August 10, 2009

Sad But True

We had heard flutterings, but the announcement came today. Superstar country duo Brooks & Dunn are parting ways, with Ronnie Dunn off to start a solo career. As many country fans know, both Brooks and Dunn started out as unsuccessful solo artists, but then joined forces to become one of the most awarded and loved country acts of the last 20 years. They also, as many fans know, have been a huge supporter of Keith Urban. Sad as it is to see a powerhouse end, we wish Kix and Ronnie well.


yawn said...

So sad. Glad I got to see them in concert at least once. They are incredible and KNOW talent!

WhoBStinkn said...

I've seen them in concert too. They are a fantastic duo. I can barely believe this sad news.

countrycat said...

I think every reader here has seen them! I saw them a few years ago. What a great show. I never really thought they'd break up. Don't think I could take going to a farewell tour date.

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