July 1, 2009

This Is What Nomorefan Loves

Yes readers this is what a Christian God-fearing moral woman and mother on the E! boards loves these days. nomorefan's latest post was about Brüno, the movie character from comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. Cohen has been touring Australia as Brüno, and on the many stops giving interviews in character. One stop included a pronouncement he liked Keith Urban better without the beard, Nicole. Now this blog doesn't care that Cohen made the joke. The haters are so thick they don't get it's a slam on Tom Cruise. And that Brüno wants every man in Australia to be gay. He's made comments about Urban, Russell Crowe, and apparently has had fantasies about the Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd. Oh and we can't forget the several statements that Tom Cruise is "uber-gay" and Katie is in a sexless marriage.

No fans, this is about what nomorefan doesn't know, now that she's opened her big fat mouth. Here's her post from today:

"I thought the same thing of Borat until we rented it - it is good for laughs that's about it, and everybody needs to do that once in a while. I didn't think anything of Napoleon Dynamite until I watched it the second time - I took the movie too seriously the first time."

We'll skip over the Napoleon Dynamite reference (see thick comment above). But what nomorefan doesn't know is that on a particular talk show appearance Brüno did several things that were in fact tasteless. For instance, not knowing whether Hitler was right or wrong, but complementing him on his fashion sense. Looking down the pants of the host (literally). And tearing off the thong of the host who played along with a fashion makeover. That is what you are looking at readers, the essence of Brüno, and really the essence of nomorefan. What's better than male genitalia interpreted through produce? A flaccid knitted penis.


Anonymous said...

Who really gives a rat's ass???? Is this the best you can come up with? Must be a slow day for the skeptic haters.

SkewerMistress said...

Do you need to read the title of this blog again? Until you and your cohorts give us somethng more substantial than a horny adolescent sense of humor, this is what will be discuseed. You could be commenting on Keith's well-reviewed and successful tour or Nicole working on her film with her baby in tow, but you aren't. A gay joke is what you chose to focus on. What you get on this blog is your own fault. You don't like it, hang out at Urban Myths. Grumpy Bear maclen needs someone to agree with.

Anonymous said...

SkewerMistress: I recommend you get a life and walk away from Keith Urban. There are so many other entertainers for you to enjoy in all areas of the arts. You and your followers must live in the Convent because if you don't remember, Borat took America by storm. Here's some information for you to read up on.

"Borat's humour derives from his mocking of society though outrageous sociocultural viewpoints."

Borat cost $18 million to make, and made over $26 million in the first week with viewing in only 834 theaters. The movie grossed over $250 million, and Sasha won a Golden Globe for best performance for an actor in a musical or comedy.

Even liberal Hollywood loved Borat.

As far as Bruno goes, he plays an extreme gay man. Of course he is going to say Hilter had great fashion sense. Many historians have speculated that Hilter was really gay. Again, Sasha is mocking Hilter.

You really need to chill out. Watching Borat might do you some good. You might actually laugh once; that's if you have a sense of humour.

SkewerMistress said...

To the hater that sent a long-winded message that I needed to "read up" on a few things and get a life, get some new talking points.

We don't care about Borat, Brüno, or any other character Cohen comes up with. The point is he mentioned Kidman and all of you jumped on it like a lion on deer meat.

It's obvious you're bored over at E! so you came here. We will continue to post your communication with us, in whatever way we choose. So choose your words carefully.

Anonymous said...

Well those comments aren't too hard to spot are they?

Desperate comes to mind! Phoney Idiots!
Read the Skepti- Haters Philosphy !

And weep.
You are marked loosers.

countrycat said...

Great comparison SMistress!

I think nomorefan and imahick have been here. In fact I know imahick was here. She said the same spiel about humor on the KUNK thread. They are so self-important, they can turn anything into an anti-KUNK story and believe it.

Why don't some of them have "the balls" to post here with their usernames? And why don't some of them let go of Keith Urban? We know they are the ones making the anti-blog comments LOL!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
SkewerMistress: I recommend you get a life and walk away from Keith Urban. There are so many other entertainers for you to enjoy in all areas of the arts.

No kidding, explore a little, find some variety instead of limiting yourselves only to Keith Urban. You just might find there are other artists out there that are just as good if not better than Keithy (in different ways), you just have to give them a chance. Take your blinders off. I really don't think Keithy cares if you defend him to the ends of the earth. He doesn't know you and never will.

SkewerMistress said...

The arrogance of the haters. I was listening to Kate Bush this morning. As if the music selection on this blog isn't evidence enough to show Keith is not "the one and only". We've been hearing that over and over fans haven't we? We post about Keith, we must listen to him day and night, night and day. Oh the ignorance and arrogance. I'm in the mood for some Cole Porter now.

countrycat said...

Water off our backs Smistress. They've only got so many lines to pull out of their hat and they've been old and tired months ago. They've got nothing left. I'm a musician and they told me I listen only to Keith Urban and I need to expand my horizons. Puhleeze.

Oh and when I said Hitler could have been gay, I was told I was a know-it-all. The skeptics keep shooting themselves in the foot.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Why do you skeptics put so much time into a couple you don't even know? And before you tell us you have full lives, it's not possible. You spend far too much time on message boards and trolling the Internet for information on your favorite couple. Get involved with people you can actually talk to and touch. Have a real conversation with your husband and kids. Show some interest in the people who need you. Step away from your obsession before you ruin the relationships that are actually important.

Anonymous said...

To countrycat: Why don't YOU have the balls to post YOUR real name? In fact, why don't you all have the balls to post your real name? What are you afraid of? And why can't YOU let go of Keith Urban? You post on E! about him, you post on the UMR blog, you post here, and I'm sure you post on his message board too. Talk about calling the kettle black.

Skewermistres: If you into other music, then let's see some blogs about it then. Give us something to discuss other than your hatred for the so-called haters.

And Anonymous: It's LOSERS, not LOOSERS.

SkewerMistress said...

"If you into other music, then let's see some blogs about it then. Give us something to discuss other than your hatred for the so-called haters."

Stop with the delusions of grandeur. This blog will not be told or instructed on what to post, ever. If you continue to post here, expect to get skewered.

SkewerMistress said...

Countrycat and the rest, thank you. I deal with smart alecks, wise-asses, and complainers behind a computer screen on a daily basis as part of my job. I know how to handle them, but your support is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

OH puhleeze.... And
this "blog" will not be told or instructed on what to post, ever." How do you tell a blog something???? What a bunch of dumb asses.

SkewerMistress said...

You read. You comment.

If you are still confused, consider yourself a lost cause.

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