it. All the haters analyze everything she does in a negative light. Even if they don't believe it themselves, ( I can't figure out anymore what they really believe and what they say just to be cruel)they will twist the scenario to fit their negative judgement of her. So to sum up, all hate, all the time.

It was a few fans that went overboard with the disappointment. These posters, if you read that particular board regularly, tend to go overboard on alot of things, alot of the time. Most actors who have achieved what Nicole has have at least a few of these kinds of fans.

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