October 29, 2009

I Go To Rio!

Yes readers, maclen's poor poor research has sucked in the skeptics at the Urban Myths blog once again. Reacting to what is only in front of his face, he projects a dead-in-the-water scenario for Nicole Kidman's Rabbit Hole. If only he had at least one foot in reality...

Choice: "Maclen - Rabbit Hole must be down the ditch already if only Brazil is brave enough to show it. Kidman will just tell everyone it was a personal project and only intended as an arthouse arty farty thing, not for mass audiences. Bla."

maclen: "Clearly its a huge fall when you recall 2 years ago she had 3 films released that year...and made 15-17 mil for the massive summer flop, Invasion...and then her other winter fantasy epic fizzled...and even sandwiched in between those two her "awards" bait Margot was met with huge indifference! Last year was a huge gamble to cash in...she thought that by going the "all aussie, all the time" she could work that novelty. ANd now it's just a question if her film will even get released!"

So the question is, where is Choice getting that Rabbit Hole is only showing in Brazil? IMDB of course. Sad to say skeptics but Rabbit Hole was sold for international distribution and sold to all markets except North America at the Cannes film festival. Why? Because American films are much easier sold sight unseen to the foreign market. There is a different set of hurdles a smaller project must overcome, for better or for worse, in this country.

So today STS is ready to set the record straight.

*It is rumored RH will be released in the US sometime in April of 2010.

*It is rumored Fox has already seen RH and is pleased with it. However, there is not one shred of evidence it is even finished yet in post-production.

*Just because a date is listed for Brazil on IMDB, does not mean it's accurate. At this point we have to take any and all release dates as possibilities, until an official announcement is made from someone connected to the film. As well as the fact that IMDB is edited on a daily basis. What is not on the page is not necessarily fiction. IMDB can be as factual as Wikipedia, which is not a trusted source.

* We can see that a date of 2010 is listed for US release on IMDB, even though maclen or Choice left that out. If IMDB says Brazil, and that's good enough for the skeptics, why not the US date? Blatant hypocrisy.

* Fox Searchlight can pass on RH and have another distributor step in to get the film shown.

* It is crystal clear maclen uses a lack of facts, as facts, to predict doom and gloom.

Skewering The Skeptics is putting a challenge to the other skeptics who read the Urban Myths blog, and to the blog owner. Question maclen and Choice on their inept analysis because they have it ass-backwards, for lack of a more elegant term. Tell them to prove this blog wrong. We can bet they can't. And we bet you won't challenge them. Because at the end of the day, you're all skeptic sheep.


We must thank a reader for the following information, linking a Fox exec to Brazil. Once again INEPT TEAM MACLEN/CHOICE lives up to it's name!

"Mr. Oliveira was one of the execs at Twentieth Century Fox Australia as their Managing Director. It will not be a surprise at all if he is interested or has information about "Rabbit Hole" as Fox Searchlight has "first look" rights to the film.

Guess where is Mr. Oliveira working now? That's right, he's in Brazil, as the head of Motion Picture Association's Brazil operations. So, I will not be surprised if he or his staff have first-hand information about release dates and opted to announce the Brazilian release date ahead of everyone else. That does not mean it's the only country where "Rabbit Hole" is being released."


WhatAWaste said...

Sheep is right, and stupid sheep at that!

Guess you better get your songwriters straight innervoice before you start wishing for the "old days", and how much better Keith was before Nicole came into his life.

innervoice from E said...

Ah, the good ol' days when I'd listen to Golden Road and The Ranch. Yeah, I miss that guy, too. He left long ago.

Why can't he write lyrics like the ones in "You, or Somebody Like You"? I don't suppose his wife would understand more complex words and thoughts.

Too bad you're not smart enough to remember that song was written by artist Gordie Sampson & a couple other co-writers, and not Keith. But keep throwing out your half-wit half-truths...at least you got oh-so-loopy to pat you on the back for every idiot post you enter!

Anonymous said...

"Choice: "Maclen - Rabbit Hole must be down the ditch already if only Brazil is brave enough to show it."

tsk tsk ... and Choice implied in previous posts that he/she is based in Australia? Obviously he/she is totally clueless. I have three words for Choice: "Marcos De Oliveira".

Mr. Oliveira was one of the execs at Twentieth Century Fox Australia as their Managing Director. It will not be a surprise at all if he is interested or has information about "Rabbit Hole" as Fox Searchlight has "first look" rights to the film.

Guess where is Mr. Oliveira working now? That's right, he's in Brazil, as the head of Motion Picture Association's Brazil operations. So, I will not be surprised if he or his staff have first-hand information about release dates and opted to announce the Brazilian release date ahead of everyone else. That does not mean it's the only country where "Rabbit Hole" is being released.

SkewerMistress said...

Thank you anon, I will add your info to the blog! It has been my experience that IMDB cannot be trusted as a 100% legitimate source when it comes to release dates. But your findings sound solid and make sense.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating your blog with that info about the link between Fox, Rabbit Hole and Brazil.

I would also like to add that it was very smart of Nicole and the other producers and financiers of "Rabbit Hole" to sell their international distribution rights ahead of locking in the North American distribution rights.

In the past few years, there were many stories of too much meddling from Hollywood studio execs on her films like “The Stepford Wives”, “The Invasion”, “Golden Compass” and “Australia” to the point that the final product may not be what the respective directors had envisioned or wanted. With “Rabbit Hole”, Nic and her production and financing partners can finish the film EXACTLY the way they want it, knowing very well that it already has foreign distributors. Fox Searchlight, or any other potential North American distributor, can just take it or leave it when they see the final version of RH, but it will be definitely a version based on the vision of the creative team, not the Hollywood suits'.

SkewerMistress said...

The idea of "creative freedom" is what needs to be repeated over and over to the skeptics They see self-produced projects (conveniently only Kidman's) as a desperate attempt to keep working. When in fact its a means to get films made and made the way you want them to be done.

One could if one chose to, cynically analyze Hugh Jackman's producer credit for the Wolverine franchise as a way to rake in extra dough. And while he will get a bigger piece of the pie, it's also a way to maintain integrity and control over a character. Wolverine will be one of the biggest of his career and the only way to protect it is to put on the producer hat.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, who cares what the skeptic/haters say or think anymore? They've dwindled down to a half dozen nuts who include a librarian from Iowa, a paint sniffer from Minnesota and a wigged out chick who thinks she talks to Keith about the E board. It's obvious they have no sources and make up whatever they think "we all know". Urban Myths says they don't want to talk about his wife but she's all they blog about. The Keith Urban negative thread on E isn't about Keith; it's about Nicole. They hate her but they won't stop talking about her or looking for her pictures or trying to find out where she is and what she'll be doing next so they can add it to their next astrology chart about her. They're completely consumed by spite and a malicious, petty desire to harm, annoy, frustrate, or humiliate Nicole Kidman. Why? Because she took away their fantasy. They want to destroy her and the most laughable part is that they honestly think they can. They can't believe neither Keith or Nicole have a clue they even exist nor care if they do. While Mr and Mrs Urban are rolling around under the covers and doting on their daughter and traveling and eating out and going to the movies and attending A list functions and excelling at their careers, they sit on their fat asses in front of the computer everyday and google and go on fan boards and gossip sites and degrade another woman. They're so sick they look for faults in a 1 year old child. As one desperate housewife's signature used to say "Whatever it Takes". They're out to get her, former friends and even each other. Yet they still go to as many Keith Urban concerts are humanly possible. They're lonely hypocrites who are no longer viable or even remotely respected so who cares? They've been proven liars so many times that they're just laughable. It's actually quite enjoyable watching them make fools of themselves especially while Keith and Nicole are out there "paving the way" with love.

Anonymous said...

They aren't smart enough to understand that SM.

they TRY to use big words and seem smart and it only shows them up for the dummies they really are.

I know that is not news to anyone, but it shows up everyday in their posts.

SkewerMistress said...

The adoption of a "Whatever it Takes" mentality explains ALOT.

timtam said...

I told Choice and maclen how much they've gotten it wrong. I wonder if my post will get published?

Nice work STS!

SkewerMistress said...

Well timtam if they do it will be under the guise of trying to appear "fair and balanced", which they aren't.

Anonymous said...

Ay caramba! INEPT Team Maclen/Choice are totally clueless. If the Brazilian release date for RH is right (that's a big IF, considering IMDB does not always get it right with the release dates), then I hope Nicole can go there for a premiere. Feb. 12 also happens to be the start of next year's Carnival in Rio, so it would be nice for the Urban family to holiday there. :)

I just submitted this post at UM - not sure if it will get published.
Maclen, you're truly ignorant about the country music scene, and your fact-finding skills are non-existent.

You go on and on about Taylor's album sales.
Fact: Her debut album released in 2006 is certified 3x platinum. Carrie Underwood's debut album is certified 7x platinum. This is a direct apples-to-apples comparison of the sales figures of the young blondes.

Fact: Carrie Underwood's first album is 7x platinum, but her second album is not yet 3x platinum. That's more than a 50% drop. How come Maclen’s “statistical ANAL-ysis” did not pick up on this. Maclen went on and on about KU's drop in CD sales as if he were the only artist to experience this. The fact is, CD sales in general have dropped. Only a handful of performers across all genres like Taylor, Lady Gaga, etc continue to enjoy brisk sales because they cater to a demographic that was previously “under-served” by their genre. These performers are the exceptions. btw.. it's ludicrous to even consider Taylor a country artist when she has already crossed over to the pop and adult contemporary format.

So you thought Brad giving a truck to the millionth attendee in his current tour was “very generous”? Ha, that benefitted exactly 1 fan.
Fact: Yes, Keith had given away guitars at his shows. But that’s not all the freebies he gave his fans. At the beginning of the tour, Keith gave several “No Frills” concerts for FREE in six cities, with about 800 to 1000 attendees at each show. Thousands of his fans got to enjoy his live performance for free. Again, at the end of his North American tour, he gave a free performance in Nashville today. That’s a very generous guy as far as I’m concerned, and thousands of fans got to see him perform live, for free.

countrycat said...

Whatever it takes...yeah that would explain them trying to label Nicole as a pedophile.

They are outrageously delusional. They really must think they can turn the world against Keith's wife just from their boards and blogs.

Sonora - Rascal Flatts' cd, despite the opening sales, has fallen flat where I am. The new songs don't get played on the radio. They are so over LOL

Anonymous said...

Good Job Sonora.

Their apples & apples don't quite get it do they?

What nuts ! (that didn't fall too far from the nutty tree)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anon.

I just posted this at UM,not sure if it will be published.
Ha ha … no wonder Choice wrote that crappy nonsense about “RH must be down the ditch” just because IMDB only showed Brazil with a release date. It turned out October has been a VERY BAD month for his/her idol, Cate Blanchett ……

a) CB was totally snubbed in the 2009 AFI (Australian Film Institute) nominations even though she had two films within the eligibility period. Yes, the Aussie press did not mention her “snub”, but that’s really adding insult to the injury, isn’t it, for it meant she wasn’t even important enough to rate a mention.

b) She was all set to star in the film “Indian Summer” and Universal cancelled the film due to budgetary constraint. That’s right, it was axed! Clearly Universal had no confidence that she can "put enough butts in seats” to warrant that kind of production cost outlay. Smart move by Universal. CB has not been able to open any films on her own. Her only films that did well were her co-starring roles in franchise films like LOTR or Indy 4, and the ones starring boxoffice stars like Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio, all of which did not have to rely on her to be the boxoffice draw. The films she headlined, e.g. Elizabeth 2, Notes on a Scandal, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Little Fish, The Shipping News, etc, were all flops.

c) Yet another year goes by and CB still does not have the prestigious award that Nicole already has, namely, the Oscar Best Actress award. Ah, yes, Nic was also awarded Australia’s highest honour, the “Companion of the Order of Australia”, and Cate...??

On top of all of that, October has been a great month for the Urbans, with him finishing up a very successful North American tour, which means they’ll get to spend even more time together (ha, I bet this is driving the haters over the edge). Keith also got a lot of kudos for co-hosting the All for the Hall benefit concert. He got yet another #1 single off his latest CD and is rumoured to be releasing another one. He just celebrated his 42nd birthday – yup, another birthday spent with his lovely wife and daughter. No doubt the haters are simply sick with envy and hatred towards the woman who they think “stole” their “boyfriend” from them.

So I’m not surprised that the pathetic and INEPT Team Maclen/Choice and NK haters are even more relentless in spreading their vicious nonsense these days. They are simply too consumed by ENVY and HATRED, two very ugly and toxic traits.

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