October 12, 2009

It May Be A Federal Holiday...

but STS is open for business. Bringing you more truth in one post than all the skeptic spots combined.

For your listening pleasure we have a clip of Keith telling Lon Helton about one of his daughter's particular playdates. You see, Keith and Nicole are friends with Dierks Bentley and his wife Cassidy. The Bentleys have the Urbans over and vice versa. Shocking I know! *snort*. You can listen to that clip HERE.

So not only is Cassidy, a woman nomorefan thinks is "real", friends with Nicole, but Dierks cleans his own house before leaving on tour? Shouldn't he have hired staff? He deserves it, he works so hard. At the very least why isn't Cassidy "standing by her man" and doing the cleaning herself so that Dierks can concentrate on his career? Ya know, he's the important one! Ahhhh so many things to irritate the haters.

Next we have 1urbanfan27, who is spreading all over the internet under various usernames, that she's so happy Keith's parents were at the Buffalo show. Curiously there haven't been any pictures made available to validate this claim. So how does 1urbanfan27 really know? Was she there? Hell no! A fan posted it on Twitter! This fan ironically enough is also a Nicole Kidman fan and NKU member. Yes readers, the skeptics are fully believing a single post from the enemy as if it was a straight from God. And what have they decided about Twitter in the past? Every positive post and sighting of both Nicole and Keith are fakes. But this one must be real. STS is not doubting the fan's tweet, but this hypocrisy from the haters had to be pointed out.

Now we come to maclen. Maclen once again is proving how clueless he is. He gets all riled up by the fact that Keith's planned exit from the venue was filmed. What he doesn't get is it HAD to be "filmed" in order for his whereabouts to be broadcast on the big screen inside the arenas. How moronic can he get? And his picking and choosing of 2 or 3 fans that didn't like the artistic choice, or his performance of "Thank You" as proof Urban's career is in the toilet is so pathetic there's no reason to comment on it further. The real truth is that it has brought tears of joy to many fans that night, and those that watch it online.

Skeptics we know you like hating Nicole Kidman. But your internet hideouts are simply a mask for your true feelings. One concertgoer said:

"I was at the Madison Square Garden show, and yes, I'm a huge KU fan! I'm NOT an NK fan at all, and never have been even before she met him! I had kind of figured she'd be at that show, but when he dedicated TWO songs to her, I wanted to throw up! He dropped a great song to be able to put in "Thank You" - it was just unbearable to listen to!! I'm so glad I didn't see the tear falling, and the tissue box being handed to her - then I really would have lost my dinner!"

Oh poor you. So being extremely offended what did you do? Did you leave? No. Why not have the guts to say something to Keith Urban's face about his wife? In all the videos posted on Youtube and the like, there hasn't been one audible boo when his wife is mentioned. Not one sign is found with negative comments about Nicole Kidman. Not one story of a fan telling Urban at a BSE where to shove his wife. The reason being...the lot of you are hateful and hypocritical, but most of all you're cowards.

So fans we leave you with a happy reminder. Tomorrow is the "We're All For The Hall" benefit in Nashville. If you aren't attending, you can watch a stream of the show starting at 7:30 pm CST at the following sites:




Be there or be square!


WhoBStinkn said...

I'm very tired of their same OLD song. Notice the positive thread is dying. We're all tired of the lies and the hate they spew.

countrycat said...

Here's my question. Why don't the skeptics have the cajones to ask maclen why he's wrong all the time!


SkewerMistress said...

They have no one to talk to but themselves these days. It is slow for them but let's not kid ourselves. Once the CMA's are here, whatever the outcome, and Nine promotion ramps up they will be posting much more. Actually I predict if Keith wins anything it will be much worse because the nastiest of the nasty will be the most upset. With that comes an upside though. Any comments of rigging, or payment from Kidman will make them look even more like buffoons. Nashville hates her but they'll take money and tarnish their own event? Ha! They talk in circles with no help from the sane. The positive thread isn't necessary anymore methinks.

THANK_YOU said...

WhoBStinkn said...
I'm very tired of their same OLD song. Notice the positive thread is dying. We're all tired of the lies and the hate they spew.

SkewerMistress said... The positive thread isn't necessary anymore methinks.

That's because everything the skepti-haters have to say now is:


Enjoy E all to yourselves haters. Everyone else has moved on. Nothing like sharing your KUNK anxiety disorder with those you love most! You fools deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

'He dropped a great song to be able to put in "Thank You"'...

How convenient that hater did not specify which song was "dropped"! I was at the MSG show. Keith played every song in his usual set list, plus "Thank You"! The only thing he didn't do was bring Sugarland onstage to sing "Seven Bridges Road". But then, who knows, perhaps Sugarland was not available.

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