October 9, 2009

It's A Good Friday

Congratulations to Keith Urban!

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He is once again nominated for an Australian ARIA award for BEST COUNTRY ALBUM. The ceremony will be held November 26. No word yet if Keith will be a performer on the telecast.

And Keith has also been nominated for MUSIC ACT OF THE YEAR for the Australian 2009 GQ Men Of The Year awards. To vote for Keith click here.

Another Vogue Nine shot was released.

A picture like this should have been the fold-out cover!

Stunning And Real!

For a larger version that really does the ladies justice click here.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Keith!


You gotta feel sorry for Suro that she doesn't have a normal relationship with her mother. ~nomorefan


Actually, the people I feel sorry for are those closest to the skeptics. These women spend so much time chasing after a couple they say is over, they don't have anything left for the people who love them. If they put as much energy into their own families, imagine the possibilities.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Thing, I've noticed something about posting here. When I hit "Post Comment," I get an error message. When I hit it again, I get "Your comment will be visible after approval." I've only had one issue where my post didn't go through. I felt like it was a glitch because I knew I hadn't said anything objectionable so I just resubmitted and SM approved it. I hope this helps.

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