September 9, 2009

Congratulations Are In Order!

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Brad Paisley and Keith Urban have received a CMA Music Award nomination for Musical Event of the Year for “Start A Band.” The two were omitted accidentally when transferring information from an online ballot to the final nominee list.

"We sincerely regret the omission of these two deserving artists from the list of nominees and apologize to Brad and Keith, and their representatives, for any confusion” ~Tammy Genovese, CMA Chief Executive Officer.

As well, The All For The Hall Benefit is a success and it hasn't even taken place yet!

"We are overwhelmed and truly grateful for the support that everyone is giving the All for the Hall benefit for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity. Given the response, we are thrilled to announce that we will absolutely be doing this again next year." ~Keith Urban


Sweet Thing said...

That's funny because I heard his career was dying and nobody in Nashville liked him. Nicole must have paid for all these nominations to promote her career.


SkewerMistress said...

That's the skeptics talking out of both side of their mouth. Nashville despises Kidman but she can pay them all off for nominations, primo seats at industry awards, air time, and radio interviews for her husband. Bahaha!

Anonymous said...

Bahaha! What holds true today may not hold true tomorrow unless it serves their purpose of course. Hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

Forget what the crazies think.....Congrats Keith!!!!

LillyMae said...

Congrats Keith! This may be the year for you to win your second CMA EOTY award. That picture of Keith above is quite seXXXy. LOL

countrycat said...

I think an EOTY nom for Keith was a given this year, he's had a fantastic tour. But what tickles me is the Album of The Year nomination. That's what the skeptics have been harping on....the music is sub-par, no good, and the industry thinks so little of him. What I never told them back when we were arguing about this on E is that there is no union for producers. They were criticizing Dann Huff over DG, but he is only hurting himself if he decides not to care about something he's working on. Most likely he's not getting a flat fee and can walk away. There is no regulated amount he must receive. He's probably getting a percentage of the profits. So the more it sells and the more accolades it gets the more it benefits him, not just Keith.

I'm really curious to see how they are going to spin this because if they actually are stupid enough to go back to "Nicole bought the nominations" then they are 100% wacked and don't care who knows it. SMistress thank you for posting nomore's double-speak. There is so much nastiness coming from her, I'm sure that's just a few of the award quotes you could have picked.

I hope Keith AND Nicole are in the front row come November!

WhatAWaste said...

Congrats on your nominations Keith!

And a big, old IN YOUR FACE wave of my middle finger to the haters. :)

countrycat said...

I can't believe I forgot to say this because I've said it several places but, Congratulations To Our Favorite Country Superstar! :-)

OneTwo_BuckleUpSue said...

I Just came from the hater hellhole and boy oh boy will NothingButAScam have a meltdown when she reads all the posts that Keith deserves his EOTY nomination! HeeHee HaHa! BaHaHa!

Congrats Keith!

Anonymous said...

Biggest dumbass comment of the day

Oh "so" Leery

"I love a voice that can break a glass across the room."

Anonymous said...

The Grand Poobah has made her CMA award dream predictions. She's so two-faced she can't stick with one winner per category. She's all over the place. Still sticking with Taylor for EOTY even though she can't sing live. And still no comments about DG getting a Best Album nomination. They must have shit their pants when they saw that!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Keith!

As to those haters, just wait and see. Nic and Keith will be dazzling on CMA night. And as an EOTY nominee, Keith (and Nicole) will definitely have front row seats. So the haters will surely have a horrible night. :)

That nutcase Maclen with his/her nonstop garbage doesn't even know the meaning of "inept". Using that word for team Kidman is ludicrous. Nic has been in the public eye since her teenage years, managed to build and sustain a very successful career, and continues to be in the top tier of Hollywood's A-list. Being "inept" will get you nowhere in Hollywood (and corporate America, for that matter), let alone having the kind of successful career as Kidman's.

SkewerMistress said...


Maclen has repeatedly said Kidman's next film Nine is opening next month. Not only is that incorrect but it doesn't open until the end of November.

Maclen comments with surprise that some of NKU's posters "claim" to have seen the film. Doing accurate research would prove there's already been two advanced screenings reported on independent film blogs and sites.

Maclen comments with surprise that Kidman's part in Nine is small. Accurate research would prove anyone following the film would already know this to be true without having seen an advanced screening. It was also discussed on E!

Maclen comments with a smirk that Kidman has not taken a possible and unscheduled UN trip. Reason and knowledge would dictate that UN ambassador trips are organized by the UN, not by the ambassadors themselves. If this trip is to happen it will be mandated by the UN and not by maclen's timetable and useless ramblings.

hoosierlady seems to have gotten in on the game, but only repeating the blather on E! Yawn. Unoriginal sightings to her but factual and real nonetheless. The Urbans visit the farmer's market in Nashville. If this is an LA sighting, and not Music City, it is not hard to believe. After all, actual research would prove Keith was there as well photographed carrying their purchases while Nicole held their baby.

WhatAWaste said...


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Posted: Sep 10, 2009 9:25 AM in response to: nomorefan Reply

Has Mr. Nicole Kidman ever done this for fans that were waiting all day for him outside his hotel? Pretty good public acceptance, attitude, and leadership if you ask me - listen carefully to what Taylor says.

So let me get this straight nomore...

Taylor can give out pizza to people standing outside her hotel, but if KUNK does something like that (remember the gift in Oz to the paps?) then Keith & Nicole are once again just doing that for PR, not out of the goodness of their hearts like Taylor?

LMAO! Your logic is so completely twisted it's not even funny!

Hey, what do you have to say about that Album of the Year nomination? Cat got your tongue on that one? Hurry up, I'm dying to read what spin you'll put on that. SkewerMistress can't wait either. You give her some of the best material to work with! ;)

SkewerMistress said...

To add to that WhatAWaste, aren't we supposed to disregard Taylor because she has said multiple times that she loves the Urbans, even complementing Nicole on her fashion sense. She's even been photographed hugging the evil one! Wouldn't that be according to nomorebrain a lack of maturity and judgement? As well, what about the pop remixes she releases to radio? Why is it held against Keith that he is not in the traditional or neo-traditional vein but Swift can bow down to the mainstream to make more money. And be rewarded for it! Taylor's tween fans are not turning into country fans that want to go to the Opry. The mania behind her ticket and record sales is fueled by young girls pestering their parents to BUY, BUY, BUY. Nothing nomorebrain says adds up. Will she be forking over the money to pay for Fearless' re-release? Don;t think so.

Taylor's EOTY nomination is as I see it part of the $$$ factor. The same reason Carrie Underwood was nominated. However, Underwood's nomination was far more justifiable given that she can deliver during a live performance. Compare the recorded tracks to Taylor live shows and there is a huge discrepancy. Musicianship should be just as much a part of this an "entertainment", especially when other factors are included like record sales and personal appearances. So far Taylor's obvious gift is songwriting. A Swift EOTY win should not even be on the table for discussion.

THANK_YOU said...

Just a little flashback to almost a year ago this month on E. Notice nomore's self-pat on the back for the "incredible" (anonymous, ya know! *wink, wink*) video, "I'm Still A Guy". I'm sure Brad's people acknowledged their amatuer slam of Keith with a personal thank you note, & tickets to Brad's next show. Yeah, right. More like a fast ticket to the top of the loony loser list!

Her flat-out lying, deceptive ways make me sick to my stomach.


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Re: Brad & Itty Bitty
Posted: Sep 21, 2008 8:38 AM in response to: GypsieWoman

> What I want to know is, what came first? The
> recording of "Start A Band" or the fan created Keith
> tribute using Brad's "I'm Still A Guy"... could this
> pairing be a little PR damage control to prove
> that Brad doesn't think Keith is an idiot. Many
> were saying at the time that Brad was thinking or
> singing about Keith in that song. I would love to
> know who got the ball rolling on this one.

I know the incredible "I'm Still a Guy" video was passed onto Brad and his people at the time the video was posted on youtube! As far as timing of when Start a Band was recorded - I don't know.

SkewerMistress said...

Don't forget nomorebrain also passed it onto Nashville "gossip guru" Jimmy Carter. Let it be known that JC, self-admittedly, was out of the loop as to what Keith's recent announcement would be. So much for being one of nomorebrain's sources. It also explains why she was so upset fans told Carter to remove the asinine video and had a tantrum on E!. Her partner in crime musicgossip made it and nomorebrain was the one who put it in his lap. As for the "many were saying", she really meant herself and her various usernames!

More to report on the lies homefront. Oh "So" Leery is now swearing that Nicole's attendance at Ronnie Dunn's party was a ploy. She is deliberately switching labor pains with Kidman's real attack by chiggers, a real problem in those parts. Leery, labeling herself as the experienced old-timer, should know all about this. But she is becoming such the frequent flip-flopper, a la nomorebrain, it's hard to decide if she was born 65 years ago or yesterday. She certainly seems to think we were! How does that polyester shirt taste Leery?

Anonymous said...

More for INEPT TEAM MACLEN, who will no doubt attempt to find some way to "connect" Kidman's involvement in UK's Breast Cancer Campaign to the "Nine" movie promotion ....

Kidman has been involved with Cancer Research UK for a number of years, and will be part of their campaign again this year. So I would expect her name to show up in the news as next month (Oct.) is breast cancer awareness month.

btw, INEPT TEAM MACLEN, before you even say "PR", I suggest you check out the website for UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center. Kidman has been involved with that group for a number of years (yes, without fanfare!) and is one of the Director's Circle members, i.e. members "whose lifetime contributions have advanced the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center's mission to end cancer through research."

SkewerMistress said...

Thank you Anon for your comments. Kidman was awarded several years ago the Companion of The Order of Australia in part for her years of breast cancer research support. Her mother had cancer in the mid 1980's and it seems she has been working to help in that area in some form or another ever since.

Details like yours Anon really put it to the forefront that for the skeptics ignorance is bliss. If it's not in the tabloids or gossip sites it's not news or factual or in any way real.

Never mind the fact that maclen still insists Nine is opening in October....

Sweet Thing said...

Well I'm glad the "new" skeptic nosoytonta from miami (bahaha) started posting in her pretend to be gay way. She makes Oh "so" Deleerious sound almost normal. Between the 2 of them, middlesenile and panties in a wad Sue, the Haters are representing themselves perfectly. Thanks for proving how wacko you are, Haters!

I love how these "new" aka old banned posters jump right in with the "Keithys" and the "Fugs". Why it's like they've been there forever!

countrycat said...

It's always been like that! The "new" posters jump right in like it's nothing.

Anyway, today I saw that Brad Paisley, his wife, and two sons are on the cover of the new People. Get ready for nomore to jump on her soap box and declare the Paisleys the most perfect real family ever! LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow, how big of a nutcase is hoosierlady with her silly post at UM!

“I'm sorry, but how many tours do we have to listen to his heart being open for love again question?”
Answer: then don’t listen. It’s really that simple!

“What closed his heart in the first place?
Is it just because we have read all of this tripe so much or are these people that limited in their responses? Do their inept PR teams only have a certain script each interview can use? Why is it always the same?
It's forcing me to make the same comments in a much more colorful verbal way, I'm just warning everyone.”

Answer: Hoosie, you really expect different answers to the same question each time? LMAO!! Just so you and other haters can nitpick on the differences and point out he’s “lying”? You don’t have to give a “warning”. We already know you are colorful and vulgar. The term “white trash” is not even adequate to describe you.

“Maybe I've missed my calling, because I know I could think of different questions than the three standards they seem to go over and over. Like, for example, how often do you highlight? Does Nicole have to clip her nose hair? Do you use Charmin or Northern? Do you like Tupperware? How about those Yankees? Anything but the open heart question, that is, unless there's been a blockage and we've had to do a little surgery, that might put a twist on it.”

Answer: Hoosie, if you think you have better questions, you could have just as easily sent them to the DJs or call them in while Keith is on the air. Otherwise, look at my answer to your first point, i.e. just don’t listen. It’s really that simple. Btw… I’m sure you would love to ask those questions, just so you can wag your finger and say ‘see, he’s not “so private” as before’. As to Charmin or Northern, I’m sure you’ll need plenty of either brand as all those beautiful pictures of a very happy and much in love couple, plus all the great news from the CMA announcements would have caused you endless runs to the bathroom. Or are you feeling constipated instead, in which case you might want to ask “prune juice or Metamucil”?

Anonymous said...

STS I think you should put your Inept Team Maclen material on the front page. This is from today...

"Well, hoosier, being that it is my job to be a "smartass"... and it is a position I take very serious...I like to point these things out...and quite often. And as it is that I am not burdened by a "past love" or a "doubting love" or a "questioning love" for the cletus... I show no bias to reality."

Oh and get this, the haters are back on the Antonia gave birth to Sunday Rose bandwagon. Their reasoning is that Sunday looks more like Antonia. One little problem there morons, anyone can tell Antonia and Nicole are related!

To flyin - Rene Angelil had his sperm frozen because he had cancer. Not because of infertility. Us silly Canucks aren't the only ones that know this, it's public knowledge.

And doesn't Yuki_onna sound so much like Oh So Leery...

"oh I can believe he wanted to fly down to be with his wife every 10 days alright. When you are playing your meal ticket you've got to be the suck up!

But frozen sperm or not I don't believe it was his. I don't believe he's got any. If he did, surely there would be a love child somewhere out here with all his drugged up drunken antics.

It makes more sense to me, she bought the kid from some Eastern European country. (which to me the kid looks like she is just that) That shriveled up old prune of a hag couldn't possibly house anything.

As far as her eggs being viable at her age? Her eggs weren't viable when she was young, or why did she need to adopt when she was married to Tom?
Like I said he has a child that looks exactly like him. The spitting image!"

Anonymous said...

"Oh and get this, the haters are back on the Antonia gave birth to Sunday Rose bandwagon."

Really? I wonder how Antonia managed to look this slim 10 weeks before Sunday's birth:
.. or this slim eight weeks before Sunday's birth .. f

So they want people to believe “Antonia gave birth to Sunday Rose”, eh? As the haters also want people to believe that Nic “bought the kid from some Eastern European country”, are they implying that Antonia gave birth to the baby then shipped her off to Eastern Europe just so she can be adopted by Nic? LMAO! Gosh, the haters are even bigger nutcases than I thought.

Anonymous said...

Their research skills, sources, and theories continue to fail them. It must sting to know that the "bunnies" knew about Keith's announcement long before they got their Google alerts. The moral of the story is that it doesn't pay to sell your soul to every Tom, Dick, and Oakie.

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