October 23, 2009

Oops, Nomorefan And Co. Messed Up Again!

maclen: "Yes, kidman has alot to run away from when it comes to a truly serious topic like this..and again, she doent have the chops...or the substance to address it!"

kidman sucks (an anonymous skeptic comment): "If they have to have a celeb up there instead of someone who actually knows what they are speaking about at least get one who can form a coherent sentence instead of one who babbles like a drooling idiot."

neverland47: "There were lot's of reporters waiting to ask her questions. Ones she couldn't answer."

flyin: "questiions she didn't want to answer, once Hollywood was brought up, she knew she had to leave."

hitnrun: "And I'm sure Hollywood took note when she threw them under the bus."

Here readers are the best quotes by nomorefan. The more she posts the dumber she looks.

nomorefan: "I can't believe that she was given the honor of sitting before a House panel and felt comfortable with herself to completely lie about herself and her movie career. Her life and movies are of public record, and I hope the Representatives that served on this panel know better. Third Lip is a poor ambassador for this cause, and I hope that's what Rep. Rohrabacher was implying.

Just when you thought Third Lip couldn't get anymore disgusting.

She has exploited the female body by having to be nude in most of her movies - for the sake of art. *Ahem* I think she thought the Panel would embrace her. Instead, they sort of cross-examined her, and she turned around and bit the hand that feeds her."

Unfortunately for nomorefan, INEPT TEAM MACLEN - PARTY OF ONE, and the rest, there's video of Kidman's entire answer to the Hollywood question. Not only was it edited by the media, but it shows that the House Panel was very pleased with her answer. One member then dovetailed Kidman's statement of self-responsibility into the argument that the U.S. must clean its own house as well as support change in others countries.

The truth is one does not speak at a House of Representatives hearing and then expect not to be asked questions. Kidman knew as an actress these kinds of questions could be presented to her. She was also asked about the effectiveness of the organization and what exactly they needed more of to proceed. So rest assured the questions were not an inquisition or a way to intimidate her. They were all very pleased she and the rest of the women who testified were there. One House member was so moved he shared the story of his father who went to prison for trying to kill his mother and unfortunately abusing him as well. Try as you might, your tactics to make Kidman look bad fail every time.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video. I haven't seen it anywhere but here which figures. They don't want this out there. If I could post a link to it on the negative thread I would! They got their hand slapped today for posting a link to NKU.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what Nicole does, it won't be right according to the dried up old grandmas on E. The more they talk to themselves, the less intelligent they sound. They have no inside information. They're just jealous and catty overgrown high schoolers, lying and starting rumors to feel important and get attention because they have no life other than making astrology charts and documenting the lives of two celebrities who don't give a rats behind about them. The facts speak for themselves. Keith and Nicole have been together nearly 5 years, have a beautiful child, a lovely home in a community that embraces them, and both have ongoing, successful careers with peers that highly respect them. There is no contract, Nashville doesn't hate either one of them, neithers career is in the dumpster and the skeptics are just plain wrong about everything. And now they just seem pathetic.

Sonora_Melody said...

Maclen and the haters didn't want Kidman there in the first place, so what are they "bitching" about if she didn’t stay for the press conference? Geez! Also, as you pointed out. STS Mistress, the committee members were all very pleased with her and the other panelists’ testimony. Without Kidman’s presence, this would have been just another “obscure” Congressional subcommittee hearing. But thanks to her, she helped “shined a light” on the magnitude and importance of this issue.

So Maclen and the haters think someone else "with actual experience" about the subject should have been speaking instead? Well, the remainder of the panelists have TONS of knowledge and experience in the subject. They had the press conference after the hearing all to themselves. Were the press interested in covering them? Were there any coverage or write-up of what happened in the press conference? Of course not! Hence, Congressman Delahunt and the rest of the sub-committee members, as well as UNIFEM, know the value of having Kidman be at the hearing. They needed her star power to make sure this hearing gets the media attention and worldwide coverage. And they certainly achieved that with Kidman’s appearance at the hearing.

Maclen and the other haters’ are totally ridiculous with their comments that Kidman went there just for her own “PR”. If that were the case, she would have stayed after the hearing just for the photo op and shook a few hands, without having to participate in the Q&A. But she didn’t do that as she was obviously not there for her own “PR”. She herself acknowledged that she’s not an “expert” on the subject. So it made perfect sense that the other panelists were the ones to meet the press after the hearing to answer any questions the press might have.

countrycat said...

I can bet after the hearing they were pissed and went on a rant that Nicole is a porn actress who does porn movies who doesn't deserve to represent women. The truth is women like them are an embarrassment to respectable women. They can't figure out why such a horrible person in their opinion gets invited to something like this and then they have to twist it into the govt wanting to trap her with her own words. Sorry haters you lose again. Nomore puts her foot in her mouth every day. She must like the taste of it.

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