September 25, 2009

Reality Check!

Yes readers it's time for a Friday reality check. Not that we need one mind you, it's for our favorite internet skeptics. What would we do without them!

nomorefan: As far as Brad, Dierks, and Zac showing their kids, I will get them a huge amount of slack on this one. None of them have called radio stations and asked the paps to not bother them and give them some space. They don't go on and on in interviews how they are very protective of their privacy and will do whatever it takes to keep them out of the spotlight. Yes, none of these kids are Third Lip's kids nor have her "celebrity" status. It is all in the eye of the beholder - do I consider Third Lip a celebrity - no because I consider her a very bad actress. I don't consider Kanye West a celebrity because his music sucks, and he is an a-hole. Do I consider Brad, Dierks and Zac celebrities? Yes because I have an interest in them and would prefer to see pictures of them and read up on their interviews. When you read or see their interviews, you don't have to scratch your head and say, "What did he just say?" Ya know - like the spreading the heart crap!

Ya know, wouldn't we all love to live in a world like nomorefan's? Wouldn't we all love to decide what is and what isn't real, choose only what we want and like and make THAT our reality? nomorefan, do you decide on election night that if the winner isn't who you voted for they aren't really the President? Do you stroll into Baskin-Robbins and exclaim that you hate Rocky Road, therefore it is not a real flavor?

We hate to break it to you, but Dierks Bentley and Brad Paisley would have to shell out a hell of a lot of money to entice paps to follow them because there isn't 1/10th the interest in their personal life. And in this hypothetical scenario, Zac Brown who? Nicole Kidman, whether you recognize it or not, is an international star and a celebrity. Recognizable to someone who has never seen a single one of her movies, recognizable to people outside of the English speaking world. Picture this...someone comes up to you and says Julia Roberts (or pick anyone you like) is not a celebrity because they think she's a bad actress. Yes, it sounds incredibly out of touch. That's because it is. And since Kidman and Urban seem beyond nomorefan's comprehension and version of "reality", we consider that a very good thing.

Oh "So Leery: It's really funny how obsessed Hagmaw is with this board. I guess she thinks we are the temp gage for the public.

Leery is a woman right out of the box that needed a reality check. Contradicting herself on a daily basis with her personal story of ambivalence then sudden interest in the couple, then alleged KU fanaticism going back pre-Nicole sends up a dozen red flags. But in any case, STS has the pleasure of presenting a photo timeline to prove Leery is more than just a little delusional.

So the argument from the Leery and the skeptics is that Kidman, despite all the actual evidence to the contrary, is obsessed with being in the tabloids and gossip websites. Obsessed with how she looks, obsessed with her image, and of course obsessed with the hater threads. Why? Because she has no career, she's a has-been and the rest of the world just doesn't know it yet. How convenient for the haters! So with all that in mind her are some photos for your perusal.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Image and video hosting by TinyPic


So readers do you get the impression that Kidman cares what she's photographed in? That she is trying to make a splash in the US tabloids or in her home country? Oh we could have added in some shots of her in black and purple or red and black but what would that indicate? Absolutely nothing.

Now our counter-argument we have presented to you today has been already made, and well-done at that, by level headed posters on E! and elsewhere. BUT...we have one more photo to show you.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is a photo taken around the late 1990's of Nicole and her son. She was probably still married to Tom Cruise, but more importantly, according to the skeptics, still on the good side of Hollywood. Of course their analysis is completely flawed and a joke but they should take a good long look at the photo. Exactly the same kind of dress, only 9 or 10 years earlier. Nicole Kidman doesn't give a tinker's damn, to quote a hater's favorite phrase, about the tabloids and the gossip websites. That's the skeptics' obsession. Who collects every tabloid whisper of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman? The skeptics. Who peruses the web looking for anti-Kidman opinion to use as fact? The skeptics. Who joins Twitter for gossip updates but pretends not to know how to use it? The skeptics. Who incessantly posts on their every move while claiming their every move is "boring". The skeptics. Who has a double standard when it comes to articles and interviews in celebrity and entertainment magazines? The skeptics.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Now that was funny! lol

Thanks for the laugh. I thought maybe they got busy and got a life.

No such luck huh?

Oh So Nutty can't keep her musical story correct. One day she is a old rocker & only really knows about those old bands of her era and two days later she is a long time KU fan.
Big county music fan! lol

Nuts to her and her lies. She gets a little confused some days. The reason?


THANK_YOU said...

Great comments, as always SkewerMistress! :)

Now if you could just help the sadly, naive tangledupinlove figure out why the "new" poster from E, nosoytonto, knows so much about Keith. Hmmmm...may have to call in a psychic, perhaps even a CSI unit to figure this one out, or maybe middlesea can read it in the stars for her! ;)


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Posted: Sep 26, 2009 12:00 PM in response to: nosoytonta Reply

nosoy, I love your post. I'm the same in a lot of ways. I first heard of Keith right before KUNK started, and I do still like him. It's just interesting to see all the changes in him from this "union". I don't like his latest music nearly as much as his old stuff. I hope you bought his older albums.....Golden Road, Be Here, The Ranch, Keith Urban.....

That is interesting that NK is how you heard of Keith. Were you a fan of NK?

That is interesting that even though you heard of Keith AFTER this hook-up, that you have the astute observations that you do.

I have often wished I only heard of Keith after this hook up. I would have gone "Who's Keith Urban?", heard his latest music which I don't really like, and gone "Whatever".....and I wouldn't really have cared.

But since I heard of him first, and was so blown away by him as an artist and person, he was so FUNNY and gave the best see all the changes.......I can't really explain it but,

I love this comment you made, "This guy has talent and somehow he is willingly living in this dangerous edge of compromising his art in order to become famous." That's how I feel too but I'm amazed that you know that because I wouldn't feel that way if I only heard of him AFTER NK. Because the person he is now and his music now would be all I know, and like I said, I would just go "Whatever" and move on. I wouldn't really care because I would have never seen or heard the "old" Keith. I like that you know that even though you only heard of him AFTER NK.

Most of his newer fans are into his "Kiss A Girl" stuff and don't dig that deeply, so how did you know that? I am impressed!

I mean like, pre-NK, I was running around like a maniac asking everyone "Have you heard of Keith Urban? Have you heard of Keith Urban? He's a genius!" Then I would make them listen to his music. I don't do that anymore. I do still think he is the greatest guitar player in the world.

Anyway, just impressed that you seem to know all that about him even though you only heard of him AFTER NK.

It's a flippin' mystery, I tell ya!

Sweet Thing said...

Ok I get it. Have fun with your blog and whoever you pick and choose to comment.

SkewerMistress said...

Sweet Thing, I have not thrown out any of your posts. In fact I don't believe I have thrown out anyone's except for the obvious haters and one anonymous one that seemed to be just for starting an argument. Please make sure you don't get an error message that your post couldn't be processed at this time. Even I have gotten that responding on my own blog. And even I had a message disappear into the ether. It was a lengthy reply I asked JB about that she never received regarding Anastatia's "extras" stories. Please do not leave over this.

SkewerMistress said...

nosoytonta made a comment about "whine with her cheese". Wasn't that an old E! poster's favorite phrase? Does anyone remember?

Anonymous said...

Wow, is Brad Paisley promoting LA tourism?,0,6627304.story

In essence, Brad is pretty much giving the impression that Nashville is just a hicktown. Gee, thanks Brad! Can you imagine if Nicole or Keith would say something like that in an interview?

SkewerMistress said...

Brad Paisley: "What I miss when we're back in Nashville is the movie theaters here and the choices you have. I like the Laemmle by the Promenade. If you want to see films like "Paper Heart" or "District 9" or even "(500) Days of Summer" right when they come out, you're out of luck if you're back in Nashville, but out here it's easy. We could spend every night of the week catching up on indie films when we're out here. And if you want wheat grass blended in your drink, you can get it. Try asking for that in Nashville.

Keeping it Real

Another place we love to hit is Real Food Daily in Santa Monica. I would never have walked into a vegetarian restaurant before I met my wife. I was raised in West Virginia, and a well-balanced meal meant French fries and a hamburger. But now I'll order a portabello mushroom burger on a nine-grain bun and it's an awesome sandwich.

I really enjoy running out in the Palisades. The air is so good, it always seems like it's 70 degrees, and the hills smell like licorice from all the anise growing wild"

Anise, portabellos, indie movies? nomorefan would have a heart attack reading these statements!!!

Anonymous said...

Skewer Mistress: thanks for posting that Brad P interview. Very interesting! Shucks, too bad the interviewer ran out of time. Otherwise, I'm sure Brad P would 'fess up to getting "manicures and facials" in LA, something he couldn't do in "hicktown" Nashville. lmao! Perhaps Umyths should update the "I'm Still a Guy" lyrics for Brad. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it took me this long to realize that HTP is imahick. LOL

Sonora_Melody said...

You can't handle the truth, INEPT TEAM MACLEN, still rattling on and on that Kidman only showed up at the Edmonton show. Check the facts: there were so many twitter sightings in Calgary, as well there were pictures taken by fans at the Calgary show.

For someone whose career is "over" as claimed by INEPT TEAM MACLEN, Kidman sure got invited to some of the most exclusive and most coveted events, such as the Important Dinner for Women and the Streisand performance. Ha! I don't mind having that kind of "over" career if that means having access and connections to all the right movers and shakers from around the world. Eat your heart out, INEPT TEAM MACLEN!

SkewerMistress said...

Anon, perhaps nomorefan and musicgossip can do an updated video titled "Is Brad Paisley still a guy"!

Anon, don't take it hard. HTP has rarely posted. 100 posts in 4 years is hardly being active. But imahick has attempted to ingratiate herself all over the 'net. She's imahick on Urban Myths and E!, notahick on the Someone Like You Fans board where she sides with a few others who find it acceptable to make subtle digs at Kidman. HTP might think she's part of an inside joke with the picture of Ewan McGregor as her avatar. But this blog knows better because she was one to push the rumor that Kidman and McGregor had an affair during the filming of Moulin Rouge. What I would like to know is why anyone would be fooled into thinking imahick and notahick are two different posters?

Sonora, it's no mystery why Kidman continues to be asked, invited, and accepted at so many functions. That battle was fought and won by the positive posters when the skeptics were angry Kidman was invited to be a part of the Oscars. They tried all kinds of ways to spin it but they came up empty. Now the standard line is Kidman forces her way into these functions because she thinks she's too good to be with the common folk. I have to hand it to you though Sonora, you must still be in their good graces. I sent Urban Myths one comment a few months ago with proof that maclen is an habitual liar and they never published it. We're still waiting for their "proof"! Start a blog yourself and maybe you'll have the privilege of being banned!

countrycat said...

SMistress nomore is so obsessed with men being manly enough I hope she sees the interview. She'll want to take Brad's man card away. LOL And they watch indie movies. Could it be that Brad has seen a few of Nicole's and liked them?!!?

But damn, that quote from nomore...she's living in a twilight zone. She's said some crap in my time on the board and it's hard to believe it could get any nuttier over there but it does. OSL is just being OSL. She must rub the haters the wrong way and for that we can all love her!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha...I love it!

Anonymous said...

country MOD 2.0 has set up a new neutral thread. Any chance you'll come back?

Sonora_Melody said...

STS Mistress - Starting a blog is out of the question right now as that would take up quite a bit of my time. I do wish I have a bit more time to post regularly, as all the nonsense and lies posted by INEPT Team Maclen and the other haters really need to be pointed out.

Anonymous said...

The E site is crazy!!!!!! How many negative KU threads do they need? For hating him and his wife so much,they seem to spend an awful big chunk of their lives talking about them. It's INSANE!!!!

countrycat said...

country MOD 2.0 has set up a new neutral thread. Any chance you'll come back?

Sorry been there done that. MOD can start up as many shiny new threads as she wants. It's putting a band-aid over something that's completely broken. A "neutral thread" over there is never neutral. The head posters that are mean bashed us every day and the ones that say they still like Keith fell right in line with them or stayed silent. I guess MOD wants to appear like she's doing her job, but segregating us and creating fake safe zones is not the answer. She should have permanently banned the offending posters MONTHS ago. I don't see any point in me talking to them anymore. They aren't worth it. When I visit this blog I see they don't need my help making complete asses and idiots out of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Anon: They are beyond INSANE! Those loonies are very sick and a total danger and embarrassment to their families! Why? As with the Gary Allan stalker, the loonies over on the E! board are probably "this close" to getting arrested and charged.

Sonora_Melody said...

lmao .... INEPT Team Maclen calls some fans as "creepy kidman sighting twits", yet he/she continues to read the posts of those fans nonstop. That means INEPT Team Maclen are even bigger CREEPS and hypocrites on top of that, plus being too inept and too lazy to do their own fact-finding! INEPT Team Maclen can't seem to understand the difference between a person posting about a tweet versus the actual person doing the twitting. Gee whiz, such ineptness!

Sonora_Melody said...

Reality Check II....

A couple of celebs who enjoy living in Nashville and patronizing the local businesses every chance they get:

A couple of celebs who would rather hang out in L.A. and support the businesses there:,0,6627304.story

SkewerMistress said...

countrycat you couldn't be more right. The new thread is 2 days old and its lemon fresh scent has already faded. It is now the official home of all the haters who still want Keith but want Kidman to disappear. Mimosa must be so happy she's going to have her negative thread devoted to 100% pure unadulterated hate. As well, Oh "so" Leery has already infected the thread with lies that Kidman owned his music. But now Keith has it back. How is that possible if Kidman wants to control all the puppet strings? Wouldn't that include the purse strings? And making them look even more stupid, they act as if Keith made no money on his own from 2005-2008. Not one poster from the other side of the fence has made a comment. I hope it stays that way.

Anon, you may have noticed this but there are several posters looking to "replace" Keith Urban. Their words, not mine. Wasn't this what they've been denying all along? Why are they bothering? Many of them see Urban in concert 4 or 5 times a year.

Sonora, you mean to tell me Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban actually go to places people say they have been? That the tweets aren't fake? They spend real time together? OMG!!!!!


Sonora_Melody said...

STS Mistress :-)

INEPT Team Maclen need their meds pronto! Paging nurse Rached, STAT!
Just check his/her hallucinating thought “I'm always one step...and a few thoughts ahead of them!”

Inept Team Maclen attempted to “prove” that KU is not doing what he says by citing this KU quote from a recent interview ‘"Yeah, they've been out a couple of times. And I think, in Canada, that will be the case. Because it's not as easy for me to fly back to Nashville on a day off." ‘ All INEPT Team Maclen did was to prove once and for all:

1 – INEPT Team Maclen do not do any fact-finding, and they can’t count!!! Keith has 3 days off between his Winnipeg show (Sept. 27) and his next one in London, Canada (Oct. 1).
2 – Keith and Nicole mean exactly what they say and do exactly what they say! Keith flew back to Nashville to be with his family because he has a few days off. And note INEPT Team Maclen: KU never said he would not fly back to Nashville on a day off, just that it’s not as easy. Get that, Maclen??

Anonymous said...'s called NLS...(NO LIFE SYNDROME)

Just Beginning said...

"If you build it, they will come."

There's a reason for the sudden new thread.

Just Beginning said...

Skewer Mistress said..

"Not one poster from the other side of the fence has made a comment. I hope it stays that way."

We should add -- we agree with this statement.

Sonora_Melody said...

INEPT Team Maclen is at it again, going on and on about KU's "Opry benefit".

lmao! They are too INEPT and too woefully deficient in fact-finding skills as to confuse the Opry with the Country Music Hall of Fame. And they expect people to believe their other "stories" when they can't even get the basic facts straight? lmao!

WhatAWaste said...

That "new" thread over at E makes me sick to my stomach. Here's just one post for example:


Posts: 1,196
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Re: Fresh KUNK thread
Posted: Sep 30, 2009 2:50 PM in response to: dimplesrus Reply

> I guess from the tone of this thread there's still no
> one that comes close to the old KU, so sad.

Yep, I agree. But, I love this thread!! It's so nice to talk about everything in a cordial, interesting, funny, bash-free manner!

Are they f-ing kidding?? It's cordial & bash-free because they're talking to themselves, alter egos of each other, and not a pro-KUNK person in sight! These idiots will never stop and they'll still be mulling over the same sH!T, it will just be a different YEAR.

THANK_YOU said...


Posts: 238
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Re: Fresh KUNK thread
Posted: Sep 30, 2009 2:29 PM in response to: MOD 2.0 Reply

I guess from the tone of this thread there's still no one that comes close to the old KU, so sad.

It's just as you said SM, they've been looking to replace him, but the sad fact is they still adore him, and have never gotten over the disappointment of him marrying. So their lot in life is to still go to his shows, pretend in their own mind for those two hours that he's single, horny & waiting for them, and the next day ,head to the E board & the like to drown their Keith-sorrows with the other members of the pity party. Doesn't it just break your heart?

SkewerMistress said...

The catalyst that started the new thread

Who Can Replace Keith"um oh yeah' Urban

And more comments to start off the "neutral fun" thread.

dimplesrus:"Who do you think could cause that kind of frenzy now. I know I would stay on different sites til late at night, now nothing. Who would you choose and why?

Signed, looking for a new idol, LOL."

tangledupinlove:"Wow, you went 4 times? Awesome! I'm really glad to hear that you, imahick and others liked his shows this year.

keithkitty: "It has been awhile. I like this thread. I love a good debate and I believe we all can play nice on this one."

"Hopefully when his career is back on track, perhaps he can put a muzzle and choke chain on the wife and keep her waaaaaay in the background. I like to see him regain his manhood and grow his hair out!"

middlesea: The next album was infected with the insipid "Romeo's Tune," which was meant as a cynical tie-in promo for Kidman's film, "Margot at the Wedding." You remember that film, don't you? Unpleasant people get together to do and say unpleasant things to each other. I saw that film. I'd sooner spend a night at the Nuremberg Trials."

Oh "so" Leery: "Yep tangle, I bury my hatchet Hagmaw's back on the neg thread every chance I get!! ((giggles))) So I'm all for cordial debate !!"

All there is her is obsession and lies. You could as I have just checked out, replace this new thread with any of the old locked threads.

They are rehashing the engagement, his rehab, quoting the piss-poor Apter biography, reposting KU quotes from 4 or 5 years ago they've posted 50 times before. Simply wallowing in their own delusions.

And speaking of delusions, INEPT TEAM MACLEN - PARTY OF ONE, is a delusional lying idiot who can't get his facts straight.

maclen: "he must be there to plan out his Opry 'Brownnose the country community' benefit.."

Sonora_Melody said...

Ahh... The self-professed 'Always one step ahead' (but obviously headed in the wrong direction) Maclen! Not only is he totally mixed up about the Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame, he's just plainly ignorant when it comes to country music. And he knows even less about film-making!

timtam said...

Your blog lady has a few skeptic followers. Check this comment out.


Posts: 2,262
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Re: Fresh KUNK thread
Posted: Oct 1, 2009 10:53 AM in response to: flyin

And BTW, Apter does a p iss-poor job of detailing Keith's romantic life.

It only took a day for a skeptic to quote something from here.

"They are rehashing the engagement, his rehab, quoting the piss-poor Apter biography, reposting KU quotes from 4 or 5 years ago they've posted 50 times before. Simply wallowing in their own delusions."


SkewerMistress said...

Sonora, we can easily say maclen knows next to nothing about film and absolutely nothing about country music and the music business.

tim tam, the haters read EVERYTHING from EVERYWHERE because they are OBSESSED.

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