September 19, 2009

Too Many Mimosas?

Resident E! bully Mimosa has been a little loose with her lips lately. Seeing fit to brazenly post obvious lies as facts this week has been her name of the game. As well a few of her cohorts have posted more laughable "proof" they know the truth. Let's take a look. And as always, get ready for a skewering.

The first item is fake concern for Keith and Nicole's baby. Readers we have seen this before from Mimosa, but the gravitas she displays is truly sickening. The woman pretends to have concern for a baby while at the same time using a disgusting nickname her fellow haters came up with.

"...why do you call her Suro? That is not her name. That was a name put on her as a joke to sound like Tom's baby." ~MADISON

Mimosa: That's it exactly. Money got her a baby. Poor little Suro.

While STS is glad Mimosa didn't start a chain reaction bringing back the moniker, she still has been a busy bee.

Mimosa: BTW...NippyHo didn't exactly announce that her parents would deliver the baby. That was in one of those magazines that's not exactly reliable. Wendy Day probably made that up.

Who are you trying to fool? Gossip sites repeatedly posted it and the skeptics foolishly ran with it. Post after post of how disgusting it would be for parents to conduct the birth of their grandchild were made. You are the fools that believed it and now that time has shown us it wasn't true you want to claim you knew better? Now you Mimosa decide to call the source unreliable and that Wendy Day, Nicole's Australian publicist had a hand in circulating it? Well readers this is the skeptics way of operating. Shifting the blame to anyone that is connected to Kidman or Kidman herself, in some way whether big or small.

Now onto the unrefutable. Mimosa in her infinite wisdom made the following statement in order to prop up her argument.

Mimosa: Invitro was actually pioneered by an Australian DR., and the Australians are the ones that taught the rest of the world how to do the procedure.

Oh Mimosa you really should double check your facts or don't bother lying at all. It may look good that IVF began in Australia, to make your lies look credible, but sorry you lose. Not that it matters anyway. But just to be thorough, invitro was invented by two doctors from the United Kingdom. Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards to be exact. Major developments for IVF happened in Australia in the late 1970's. Given the accessibility of the modern world, there are IVF experts trained and readily available in the United States. But if it suits you you'd say Kidman hired the gynocologist/inventor to implant her. We should warn you though, he's dead.

So another day, another lie...and this one keeps going and going.

Mimosa: Renee and HagHo are not really friends. That was a PR story put out for the movie Cold Mountain. It was a "friendship" that was invented to sell a movie. Whne Kenny married Renee, that gave the rumor more fire, but they didn't all hang out together. They aren't close friends at all. They simply made a movie about two women who became friends, and Renee, who was supposed to play a supporting role,stole the film from HagHo and won an Oscar. I think that's so funny, especially since HagHo was miscast and ruined the film, but Renee is so talented that she was able to give an outstanding performance despite HagHo's weakness. Everyone else was wonderful in Cold Mountain and that just made HagHo's lack of talent all the more noticable.

Ah Mimosa you are the one inventing the past...

"She's an unusually intelligent and strong woman. We inspired each other creatively. I count her as one of my true friends." ~Renee Zellweger

Many friendships were forged on that set. Kidman became great friends with director Anthony Minghella, Jude Law, Zellweger and musician Jack White.

As well another Kidman friend, recently made a very nice comment about her fellow mum.

My Motherhood Secret Weapon: "It's great to call your friend who has a young child and compare and contrast what works. Just the other night, I called Nicole [Kidman] and said, 'What is that thingy that you hang from the crib? What do you think of that diaper rash cream? Do you like those diapers better than the others?" ~ Naomi Watts

We'd also like to take this opportunity to discredit your claim Mimosa about Zellweger "stealing" a film. Are you aware of how many times Tom Cruise has starred in a film and during awards season sat on the sidelines? It has happened SEVEN TIMES that a co-star has either been nominated or nominated and won from a Tom Cruise-helmed picture. Would you say that is a negative reflection on Tom's talent? I don't recall you ever mentioning this fact about Cruise's career for the 100 times you bring up Zellweger's win. Or is he still an enthusiastic loving parent who just happens to be creative? Kidman and Zellweger have never been in competition with each other. Actors who succeed over a lifetime don't have the spiteful bitter attitude you display. They have rich careers when they share and give to each other. Kidman, Cruise, and Zellweger are all known for their teamwork on set. So once again Mimosa you fail. Perhaps you should take a media class.

To close this is just material for a good laugh!

middlesea: The theme, the core of their marriage is that which is hard to define. Everything they say about their marriage can be a lie, the complete truth, or somewhere in the gray zone in between. We'll never know because that's the essence of their relationship.

The core is their marriage which is none of your concern. You have no clue because you aren't supposed to. In fact get a clue. What you say tomorrow about the breakfast you ate could be a lie, the truth, or something in between. How is this helpful? You're statement is beyond generic. It's simply funny that you think this passes for an explanation or thorough analysis. Thank heavens the skeptics are easily strung along middlesea or you'd be out of a job.

nosoytonta: The movie was supposed to be done months ago with Glam Charlize Theron as the dude/girl's partner, but smart Charlize now excused herself and run like h3ll out of the project, therefore avoiding her name being tied to KU's one and only true love.

No nosoy, you've got it all wrong. Whatever your previous screenname was, you should stick to the basics. The film was never supposed to be done months ago. Charlize was in talks to do the project but for whatever reason she pulled out. Thoughts are that she has filming conflicts with an already committed project, The Tourist. She was excited about taking on the role, but the reality is the public doesn't know it was ever set in stone. In fact this quote negates what the skeptics, and especially idiot savant maclen have been saying...

"We are talking about maybe doing a film together but it's still not set in stone." ~Charlize Theron

There was never confirmation from Kidman or Theron that they would be co-stars. That is the reality.

Now Kidman has always been attached to The Danish Girl. So why on earth would Theron want to be in a film, then remove herself from the cast because of already in-place Kidman? There's no logic to that. In fact to further our point, Theron made a recent appearance on The View and praised Kidman's previous work.

Take it easy Mimosa on the champagne and the lies. You aren't doing yourself or your buddies any favors.


Anonymous said...

Mimosa and her cohorts' fake concern for Keith and Nicole's baby is too laughable!

Here are pictures of a perfectly healthy-looking Sunday Rose with her parents in Edmonton, Canada. She's absolutely gorgeous and looks like a beautiful mix of her parents.;activetab:1

OneTwo_BuckleUpSue said...

Right on SkewerMistress!

SkewerMistress said...

The pictures do speak for themselves Anon. It's evident Miss Sunday is becoming a beautiful young lady already.

Sweet Thing said...

This is the second time you haven't published my comments, SK. ????????????? Are you getting them ??????????????? Is there something wrong with them? ??????????????????

SkewerMistress said...

Sweet Thing I promise you if I haven't published it I didn't receive it! If you would like please send it again!

nicfan said...

We continue to appreciate the Nicole love. THANK YOU STS.

Anonymous said...

Hi,does anyone know what happened to urban myths rev? It doesn't come up any more.

Thanks for any help.

Anonymous said...

I just wasted several minutes of my life reading UM's latest blog and comments. Maclen, who bores me to tears, and his ramblings made up two-thirds of the comment section. Yep, 14 out of 21 comments belonged to that windbag. If you're ever having trouble sleeping, pop over to UM. Warm milk and sheep have nothing on Maclen!

Anonymous said...

Indeed "The pictures do speak for themselves.."!

Inept Team Maclem has been going on and on for days that Kidman and Sunday were not in Canada with Keith as he told the concertgoers, until these set of photos surfaced.

Now Inept Team Maclen changed her tune to 'after the first 4 days of "media silence".... he no longer needs to cover that kidman actually probably showed up in Canada after 4 days!'

"actually probably"? Ha! Right there are two little words that show the type of bull$hit these haters continue to spew. They simply make up their stories and lies and want people to believe them because they are "actually probably" true. Ha! The probability of their made-up stories being true is 0.

Well, Inept Team Maclen, many concertgoers saw Kidman at the Calgary shows. One of them even took some pictures! It's interesting that the haters will bring up what was posted at the NKU site only if they can twist them for their own "stories", but fail to mention that there were pictures posted there of Kidman enjoying the Calgary show.

SkewerMistress said...

Yes Sonora, right on target. She's been spotted at the shows, pictures posted. Sunday on the big screen. Not a picture, real live video and it was posted. Nicole was sighted at a dentist office. Pictures of her and Sunday in Canada taking some steps posted. Video of her and Keith posted and a CANADIAN TV STATION, CityTV, interviewed a woman who recognized them and spoke to the couple! Urban said his girls would be there. How much more does maclen need? Well the answer is nothing. He ignores reality and posts whatever he likes. His new analysis of the NY dinner with Naomi Watts is pitiful. She needs to attend a dinner to convince her to star in The Danish Girl? Ha! They talk all the time on the phone, and this is from Watts' mouth, as maclen doesn't believe anything Kidman says. Poor maclen is like nomorefan, throwing anything, and I mean ANYTHING, out there and hoping it sticks.

Anonymous, my guess is that JB wanted to take a break and took her site "offline" for a time. It came back briefly for a day or so. If you need to post something feel free to submit it here, even if it isn't on topic to the latest blog entry.

Anonymous said...


Keep up the great work you all do. There sure are some crazy nut jobs out there!

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