September 4, 2009

This Is Reality

After this week's Gerry House WSIX interview, where country artist and new skeptic obsession Jake Owen called in to ask why he hasn't performed with Keith Urban yet, the last thing the haters want is a new STS blog. Sorry gals. Martina McBride, who is known for getting in on the Twitter craze, recently posted a brief message on her official account: "Lovely evening. Dinner w/ friends, old and new."

Who are those friends? Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, Jack White, and his wife Karen Elson. Martina's husband John was also there. We're sure it was a great night of fine Mexican food and good conversation.

So why did we bother to point this out? One, for Oh "So" Leery who thinks every Twitter message and sighting is a fake. Two, for nomorefan/ihateher/NK'sKids4Sale, and ArmsOfMary who believe Nashville wants nothing to do with Keith Urban since he married his wife. Three, for cynical_gal/1urbanfan27 who believes Nicole Kidman should be under house arrest after the birth of her baby. Four, for PurpleRain who despises the way Nicole Kidman speaks...we couldn't help but notice Martina used the word "lovely". Five, for middlesea who was unable to predict this dinner get-together. Maybe next time 'sea! Six, for MADISON who believes Kidman has no friends and took Keith's away. Seven, for innervoice who wants to pretend she thinks a celebrity's real life is boring. Eight, for maclen who will surely twist the dinner sighting into another "inept team plot" to secure McBride's vote for the upcoming CMA's. Nine, for Mimosa, who believes every Kidman co-star hates her. And ten...because we can!

If you haven't already, run don't walk, to watch the 4 part interview with Gerry House. Gerry doesn't like being away from his wife either!


Anonymous said...

The Gerry House interview should be a bit of a wake up call, but the skeptics can't see past their own hate so I won't hold my breath.

I noticed Shania on the front page of Yahoo the other day so I followed a few links. I wouldn't call myself a fan, but I don't dislike her either. I picked out a few sentences from a note to her fans that I found interesting:

"The love and understanding of my friends and family have pulled me through the recent difficult time. It's as if several hands grabbed me by the scruff of the neck during my lowest moment and promised not to let go till I was safe. They kept their promise, and I want to thank them, my lifesavers."

Lifesavers? Why would she consider mere mortals lifesavers? Do you think Nicole is doing her voodoo mind tricks on Shania now too? ;)

SkewerMistress said...

Hahaha, possibly Anon. Surely we can concoct a juicy conspiracy theory skeptic-style! Urban relayed in the interview that Twain owned alot of New Zealand land. And Kidman expressed a similar sentiment about her friends and family members after her own divorce. Kidman must have sent some of her thugs from Australia over there to brainwash Twain into giving the public this quote...just so one of us could post it here. Yes, that's the ticket!

It must be that the skeptics have no friends and therefore put no value on other people truly helping one another. After all they surround themselves with like-minded meanies who lie and fabricate constantly, even to each other, all the in the name hate. Of course if Keith Whitley had made it through and believed part of the reason he was still here was his friends or heaven forbid Lorrie Morgan, it would be an entirely different situation now wouldn't it? Life isn't worth living without friends. Even God knows that.

Speaking of God, I wonder how the haters are handling this recent KU quote: "God works through people...And boy, that has never been more present than in my own family,"

Let the accusations of pimping out God begin!

Sweet Thing said...

You forgot #11. For Taralea who SAYS she has Nashville sources yet didn't have a clue this dinner party was going to happen although people who have REAL Nashville sources did.

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