October 8, 2009

Nine for Christmas

Let's get back to reality folks. No silly pictures or non-sensical numerical calculations. Word is that Nicole Kidman's next project, Nine has a new release date of Christmas 2009. A limited release December 18, and a wide release on the holiday. Looking at this logically, it makes sense. The closer films open to Oscar voting the better its chances. Nine has a very good chance of getting a best picture nomination and several nominations for acting. Where that will fall in the best and supporting actress categories is yet to be determined. The odds are not in Kidman's favor for a nomination. Her appearance runs about 15 minutes and with several larger female roles (note skeptics I did not say better performances), her character probably won't be enough to earn a spot on the ballot. However STS sees the move by Weinstein as a good one. It also spaces out its releases, with Thanksgiving holding onto the the juggernaut of Twilight. 2009 has been a flip flop season with The Road, Whip It, Shutter Island, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Zombieland also getting amended release dates. It seems that without a tentpole or franchise film to stand behind, studios are at a bit of a loss predicting what the public wants and when it wants it.

And with the announcement of a new release date also comes the Nine Vogue cover. What was supposed to be an elegant day at the beach turned into a disaster.

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The image was photoshopped beyond anyone's common sense, including the background. Each of the women look awful, pasted together, with massive changes to hair and wardrobe. Come on Vogue! This is Annie Leibovitz and you turned it into What Not To Do In Photoshop 101. All the ladies, the film, your readers deserve much better. An optimist would say we should be grateful there isn't, as has happened in the past, an extra arm, hand, or leg somewhere in the shot. We aren't that understanding.

But of course we at STS always like to end on a positive note. So with that here's a wonderful photo of Nicole Kidman signing Omega boxes at the NYC flagship store. Proceeds are going to the UNIFEM organization, of which she is an ambassador. Beauty and class are always a winning combination.

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