August 18, 2009

Dierks Tells It Like It Is

"When I head back to Nashville, it's really great to have a real life here with my family and friends. And certainly as a songwriter, I'm growing and trying to continue to find things to write about. it's great to have these life experiences, go around in different circles than I did a few years ago. I have more than I deserve - I have the best of both worlds, and it really is a great life." ~ Dierks Bentley

So haters and skeptics, what are you thinkin'?


OneTwo_BuckleUpSue said...

You could hit those women over the head with a nine pound hammer and they wouldn't get it. Very well said by Mr. Bentley. Mr. Urban feels the same way. So do the missus I'd wager.
Yeah haters they're happily married with kids, deal with it. All of you constantly need to be reminded of that. Especially you Urban Myths!

Anonymous said...

What are those wacky skeptics up to now? I haven't checked them out in a while. I get so bored with them. It's the same song, different day. How these women can keep this obsession going year after year boggles the mind.

SkewerMistress said...

Making up theories and reposting Lainey stories, that's what.

Sweet Thing said...

@Anonymous 11:20

Thankfully, they're still living, breathing, and eating Nicole Kidman every day! And the numbnuts on Urban Myths, who don't "Want To Hear About Your Wife" are still writing blogs about the wife! I get all my Nicole Kidman updates from them because they search for pictures and find out what she's doing and where she's been and what she's said every single day! And they also link great videos of Keith and post excellent reviews from all his shows! They even do astrology charts on Keith and Nicole so we can see just how they're "paving the way" towards their divorce. Thanks for your obsession, Skeptics! Bwahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Good Job SM!

Thanks for "getting the record straight"!

Anonymous said...

What are they up to? Well this just posted by know-it-all Mimosa

"Why does that baby never smile?"

How long before she diagnoses the child with Asperger's???!!!!

Mimosa you are sick. She's not a trained seal, you cow. We've seen pictures of this beautiful sweet girl outside in parking lots and in an airport. Where'd you get your medical degree, Harvard Driving School?

yawn said...

Mimosa IS sick. I have never "witnessed" such evil in all my born days. she truly is the devil.

If Sunday smiled all the time they would say she was drugged ...

And the fact Lainey still buys the skeptics shit just shows how freak'n stupid she is; she has been duped by them for what 4 years now ... hello ... she is also a dumb cow!

countrycat said...

Oh geez I had to stop for a second and re-read this. If she went that far...I just get a sick feeling inside. But we shouldn't be surprised. She is the one who tried and failed at starting the lie that Sunday might have a deformity on her face, and that's why we hadn't seen her up to that point in photos from both sides. They really know no bounds.

So Lainey's back at it again? Just in time for Nicole's appearance on Project Runway. As I always say with these folks, how convenient. I don't even want to know what's she's saying. She doesn't need a website. She should just post on E.

SMistress, absolutely perfect quote. Goes to show it's not what what's said, but who's saying it that matters to the haters. Forget the "nine-pound hammer". Ninety-pound anvils couldn't crack these nuts.

timtam said...

I've been quiet but I'm keeping up with everything Skewer mistress. A phenomenal job you've been doing!

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