October 24, 2009

A Dose Of Your Own Medicine: The Jimmy Wayne Edition

As reported here earlier, Jimmy Wayne, the off-and-on darling of the skeptics, has been in the recording studio. Also reported was Keith Urban's involvement in the new album as announced by Jimmy himself. As the release date approaches, we find Urban is involved in more ways than one. Keith is not only playing guitar on one song (TBD), but Wayne chose to open the cd with an Urban/Shanks composition.

Track Listing:

1 'Things I Believe' (Keith Urban / John Shanks)
2 'All the Time in the World' (Steve Robson / Hillary Lindsey)
3 'Sara Smile' featuring Daryl Hall & John Oates (Daryl Hall / John Oates)
4 'Just Knowing You Love Me' (Jimmy Wayne / Brett Beavers / Tony Martin)
5 'Just Look at You' (Jimmy Wayne / Bob Regan)
6 'Counting the Days' (Andrea Stolpe / John Kennedy / Steve Robson)
7 'There’s a Memory' (Sean McConnell / Clint Lagerberg)
8 'Belongs to You' (Rivers Rutherford / Dave Berg / Tom Shapiro)
9 'I’ll Never Leave You' (Jimmy Wayne)
10 'Elephant Ears' (Jimmy Wayne / Don Henry)

Jimmy Wayne: "One of the songs on the new album is a fast-paced, feel-good song called ‘Things I Believe’ that was written by John Shanks and Keith Urban. It’s such an amazing song. I don’t know why Keith didn’t keep it for himself - but I’m sure glad he didn’t!"

For seasoned KU fans you may have heard "Things I Believe" already. Keith's demo of the song, with his signature rhythmic banjo, was leaked on the internet some time ago. It is in our estimation a good song, but not Urban's best. That seems to be, in our opinion, in keeping with the material Jimmy Wayne has chosen in the past. The songs are good, not great. The singles released to radio have by far been the best tracks off of each album. Of course we will have to wait to find out what kind of collection Wayne has come up with.

STS has not heard the new Jimmy Wayne album yet, but in this blog, to make the circle complete, we will give it The Skeptic Treatment. Meaning, if this were a Keith Urban record, what would the skeptics' list of criticisms include. Of course the points made below will never be brought up in a discussion on the Jimmy Wayne E! thread, and sound insanely ridiculous. On the KUNK threads they would be front and center, repeated ad nauseum for months to come.

1. Album Title - "Sara Smile" - named after a well-known pop song from the 1970's. Jimmy must be trying to cash in on someone else's hard work and success.

Or another tack

1. Album Title - "Sara Smile - named after a well-known pop song from the 1970's. Jimmy sucks. He's into cheesy love songs. This guy isn't man enough for me.

2. Multiple Producers - Wayne has no vision, no direction. The record was in trouble and they had to get other producers in to try and fix it.

3. Cover Song - "Sara Smile" - Can he get some new songs? He's been singing it for 12 years. He had to get the original artist to sing background vocals on it to try and lure their fans to buy it because no one else will.

4. He's too pop - He's ruining country music with his pop cover. He released Sara to radio. He's not like the traditional artists that built country music. He's really trying to cross over to pop music. His hair is too long. It's not mature enough. Did he get highlights? Ugh, he's really a girl. I hope he isn't playing for the other team.

5. Studio time - Jimmy's been in the studio too long. They must have a bad record and they are trying to fix it. Didn't he tweet about recording in May? See that's why they needed three producers. They couldn't get it right. But we're right. Jimmy lost his muse! BAHAHAHA!

6. Songwriters - Oh look, he got a song from hitmaker Brett Beavers who writes with Dierks Bentley. He wants Dierks' career. Brett must have felt sorry for him and gave it to him. Jimmy is so desperate and pathetic. Only one song written by himself. He really doesn't have any skills does he?

7. Release date - Jimmy is releasing it right before the holiday shopping season starts. He's so desperate. CD's are big sellers then. That's the only way he'll get decent numbers.

So Mimosa, erniesmom, cricket1700, and the absent but never-really-gone astilbe, go buy the new album when it's released November 23rd. We at STS hope it does well because Jimmy is a good guy with a good voice. Not because he's not Keith Urban.

Jimmy Wayne on Keith Urban: "WHAT A GOOD DUDE."

We hope you enjoyed this blog. To quote another one of ya'llses favorite new country artists Bomshel....KARMA'S A FEMALE DOG!


WhatAWaste said...

This is posted on the KU positive thread on E also, and not ONE mention of it anywhere else on the KUNK threads! Not even the Jimmy Wayne thread...hmmmm....cat got your tongue Mimosa?

Or better yet, what did you have to edit in one of your first posts on the JW thread? Clicking on your name as last poster in that thread, takes a person right back to the very first page.

Me thinks the haters are running on their tiny, little exercise wheel as fast as their chubby legs will carry them - in the same direction over & over & over & over...

WhatAWaste said...

I meant to add, loved your album review SkewerMistress! You are dead-on in your "Skeptic Treatment"!

countrycat said...

OMG #4 had me cracking up. That could be word for word the conversations they have with each other.

Keith has never given away any songs he shouldn't have. TIB is probably 4 or 5 years old. This can't sit well with the skeptics. The only thing that could be worse for them is if Keith played guitar on the "Sara Smile" track!

yawn said...

Well we all know the "only" reason Keith would ever give away a song is if Nicole "made" him do it according to the skeptic trolls.

Sadly your blog is accurate SkewerMistress. They are absolutely this crazy. I used to wish the trolls would find someone else and leave Keith alone - unfortunately though they seem to be able to hate Keith and love their "Jimmy" too ... oh joy *insert eye roll*.

Anonymous said...

STS Mistress: once again, your blog is spot on!

As to the haters constantly yapping about Kidman’s charity/humanitarian efforts, especially the ones pertaining to children’s health issues, they are completely way off! Kidman has been involved with the Sydney Children’s Hospital for many years, oftentimes visiting the children without the press or paps knowing about it. And the only reason I would know something about it is because some of the hospital’s patients or their families chose to talk about it. Here are just a few examples:

- In the Hospital’s 2004 Annual Report, they showed a few patients and their stories. One of those young patients had a picture of her with Kidman when the latter visited the hospital. See page 3 at this link: http://www.sch.edu.au/help/foundation/annual_reports/sch_foundation-2004_annual_report_5.pdf

That photo was not taken by the press/paps, but obviously meant a lot to the young patient as she had it displayed in her room. Kidman went back to Sydney in Dec-2003 for the premiere of “Cold Mountain”, but did not host a special screening for the children. Instead, she visited the children the next day, and that photo appeared to have been taken then based on what the young patient wrote.

- In early 2003, Kidman also visited the kids at the hospital, again without media coverage. Her visit and generous donation was acknowledged in the Hospital newsletter. See page 5 at this link: http://www.sch.edu.au/wf/way_forward_2003_01_jan-feb.pdf

- Back in 2001, Kidman was in Sydney for the premiere of “The Others”. The charity premiere, attended by some hospital patients and staff, raised $250,000 for the hospital, of which $100,000 was Kidman’s personal donation. The following day, without the media attention, Kidman visited the kids at the hospital. This was written up in the Hospital newsletter. See page 8 at this link: http://www.sch.edu.au/wf/way_forward_2001_02_dec.pdf

The haters at UM and their cohorts at another blog (“Choice”) used the movie screenings hosted by Kidman for the Sydney Children’s Hospital in 2006 and 2007 to state “Nicole likes to visit the Sydney Children's Hospital every time she is in Australia (which is very rarely). This is very kind of her to do this, but somehow the media are always there to film her. Why is that?” My examples above completely proved the haters wrong as Kidman has visited the hospital on many occasions without media coverage. Not only that, she has made personal donations to the hospital without media coverage too. Also, if only the haters would just check with the Sydney Children’s Hospital, they would have found out that Kidman has been involved either through personal donations, fundraising or personal visits since the 90s. This is not a “new” cause for her as the haters want to imply.

SkewerMistress said...

Very informative post anon! I will be sure to repost the links in a future blog entry. I don't want your information to get lost in the shuffle.

About those Sydney hospital movie visits.... I don't think anyone would have felt last year that it was appropriate to screen a nearly 3 HOUR FILM to children who are ill. Both the hospital and Nicole would easily see Australia was not a good fit for the situation. But leave it to maclen not to see past his spiteful nose.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10:55

Where is the blog called Choice?

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