July 26, 2009

Maclen: Hooray For New New New Math!

One of the benefits of the internet is that you can glean information about almost subject, day or night, rain or shine. You can also be a perennial liar, without any consequence. Or so it would seem.

Yes today we put the focus back on maclen: idiot savant, uneducated critic, and a proponent of The New New New Math (a.k.a. another math system that doesn't add up).

maclen: The orb has lost half his audience

So maclen we turn to you. How is it possible that Keith Urban has lost half his audience when the recent pics here show the arenas, front to back, are full? A tiny miscalculation perhaps?

maclen: But the orb feels the need to try and juice up those mediocre cd sales, hence the new deal...he's certainly not hacking it in domestic sales, so they'll try to shill them out to the world!

I dont read in that article that the orb has left CN...the new deal is about international publishing...have to wait and see if that is the case.

Oh maclen, naive, clueless maclen. And, by the way, we don't need to guess or wait and see. A publishing deal, labeled as a publishing deal, is in fact just a publishing deal. So how is a publishing deal going to help CD sales? Could you elaborate? Keith has been included on countless compilations, the popular Music Now series for one. So that can't be it. The publishing deal can't help him with rights to his future songs, if he has no career, and no future album in the works, as you claim. Also we have to point out that this international deal is labeled as such because Universal is handling the song rights in every country. If you want to incorporate a Keith Urban song into your project you have to go through Universal and no other publisher. This is, at it's heart an industry move. It's about what Universal can do for Keith, not how fans or possible future fans see him. maclen, can you tell us how many artists you are a fan of because they have a deal with a major publisher? I know it's a bitch when you contradict yourself but STS just reports the facts.

maclen: she is left scrounging in a self-"produced" (along with only 4 other producers...two bank rollers...and minus the big name studio (ie; Fox searchlight) and no distributor) indie flick\

Oh maclen, what a bad liar you are. "Rabbit Hole" was sold for international distribution all the way back in May at Cannes (that's with an "s" you seem to keep missing). How many times did you say RH had no distributor? 3 or 4? We've lost count.

"Odd Lot Intl., for instance, inked multiple deals on Nicole Kidman drama "Rabbit Hole," including Latin America (Sun Distribution)." ~ Variety

North American distribution was handled by CAA and distribution will be with Fox Searchlight. All sold without a single foot of film in the can.

maclen: all she has is scrounging this patch work indie film from her "production" company...what with 5 other producers...two bankrolling non entity "businesses"...and a hope of selling the thing at canne

"All she has"? Is that your idea of comedy maclen? The prized position of choosing projects and have them become a reality in the dream-crushing business of Hollywood is more than simply good fortune, it's hitting the top rung of the ladder. Her "patchwork" team includes her Blossom films partner who was a former assistant to Sundance founder and indie cinema best-friend Robert Redford, the CFO of First Look Studios, and former production team members for Donnie Darko, The X-Files, and The Wedding Planner, among others. Maclen would like to portray the RH team as a bunch of nobodies who Kidman got off the side of the road. Once again maclen is wrong.

maclen: and the word of her next film...the one with a total of 6 fracken producers...2 different financial backers no ones ever heard of...and a certain bleak future of trying to be hawked on the Canne indie movie market

We've already covered maclen's boldface lie about Cannes. So let's move onto more number crunching. It seems maclen doesn't understand the world of movie producing. On any given film, the number of producers says nothing as to the quality of the film. You have to look beyond the numbers. If a producer is having a "diva moment" and stepping out of his designated role, perhaps trying to change the direction of the film, that's when problems creep in. But if maclen did his homework he'd know that John Cameron Mitchell ( he comes up again!), the director, gave an interview which we at STS posted, that there would be no interference. Everyone had a similar vision for the film. maclen likes discord, even if its imaginary.

In regards to multiple producers and stars with their own production company, let's once again take a closer look. Here is a sampling of films. Some small, some large, some hits, some not, some fate unknown. The common thread: all produced with the aid of a star or star's production company. Included is maclen-style commentary to show how ridiculous his analysis really is. A note: we had to include "The Reader" simply for the Kidman connection and the fact that it had 14, count them maclen, 14 producers.

Producer and star? Why did an A-Lister like Clooney need Pollack's money?
George Clooney .... producer
Barbara A. Hall .... executive producer
Grant Heslov .... producer
Robert F. Newmyer .... executive producer (as Bobby Newmyer)
Sydney Pollack .... executive producer
Casey Silver .... producer
Jeffrey Silver .... executive producer

Clooney as producer? He bought himself an Oscar!
Produced by
Sarah Bradshaw .... associate producer
George Clooney .... executive producer
Ben Cosgrove .... executive producer
Jennifer Fox .... producer
Georgia Kacandes .... producer
Elizabeth Kirkscey .... associate producer
Shannon Lail .... associate producer
Michael Nozik .... producer
Jeff Skoll .... executive producer
Tim Smythe .... facilitating producer: Dubai
Steven Soderbergh .... executive producer

Whip It
She made herself director and a castmember? She's so desperate to prove herself!

Produced by
Drew Barrymore .... executive producer
Nicole Brown .... co-producer
Peter Douglas .... executive producer
Joseph Drake .... executive producer
Nancy Juvonen .... executive producer
Nathan Kahane .... executive producer
Kelli Konop .... co-producer
Jason Lust .... co-producer
Karyn McCarthy .... co-producer
Barry Mendel .... producer
Chris Miller .... associate producer
Kirsten Smith .... executive producer

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Previously Jackman's production company only backed a failed musical drama on CBS. Jackman must have wormed his way into producing this out of desperation!

Produced by
Richard Donner .... executive producer
Louis G. Friedman .... co-producer
Hugh Jackman .... producer
Stan Lee .... executive producer
Peter MacDonald .... co-producer
John Palermo .... producer
Lauren Shuler Donner .... producer
Whitney Thomas .... associate producer
Ralph Winter .... producer

The Reader
14 producers. A sure sign The Reader is a mess, with no direction.
Produced by
Jason Blum .... co-executive producer
Christoph Fisser .... co-producer
Donna Gigliotti .... producer
Tarik Karam .... associate producer
Anthony Minghella .... producer
Henning Molfenter .... co-producer
Redmond Morris .... producer
Arno Neubauer .... line producer
Sydney Pollack .... producer
Marianna Rowinska .... line producer: Poland
Michael Simon de Normier .... associate producer
Nora Skinner .... associate producer
Bob Weinstein .... executive producer
Harvey Weinstein .... executive producer
Charlie Woebcken .... co-producer

The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee
Brad Pitt producing a small patchwork film with surfer dude Keanu Reeves in it? How low can he go?

Jill Footlick .... executive producer
Warren T. Goz .... executive producer
Stewart McMichael .... executive producer
Brad Pitt .... producer
Lemore Syvan .... producer

The Mighty Heart
producing a film for the missus, GASP!
Andrew Eaton .... producer
Dede Gardner .... producer
Arti Gupta .... local producer: India (as Arti Gupta Surendranath)
Susan Kirr .... line producer: Texas
Anita Overland .... co-producer
Brad Pitt .... producer

maclen: I assume the filming of her film has wrapped. And a quick google double check reveals that filming began on July 1st...wow almost a WHOLE 3 weeks!

with another google search, at frieda pintos fan site I found that production of woody's film has begun, and its dated july 15

So last but not least we come to dates. Maclen you really need to learn how to use the internet. Simply using a fan site to find the truth isn't good enough. Let STS show you how it's done.

Filming for "Rabbit Hole" began June 1, 2009.
And we know this because first there's that pesky little John Cameron Mitchell interview again that said they had a firm start date. Second a press release from Odd Lot.


Third, to add further insult to maclen's "reasearch", China Daily, yes even the poseur news website China Daily, got the date right, picture included.


Filming ended on July 9th, 2009 confirmed by this


and a RH crew member who Twittered daily from the set.

Nearly 6 weeks of filming, not 3 as maclen insists. And maclen, that's a standard schedule for a smaller film.

Woody Allen's new film did not start July 15, it started July 13.


Fansites can be a resource. However they don't necessarily have all the correct information all the time. And since maclen refuses to do a simple confirmation check on Internet Movie Database or any other film or production site, he ends up once again with foot in mouth. Nicole's role in the WA project was not a lead part. We at STS get the feeling that maclen, like many other misinformed internet posters, thinks this is a Frieda Pinto picture, hence the Frieda Pinto fansite lookup. It is not. Kidman's role was a character part and she did not miss out on 7 weeks of work, like maclen would like us to believe.

Kiddies, what should you take away from all of this? Don't listen to Professor Maclen. His math, logic, and reading lessons will have you flunking that next big test.

To close up shop, let's take a listen to maclen's forefathers and how they devised the very first New Math. It didn't work then, it doesn't work now. Just like maclen's musings, don't get confused....just laugh.



Anonymous said...

What a douchebag.

Anonymous said...

My two favorite things about Maclen are his overinflated sense of self (i.e., quoting himself from blogs past to make another useless point) and the constant misspellings. Poor, lonely, spelling challenged Maclen.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that the Tom Lehrer audio is hilarious. Thanks, SM!

countrycat said...

A total and complete skewering SMistress! As usual an outstanding job. That song is very catchy too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks STS, for showing up the FOOL!

Might add SICK fool!

Great to see all the lies on UM. It makes them ALL look STUPID !!

Get a clue UM, lose all the idiots. Opps, you are the biggest one. Guess that won't work!

Anonymous said...

I see the skeptics are still confused about publishers and labels. Aren't these the same geniuses who call Keith and Nicole stupid??? Wow!

SkewerMistress said...

Let us wait and see how long this goes on. nomorefan believes he's not self-publishing anymore because Nicole told him to. He was never self-publishing. That's the ignorance level of the skeptics.

Anonymous said...

Good one SM, the box of rocks is running on EMPTY!

So now we don't have to worry about them being DUMBER THAN A BOX OF ROCKS. They have proven they are dumber than that!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't ever stand mclean - even when I used to "hang" with those folks.

And this incessant whining about Keith...he can't do anything right - this is exactly why I'm a "reformed skeptic". They made us all look bad but some of us actually came to accept that Nicole was and would be a part of his life.

It doesn't matter what you believe about that marriage - the bottom line is that they are STILL MARRIED and now, have a baby.

So much for tara's "paving the way" scoops she posted for 2 years!


countrycat said...

I love the scrolling text SMistress! A great way to show they are, like I said on the other blog, dumb as a stump.

Sweet Thing said...

MacLen has send she/he/it was never a Keith Urban fan and only goes to the Urban Myths Blog because she/he/it hates Nicole. So I wonder how she/he/it knows so much about Keith? Kinda like OhSoLooney saying she/he/it knew nothing about Keith when she/he/it first posted on E.

Welcome to the world of reality, anon 10:09.
They need a laxative to move all the shit they're so full of.

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