July 20, 2009

The Haters And Their Indian Summer

The skepti-haters think they hit it big this summer. Bruised and battered, after a long winter and spring with still nothing to prove their case, they think they've found the Holy Grail. The undeniable proof that Nicole Kidman, the skank they know her to be, is right in front of us all. This is the Indian Summer they've been waiting for. Well STS can offer some relief to the heat in the form of a little common sense.

So here is the "damning" evidence the haters have grabbed onto with their clutches.


Slumdog kid attacks Nicole Kidman

NICOLE Kidman has come under attack - from a nine-year-old. Slumdog Millionaire child actress Rubina Ali has described Kidman as "strange" in her unexpected autobiography Slumgirl Dreaming: Journey To The Stars.

Ali worked with Kidman on a soft drink advertisement in India this year and came away with some very definite opinions on the Australian actress.

In the book she said: "I really liked her but she was very quiet and didn't speak much. I think she was a bit shy."

Kidman was "strange" because she refused to come out of her trailer during the entire shoot, afraid of the sun damage on her pale complexion

As usual there's various versions of this story floating around on less-than reputable sites, pretending to be news sources.

So let's break this down as to why the skeptics haven't found their Holy Grail.

1)Timing Is Everything - If you've seen the Schweppes commercial you know that it appears to have been shot entirely at night. Not very important on the surface, but when one connects the dots, the relevance comes to light, so to speak. Reading the story closely you'll notice Nicole supposedly didn't come out of her trailer during the shoot because she was afraid of the sun damage. Huh? India is a far off land from where most of us are, but it's common knowledge the sun doesn't come out at night there. Next, if the shoot was at night, and what appears to be the middle of the night, prep time for Nicole and Rubina would not take all day. And they would not be going out in the middle of the day in their costumes, bare arms and all. Rehearsals would not be outside in the sun. Lastly, Kidman's male co-star Arjun Rampal was quoted, in what appears to be an authentic interview, that Nicole was only there for 3 days and worked out each day. Even without that quote logic would tell you that she was not stuck in a trailer all day afraid of the sun. We can bet that Nicole and Rubina did not spend their downtime together with Rubina staring at her and Nicole in silence afraid to leave the makeup chair.

2)Media Manipulation - We can see it, we know you the readers see it, but for some reason the haters don't. Rubina is quoted as saying "I really liked her". Yet, the title of the article was "Slumdog Girl Attacks Nicole Kidman". First of all, it is sad that the media cannot respect Rubina enough to call her by her name, instead of "Slumdog Girl". But more importantly, if two claims are diametrically opposed it usually means one side is lying. Rubina on the one hand likes her but at the same time she's getting even for Nicole being a witch according to the media? Whose side do you think the haters took? Oh boy....

from Old Reliable nomorefan/NK'sKids4Sale/ihateher: "Bless you middlesea for posting this - would a nine year-old Indian girl lie?"

"No wonder why Skank didn't come to the aid of her little co-star when her home was demolished . . . the name didn't ring a bell to Skank! She just knew her as "that little girl over there".

cynical_gal/1urbanfan27: "I don't think she's shy. I think she's aloof. Haughty."

cricket1700: "That's because it was a nine year old GIRL. If it had been a lovely little man-boy she would have been all over him."

Which leads us to....

3)The Cultural Divide - Little Rubina is an international star thanks to "Slumdog Millionaire". She's seen more than most children born into an Indian slum will ever see. However that does not make her educated on habits especially common in the Western world. What may seem "strange" to her is commonplace to us. A woman applying sunscreen, wearing hats and long-sleeves in a tropical area is a health precaution and most certainly the norm for Nicole and her fair skin. Rubina possibly could have seen her in her everyday clothes covered up, coming and leaving the set. But "scared of the sun" when Nicole has been photographed on beaches over the years is clearly not the reality. And it should not be manipulated into something to sell books.

Also to consider is Kidman is in a foreign country co-starring with a young girl and a language barrier between them. She wouldn't be going out "to play" with Rubina as nomorefan so nonchalantly put it. This is a job, and clearly Rubina and Nicole are more professional than nomorefan. Nicole is known as a self-confessed shy person, but the skeptics essentially call Rubina a liar, while she's supposedly revealing the truth. "Nicole's not shy, she's a standoffish bitch." Nicole at one point said that due to the filming schedule, she had a long time to get over her shyness and bond with Brandon, the young boy from "Australia". This shoot was nothing in comparison. There has to be some distance on both ends because it is an adult stranger/child relationship.

4) It's All About The Benjamins - Rubina Ali is not the author; she has an admitted ghostwriter. At less than 30 pages, with most of her story available in the media for free, how on earth are they going to successfully promote the book? It should be an inspiring story of a girl who through sheer talent may make it out of abject poverty. Instead they use a Hollywood star to get press. Frankly, we think Rubina is being used by alot of adults to make money. How much of that will she get? We hope it's more than we predict.

At the same time, the haters point their finger at Kidman and demand to know why Nicole didn't pay for her every need and remove her from her situation, fix everything. It would be entirely insensitive of her to simply decide the "white woman" is going to save the "poor slum girl" from "dirty India". Have the haters heard of cultural sensitivity? What is interesting is the skeptics have never criticized the makers of Slumdog Millionaire for not doing the same thing. However, in reality, Rubina is being taken care of in an appropriate way. Director Danny Boyle is paying for an English speaking education for Rubina. And a substantial amount has been set aside for her in a trust. Why not throw money at the situation? Her father for one. He is suspect in his motives and actions and Rubina has been quoted as saying she never saw where all her Slumdog money went. Not to mention who would oversee the large sum if it's not in a trust? Unfortunately with everything that Rubina's achieved, her success has and will attract vultures. After all is said and done, the skeptics will try and joke that India's deep class issues are Nicole's fault. Because she's a "rich bitch" and that's so funny. Ultimately, the Schweppes commercial got more money for Rubina than Slumdog. And Keith and Nicole are supporting a young Aboriginal boy through the proper channels in Australia. They are giving a legitimate organization money for the child's schooling and a proper future. If they have supported Rubina in any way beyond making employment possible, rest assured it will be done properly and not in an irresponsible way.

So now that the skeptics have once again been skewered, do you think they'll care enough to go out and buy Rubina's book? After all, she's an innocent child who was just telling the truth. We think not. She's served her purpose for them and there's a Jimmy Wayne or Jake Owen concert looming on the horizon.

To cleanse our palates, let's enjoy the soothing sounds of Poco. And what a real Indian summer was meant to be.


countrycat said...

This is what I love about your blog SMistress. The multi-layering...everything fits...the music, the titles, the pictures. You always do a great job telling it like it is.

I agree with it all, expect that I heard Boyle came under fire for not sending enough money for the school. I don't know if it's true though. I wouldn't put it past her dad to be lying about it or having someone else intercept it, who knows. It's kind of like some of the aid that's gone to Africa. It gets intercepted by the warlords henchmen never to be seen again. It's a shame her mom left them, but she left them for a man with money which is probably more common than we want to know about.

One thing's for sure the skeptics don't give a d_amn about Rubina. They're using her too.

Sweet Thing said...

Great post, Skewer! Will the skeptics look at it with any logic? Phffffff, of course not cause it's not their mission to find any REAL truth. They have only one agenda and that's to make Nicole Kidman look bad. In some weird, sick way, they think Keith will read it and think "hmmm, maybe Nicole IS using my incredible fame to boost her gasping for breath career. By golly, they're right! Nicole IS a man! How could I have been so misled? Thank you, skeptics! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" If not Keith, at the very least they think some dumb schmo will read it and be insane enough to believe them.

Anonymous said...

LOL Sweet Thing! I think they think Keith and Nicole read E! and react accordingly. What a bunch of bozos!

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