September 15, 2009

That Balance Thing, Again

A thank you to the reader who posted a quote from Kenny Chesney's latest interview.

Chesney: "I just felt like this year it finally hit me that I need to get reconnected with my family. I wanna do some things that I’ve never gotten to do, like see other parts of the world, write some more songs. Do some shows that are completely different for me. I might wanna go do an acoustic show at Red Rocks or something. Something to feed my soul. I’ve given a big part of my soul for this for so long, and nothing has really been filling that up. It seems like in the last couple of years, I’ve been on an empty tank. And that’s gotta change."

There's even more to this piece that's revealing. An existence without the connections that a personal life and family time give a soul is not worth missing out on for celebrity, fame, riches, career success, public adoration and peer respect. We are not suggesting that Kenny must marry, must have kids, and then structure his touring schedule like Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and Toby Keith have. But it is obvious to anyone that follows country music that Chesney has been a "career man" for an enormous amount of time. Here in an interview the country superstar reveals that he, like everyone else, needs to step back, re-evaluate, and create some balance.

"You realize what it means for the fans to be there, too. I don’t take that lightly. As a performer you don’t want to let go of that connection, but you also know as an artist you want to give them even more. And I realized this year that means just taking a deep breath, cause I want to give them more later on, too. I’ve thought about this a lot. To me, Bruce Springsteen has pretty much defined the live communion with the audience. He has defined the passion and the connection to the fans. And one night when we were playing in New Jersey, Bruce sat on my bus with me and we talked for a couple hours, and he told me something that hit me really hard, and it’s stuck with me ever since. He said, “Kenny, you can write half a song on a piece of paper, and you can put that piece of paper away in a drawer for five years, and you can go back to it, and that song will still be there. But life isn’t like that. And whatever you’re doing, don’t miss your life, too.” And I thought about that all year. I’ve been giving to one thing for so long that I just realized that had to change.

And this past week I decided that it was really time. Last night in Charleston, South Carolina, my mom came, and a lot of my family came to the show. And after the show I realized it’s been a long time since I’ve actually had a real conversation with any of those people. [laughs] I am so zoned in and so gone all the time. That’s tough, when you’ve gotta get reconnected with the people that you’re not supposed to have to get reconnected to. And it kind of made me realize that this decision that I made — I made it last week, I think, in my own heart and head, that this is what I really want to do.

I’m picturing all these sad empty parking lots. Where will people tailgate now that you’re gone?

[laughs]"I don’t know. We’ll be back. We’re not going away forever. But to make it what I think it can be for the next chapter of my life, those parking lots have got to be empty, at least for my show, for one year. I just think I owe it to myself, I owe it to the fans, for our show to be the best it can possibly be. And sometimes that means getting away from it."

Thank you Kenny. We don't need to focus on Chesney telling the world he thinks everybody should go see Keith Urban in concert. He respects the hell out of Urban. Everyone, including the skeptics, already knows that. What is important is a man seeing the value of living a full life. Experiencing new places, things. Having real conversations with loved ones. Reconnecting.

It's clear the skeptics that complain Urban isn't giving enough to them, need to take a step back. In this respect, their argument has nothing to do with Nicole Kidman. It has to do with Urban having a life away from them. Even with girlfriends and family visiting, the musician's focus was always on the career. It is no longer that way; and to add fuel to the fire, the new life has made it's way into the music. But naturally and rightfully so. You see for the skeptics Chesney's meaningful material is all make believe. If only Keith stayed single, their obsession would have less mental roadblocks. It's acceptable for other artists because the skeptics don't care enough (Brad Paisley) or's all imaginary (Jake Owen, Jimmy Wayne). That daughter Kenny sings about that he has to watch leaving home doesn't exist. The wife and kids he's hurt is just in a song. He doesn't have a better half to grow old and grey with on the front porch. Kenny Chesney is still the single musician up for a party and coming to a town near you almost every night of the week. And now he sees it's time for a change.

Two words skeptics. "Don't Blink".


Anonymous said...

AMEN, SISTER!! I think you hit the nail on the head. Kudos to Kenny for wanting a "Better Life" for himself. "Balance"....oh, that word again! LOL! Why would anyone want someone to live 'unbalanced' just to keep their fantasy going.

Thanks, Skewermistress!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the Kenny interview here, STS Mistress.

The haters and skeptics have been spewing their hatred at why Keith is spending “so much time” with his wife instead of spending all his free time writing and recording songs. Well, let Bruce Springsteen (via the Kenny interview) set the priorities straight for the loonies:

““Kenny, you can write half a song on a piece of paper, and you can put that piece of paper away in a drawer for five years, and you can go back to it, and that song will still be there. But life isn’t like that. And whatever you’re doing, don’t miss your life, too.”

This is what Kenny has to say when asked if taking a year off may cause him to “lose some power or control in Nashville”:
“I don’t know. Hey, I’ve been doing this at this level for the last nine years, and I think we’ve proven ourselves. I don’t know the kind of impact it’s going to have in town. But I think I’ve proven myself as someone who works very hard, and has given a lot to the music, and a lot to the town. If I lose any power for taking a year off and taking care of myself, then so be it. Because I just got to a point where I’ve got to take care of myself as a person, as an artist, as a friend to people.”

Very well said! Keith has taken some time off to take care of himself and be with his loved ones. He continues to work out a balance between his art, career and family. If the haters and skeptics don’t like that, that's their problem.

Sonora_Melody said...

Team Maclen showed once again how INEPT they are in their latest ramblings over at UM. Their poor or non-existent analytical skills and faulty “research” methods are simply too laughable. So they think Nic and Keith should act the way Charlize and her boyfriend did when attending tennis games? So Team Maclen is now “Miss Manners” and “Etiquette Queen”? LMAO!!

They just made it too easy for me. :) I posted the following at UM:

Ah, Charlize! The same one who’s so obsessed about her looks that she told reporters:
“Getting pregnant doesn’t excite me, but having kids does. I know I’ll be a mother one day. It’s just that I don’t really want to look like a whale. But I’m sure the idea of something growing inside you is pretty powerful.”

Wow, Charlize, did your mother also “look like a whale” when pregnant with you? Now I can see why that may have zapped you of some brain cells.

Choice: you really should check out Charlize’s boxoffice records before writing something like “I wonder if she dropped out of the danish girl because she was worried about being cast in a potential flop. Or is it because she is sick of waiting for this film to be made. I mean, how long has danish girl been talked about? Well before Keith arrived on the scene.”

“Potential flop”? Charlize’s middle name is “flop”. lmao! Just check out the WORLDWIDE boxoffice returns of her movies since winning an Oscar:
2004: “Head in the Clouds” - $3.5 Million
2005: “North Country” - $25 Million (production budget of $35 Million)
2005: “Aeon Flux” - $52 Million (production budget of $62 Million)
2007: “In the Valley of Elah” - $30 Million (even Tommy Lee Jones’ awards hype could not save this film in the b.o.)
2008: “Sleepwalking” - $0.2 Million (yup, just $204 thousand!)
2008: “Hancock” - $624 Million (ahh finally, saved by the boxoffice “king” Will Smith)
2008: “Battle in Seattle” - $0.9 Million (yup, not even one million)
Then there’s “The Road” which was completed last year and being shopped around the film festivals. It will finally be released in late November of this year after having a tough time finding distributors to pick it up. Get ready for this turkey to bomb. Not even the hunky Viggo Mortensen can save it.

Kidman has been able to open movies on her own with many of them easily pulling in $200 Million or more worldwide. The best that Charlize could do in her entire career was “The Italian Job” which has a worldwide b.o. of $176 Million. Her only other films that grossed over $100 Million worldwide did so because of the star power of the male leads, i.e. Will Smith in the aforementioned “Hancock”, and Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino in “Devil’s Advocate” (worldwide b.o. $153 Million) Ah, did I mention that of all the Wills Smith films released since 2000, “The Legend of Bagger Vance” has the worst worldwide boxoffice returns ($40 Million). His costar in that film was Charlize Flop Theron.

There’s got to be a reason why Charlize has not been in any big budget films in years. Quite plain and simple, she has a lousy boxoffice track record and no studio executive would be dumb enough to take a risk on her. Furthermore, unless her films have superstars as male leads, they're not even being picked up by network TV.

Still want to talk about “potential flop”, Choice? Btw… SO WHAT if you have heard of “Rabbit Hole” since before she met Keith?!? In the years since then, she has met and married Keith, and they have Sunday Rose together. She made “Australia” and “The Golden Compass” and got millions for the films. In between, she filmed “Margot” and “Nine” which required very little of her time. So what if she put “Rabbit Hole” in the back burner! Sounds like she got her priorities straight in trying to BALANCE her career and family.

Team Maclen and company, I simply posted "just the facts, ma'am". Too bad "you can't handle the truth".

countrycat said...

This is a coincidence. I had a bit of a drive today and listened to the radio. They had an interview with Kenny, probably sound bites sent to all the stations, about his break. He said that his career, and this was his exact word..."It's CONSUMED my life". He was serious as a heart attack when he said that. He also said alot had to be sacrificed in order to be in the spot he's at. I know the haters won't care and they'll probably even defend him... Kenny deserves a break because he works and cares and Keith is a lazy bum. To quote a skeptic....Whatever. They've all got a screw loose. I think it's good for Kenny too, because as he said he won't be writing for an album with a live show in mind. Maybe just maybe he'll get out of the beach party vibe and have some music that people who don't care for Kenny can get excited about.

SkewerMistress said...

Sonora, I wonder why INEPT TEAM MACLEN doesn't believe the following....that Theron was at the US Open for PR too. Sitting there with her husband equivalent too. Having a conversation too. Watching the matches too. Clapping too. Because hello INEPT TEAM MACLEN, Theron has a movie she's promoting right now. It's called The Burning Plain and it's been sitting on the shelf for months having started production in 2007. Theron has been making the media rounds with it, so why has maclen missed all this? Why not take the opportunity to ream her for a film with a late exhibition date and a simultaneous airing on cable?

There's the obvious answer but I will say I was at a previous screening of this film. Did not enjoy it. Theron misses the mark. In order for that film to come together the audience needs to feel at least the tiniest grain of sympathy for her character at some point and I couldn't give it to her. I thought an intense pivotal scene for Theron was strangely humorous instead of what was obviously intended. The director and cinematographer did an excellent job of using the setting as a character. The one scene I enjoyed was the family going into town to shop at KMart. That section rang true and really evoked the kind of life people live out in isolated parts of New Mexico. That being said, I can see some people loving this film. Kim Basinger and Brett Cullen, playing Theron's parents, were excellent. However, I believe Guillermo Arriaga films are simply not my cup of tea.

countrycat, thank you for that tidbit. They have as of this writing totally ignored Kenny's announcement and KU's album of the year nomination. Once again, how convenient.

Sonora_Melody said...

Skewer Mistress: Team Maclen is way too INEPT to even know that Charlize's "The Burning Plain" is opening in the U.S. THIS WEEK, and her "The Road" will be opening in November. Did INEPT TEAM MACLEN really think Charlize was there just to watch tennis? Lmao! Did they not notice that Charlize was sitting next to Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. How inept of them! Charlize happens to be on the cover of the current issue of Vogue magazine. Hello?! That’s PR in big, bold capital letters!

As to Charlize's "The Burning Plain", it had problems getting a distributor in the US for the longest time. They released it the UK several months ago and got an "alarmingly weak response. The hard numbers make for shocking reading: opening on a meager six screens, the film earned a humiliating $10,626 in two weeks, before disappearing altogether." ~ Watch for it to be another big bomb here in the U.S.

SkewerMistress said...

I'll put it this way, Theron is not one of my favorite actresses. I can tolerate her in Sweet November but anything more recent I try and shy away from.

I am ecstatic that she has left "The Danish Gir". Truth be told I thought for certain she was going to do it because we have heard more from her about about it than Nicole herself. But Nicole always seems to be full of surprises in one way or another and I hope they come up with an inspired casting choice for the wife. I won't reveal just yet my pick. I don't want to jinx it.

THANK_YOU said...

This is a little off-topic of your current entry SkewerMistress, but I just had to point out a couple ironic posts on E.

Ever since this plethora of positive press for Keith, the skeptics have been extra quiet. Although I have noticed something very funny...Mimosa is now debating one of her skeptic friends!

For example:

hit n run

Posts: 2,878
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Re: Nicole Kidman wants More Kids
Posted: Sep 17, 2009 9:38 PM in response to: Mimosa Reply

Well Mimosa, when she began writing the script of her perfectly timed pregnancy it was all about having a little Aussie baby. One that her parents would be delivering. At the best hospital (remember, she hoped it wouldn't upset her sister to have her baby at a better hospital than where Antonia had her children?). Then mid way through, at about five months, after telling UNIFEM she couldn't possibly fly, she blew up her lips, got her botox injections and flew off to Japan for her premiere then flew here for the oscars. Then it was off to Nashville where she could write the script anyway she wanted without fear of media intrusion. So my question is, did she fly in her doctor from OZ for every office visit? Or did she change doctors midway through the pregnancy? Or is it, as I believe, that there was no need for a doctor at all. JMO


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Re: Nicole Kidman wants More Kids
Posted: Sep 18, 2009 7:15 PM in response to: hit n run Reply

She didn't have to use the same DR who did the in-vitro for the obstetrical visits. She would've needed a high risk specialist to follow the pregnancy given her age and medical history. She more than likely had a team with DRs and nutritionists and nurses located in different cities who consulted with each other and kept track of her pregnancy....if she was actually pregnant. It wouldn't be hard to do that, and in fact it is done all the time. Computers make a lot of things possible now. All she had to do was be in a certain city when a prenatal visit was due,and she could see one of her team members.

What's that Mimosa? Defending Nicole, and letting a skeptic know that Nicole could have had a team of doctors in both the U.S & Australia?! omg, has hell froze over & nobody told me?

THANK_YOU said...

And another...

hit n run

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Re: Nicole Kidman wants More Kids
Posted: Sep 18, 2009 8:26 PM in response to: Mimosa Reply

Would high risk specialists allow her to exercise the way she did? Would nutritionists have allowed her to diet so she wouldn't gain any weight? And in the beginning when she announced that her parents would be delivering the baby, would these doctors have agreed to that?

As a matter of fact, her father was the only doctor mentioned throughout this pregnancy. I believe thats how she intended to pull this off but found it impossible in OZ with the media intrusion there. Once she settled in Nashville where paparazzi only come around when their summoned by her and she could completely isolate herself from everyone but Keith, her plan was certain to work. The media there accepted what the Kidman's told them. No reporters asked questions as they surely would have in LA or OZ. Do we know anything at all other than what the Kidman's themselves put out in the media?

Theres no way to prove that she lied. But her acting in this little charade is no better than her acting on film. Its simply not believeable. JMO


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Re: Nicole Kidman wants More Kids
Posted: Sep 18, 2009 9:57 PM in response to: hit n run Reply

Drs can advise patients not to do certain things...but they can't stop a patient from doing anything the patient chooses. If one DR releases a patient for non-compliance, then another DR will see that same patient and not have a problem. People move from DR to DR all the time. It's not really an issue of "allowing" anything. People do what they smoke stuff and drink too much and have unprotected sex with strangers.
Plus...she's rich and famous. That buys a lot of special treatment. Look at how many nose jobs MJ was able to buy. Look at how many prescriptions he was able to obtain. She would be no different.

BTW...NippyHo didn't exactly announce that her parents would deliver the baby. That was in one of those magazines that's not exactly reliable. Wendy Day probably made that up.

:O Really Mimosa? Nicole didn't say that, AND the magazine's not exactly reliable?!

Haters questioning each other's posts! This is what happens when you spend too much time talking to yourself, and your hater elite friends go into hiding.

Can it get much better than this?


SkewerMistress said...

Thanks THANK_YOU! Your posts are the inspiration for a blog coming up next.

THANK_YOU said...

Glad to be your inspiration SM! :D

Anything to keep the glaring light of common sense pointed on the hypocrisy/irony of the skeptics!

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