June 24, 2009

We Won't Be Fooled Again

That's the ongoing mantra of the haters. Keith Urban played those sweet innocent women out of their money, time, and devotion and Nicole Kidman is a player too. Ahhh, but it is the haters that have been played. You see, this is about the latest Nicole Kidman "news". And make no mistake, the word news was put in quotes for a reason. Rumor has it that Kidman used her birthday to pay tribute to her father, and how he got her through her painful divorce from Tom Cruise.

Has anyone out there noticed what this blog has? The "reporting" came from Contact Music. And after Contact put it out, tens of hundreds of *cough* news sites *cough* reposted it, some in edited form. A sampling includes news.absolutely.net, slice.ca, thehimalayantimes, thetimesofindia. Never heard of them? Yeah us neither.

Here's where it gets more interesting. In doing the final research for this piece, we discovered some sites are claiming Kidman talked to the Daily Mail, and not Contact. The original source is still a mystery.

But here's what isn't. Both the Daily Mail and Contact Music are UK based. Both are tabloid style media companies. Internet readers know all about Contact Music because their favorite pastime is cutting and pasting old articles and making them new again. Both the Daily Mail and Contact have had libel suits against them. As a judge of their credibility, let this blog remind you Contact Music published that ridiculous Vietnam adoption story. So did the Mail. Fans, we cannot be fooled.

And the final interesting piece of the puzzle....

A similar "Kidman loves father" story came out in 2007. Nicole is grateful for her father and on and on. It seems the 2009 story is a reworking of the 2007 story. And of course, the original source of the 2007 interview can't be pinned down. Some sites credit it to the The Catholic Herald, a UK publication. The interview cannot be found on their site, but there is a lukewarm review of "Australia". Hmmmm.

Would anyone like to wager on the probability of Nicole Kidman calling up a British tabloid publication from NY, while she's busy filming a movie, and telling them about her father? The Catholic Herald interview is entirely more likely and how Contact or The Daily Mail got their inspiration. Yet it wouldn't be beyond them to have fabricated it from some previous anonymous source who fabricated that interview. The truth is Kidman quietly celebrated her birthday during the filming of her movie. She doesn't make a scene like Lindsay Lohan that the tabs can milk. Hubby Urban is off on tour...and there have been no major sightings with the baby, apart from an on-set pic. But the tabs need a story to sell ad space on, so what to do? Invent a new interview, that's whatchya do.

So while you haters blabber on about how Kidman can't let go of Cruise, does the Strategy Of Invention sound familiar to you? Anyone? Anyone?


A couple of things have surfaced since this blog was posted. First, a link was sent to us by an anonymous reader. It's an abridged version of the interview Kidman gave to the Catholic Herald. This is in our eyes a legitimate Catholic site, so there is no reason to question the interview. Possibly the full-length interview was only available in the print version of the CH.


And secondly, but quite possibly more importantly, an astute Kidman fan noticed a glaring inaccuracy with the Contact/Daily Mail article. In it, Nicole is quoted as saying "Dad's a psychiatrist". That is incorrect. Dr. Antony Kidman is a biochemist and clinical psychologist. He has done much work in the areas of depression and anxiety. He has been an author, lecturer, and head of a university psychology department. He has also used his training to help develop strategies for cancer patients coping with their diagnosis.

We at STS are proud of the Kidman fan that noticed this, and wished we had ourselves!


countrycat said...

Interesting. I don't trust contact one bit. Every couple of months they post gossip ot recycle something from a legitimate interview, and then someone at NKU recognizes it and points it out. I believe they were the ones that said Nicole talked to them about liking cheese and chocolate cake. But it was really from a real magazine article. I mean give me a break with this stuff. They don't know when to quit.

It is the Urban's 3rd anniversary. I thought you'd do something on that but glad to see the skeptics are shown for the fools they are. Urban Myths got back on the Nicole bashing bandwagon with this story. Its the same crappola and posters are calling them out on it! Hahaha! What was that old KUNK thread title?...Back to the Crap. Yep, UMyths is back to the crap.

Anonymous said...

If necessity is the mother of invention, greed is the father.

Necessity (lying) and Greed (wanting KU for themselves) are the haters parents.

Anonymous said...

Thanks STS.

It certainly shows them up for the fools they are!

Haters beware, you are becoming the laughing stock of the internet.

SkewerMistress said...

countrycat I was thinking of making something for the anniversary, but it has been some time since we took on another specific issue. We can all agree that 3 years of marriage and a baby is mental torture for these obsessesive wanna-be's. And JB's blog seems to have it covered. I've been trying to keep up with the comments, but lately haven't had the time to reply to many good points. Slowly but surely you all are getting the job done.

The anti-KUNK blog is falling on its own sword. It will not go quietly and it will die a slow painful death. But it will happen.

Anonymous that is a quote befitting of this blog. Thank you for contributing.

SkewerMistress said...

You are welcome Anon.

A quick update, MOD 2.0 has deleted nomorefan's outlandish comment about Nicole's fans and a hypothetical murder. It has been added to the list of hate quotes.

Anonymous said...

I was just looking at Just Jared pictures.

Remember all the hater flack when Nicole was seen wearing a long skirt in the photos returning to the US after their Easter family vacation ?

Seems that quite a few stars have caught up to the trend, looking at JJ photos. lol

Anonymous said...

Good Job!

Spread the link people.

Our voices will be heard even if Mod 2 is wrong in her judgement and attitude!

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell the dim bulbs at Urban Myths that Nicole can't be at the Iowa show. She's filming a movie. The haters are so worried she'll crash the party. this party they say isn't worth attending over and over. What a bunch of dummies.

SkewerMistress said...

It's so very predictable. One marches off the bridge, the others fall right in line after. Mimosa doesn't know what's going on with Kidman either now. Oh what to do! But wait, the pictures of her WORKING in nyc are there on the web plain as day! Are they just lazy and tired of looking or are they too timid to post them because they'd have to admit Kidman has a career. That career was supposed to be gone several years ago, according to their wisdom and insight. It must be just another day in Haterville.

OneTwo_BuckleUpSue said...

Sue's looking for a fight ladies! No one's there for her to bitch at and she's getting restless!

Re: Nicole Kidman wants More Kids
Posted: Jun 30, 2009 11:43 AM
"So where has everyone been? Some on here must be taking vacation together?"

SkewerMistress said...

As tempting as that sounds, I won't be jumping in!

countrycat said...

We'll just have to let them stew LOL

What's there to say? Several posters including me already said they were sick and tired of the continuing arguments that never go anywhere. I saw they went deep into religion and walked away. I'm not going to argue with liars and hateful people about God, when they do what they do 24/7. If we continue the conversation they'll try and take it as far as they can go in order to get us banned. I learned my lesson with the sick pedophile thread. Walk away and you can cut them off at the pass.

Anonymous said...

country there's no need to bang your head against the wall like they do every time they remember Keith and Nic are a couple.

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