October 27, 2009

Mission Accomplished, Not!

A beautiful new set of photos with Keith, Nicole, and their daughter were released today. Nomorefan, in her usual bratty bitchy demeanor a few days ago posted this:

"It would be nice to see Mr. Nicole Kidman out and about with his daughter. And by out and about, I don't mean walking from a building to a car - like at a playground, for example. Matthew is photographed on the beach having fun with Levi, but we never see this with Mr. Nicole Kidman and Suro."

So when the haters discovered these new pics they screamed victory.

"Didn't someone on here, just ask for pics of the loved up couple with Sunday Rose and Keith carrying her? Wave the magic wand and wella! LMAO" ~ neverland47

"Well, with Keith done touring and the benefit behind him, he needs something to keep him in the news from now until the CMA's. So I guess we'll be treated to constant photo ops. First the loved up couple (where Keith looked like he slept under a bridge - so please focus on the placement of his hand). And now the "family image" photos where theres finally a reason for daddy kidman to hold the child. Its all about timing....JMO" ~hitnrun

Another epic fail for them. Here's why...

1. Nomorefan regularly posts the same requests over and over.

2. Nomorefan still relies on a sick nickname (Suro) for an innocent child. Yes nmf, we are holding you accountable for this! Where are the nicknames for the other celebrity children's names you supposedly can't be bothered with typing out?

2. In the set of photos Nicole was there. She may not have been in every shot but she was there.

3. They were walking across another parking lot.

4. It's so unusual to see a parent holding their child, KUNK must have really been listening to the skeptics while continuing to take their daughter to a class they've been attending for weeks. You must feel so special.

Readers, can you see what hateful dummies we're dealing with here?

So in the spirit of the skeptics, STS has a request. The next time Keith is photographed by Nicole's "hired photographers" we want him in sunglasses or not. We want him to be wearing either a t-shirt or a button down shirt. And we insist he is somewhere in the United States, preferably Nashville because it's just so hard to find him there.

And oh, by the way skeptics, enjoying Brad Paisley's coverage in People Magazine lately? His last concert tour ended as well. Is he up for any CMA awards? Nah, probably not.


Anonymous said...

The fact that they think the only reason Keith is carrying his child is because they ask him to on the E board is proof enough as to how insane they are. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

SkewerMistress said...

Some may not be aware, but the skeptics have claimed they were dictating the photos months ago. I believe this is the first time the blog has specifically addressed it. In any case, it is more like how the self-proclaimed mighty have fallen off their step-stool!

Anonymous said...

I guess if they say it enough............it becomes true?

You can hardly miss when it is repeated 100 times when something happens SAY.....Bingo...
We did it again. LOL

They are really over the hill.

I often wonder what it must feel like to be totally into themselves.
Like they matter or their opinions mean a hoot? Like they run the universe. Good Grief!
Keith Urban hardly need those idiots for publicity. 4 or 5 people slinking around the internet stalking a happy family. How stupid.

We really know those loving pictures drive them to distraction! ha ha ha ha
Great revenge !

SkewerMistress said...

It's not hard to think the ones who have been around and are still around are pathological. I am inclined to think Oh "so" Leery may be one of them as well. At this stage it's not too far fetched.

Anonymous said...

I almost (that's almost) feel sorry for the old skeptics. The few that are left are being represented by the peabrains on E. It's certainly obvious none of them ever spent anytime with their kids in a Gymboree class or they'd know it's filled with activities. Wrapping a ponytail into a bun would seem to anybody with a brain like something someone would do when someone was warm, just like removing a jacket would seem. That would mean one picture would be taken on the way in to the class and one on the way out, dimwits.

Anonymous said...

They're certainly dimwits. They go on and on that NK would alert the paps so there would be photos of them, yet the dimwits also "whine" when NK were pictured over and over again in the same type of workout clothes.

Don't they get it: someone who is truly into photo ops would vary their outfits and make sure they are seen with the latest "fashion". Hence you often see shots of celebs with full make-up, stylish dresses complete with 5-inch stiletto heels photographed at parking lots of grocery stores, coffee shops, etc. NK, on the other hand, simply goes on with her daily life, and her wearing the same type of clothes year in and year out is a sure sign to discourage paparazzi from taking her photos. After all, the “value” of those shots will certainly diminish if all the paps can get are those of her wearing the same type/color/style of workout clothes going in/out of Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 2:25 said...

Don't they get it: someone who is truly into photo ops would vary their outfits and make sure they are seen with the latest "fashion".

Nope, they don't get it and they don't want to get it.

They don't want to get that KUNK are just going about their life like the rest of us. We don't get all "gussied up" to go grab a cup of coffee, or run our kids to a playdate, and neither do they! Because if the haters did admit these things and others, that would mean that, hey! maybe this marriage IS real, maybe Keith & Nicole DON'T care that paps are hoping to get the money shot & they're not biting, and they DON'T care ONE BIT what a few, sad, boring haters on the E board have to say about anything.

Keith & Nicole have a life, now the haters need to get one, or get the one they had back, if that's still possible. Sad.

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