October 30, 2009

Tattoo You

Keith got a new tattoo for his birthday...what appears to be a large sun, presumably for his daughter Sunday. We love that Urban expresses himself freely.


It was many months ago that the skeptics complained that Keith did not get a tattoo for his daughter when she was born. Predictable hypocrites that they are, they already hate it. They were just fine with the massive tat on the inside of his left arm. The eagle and love tats on his back aren't exactly small pieces either. When Urban got ink for Nicole Kidman, he was slammed. Even bigger art for his child from the same woman... expect the two-faced bashing to continue. The skeptics will say he's lost his mind, when in reality the only ones that have are themselves.

We at STS think it's easy to see Keith Urban is all in in this family, as a husband and a father. Lucky girls Nicole and Sunday are.


countrycat said...

SMistress once again nail on head! A friend of mine went to the Verizon show and is seeing him tonight at the Opry. She's too lucky! She told me KU said it was a birthday present, so straight from the horses mouth!

I'm listening to WSM now online and Keith isn't on yet but you won't believe who is on now, David Nail, another one of nomore's "favorite new artists". Yeah that lasted about 5 seconds LOL. He said the house is packed and he knows who it's for!

Anonymous said...

Mimosa said...

But I can't take Keithy seriously because his music is so silly, so poppish, and so beneath what he is capable of doing musically. He has been so much better in the past that he continues to be a disappointment.

As you can see, Mimosa is back to her "Keith is too pop" rant. Someone on this blog said, just a few days ago, something like, "Jimmy Wayne redoing a pop hit from the 70's...just where does that fall into the realm of country??"

So, another two-faced complaint about Keith and still not a word about JW's new song release, or a song of Keith's being on his album.

P.S. Keith could give a "shite" (for you nomorefan!) less what a bunch of dried up hags on E think of his new tattoo, or his song choices!

Anonymous said...

Must be He!! on earth to ONLY look for and SEE negatives in life.
Their lives must be so sad to produce such bitter women.

SkewerMistress said...

Anon, they do act as if KU needs their approval. He's had so much success since they turned their backs, they must be pissed to say the least.

Anonymous said...

I just read something over at Urban Myths (which is a perfect name for that place since most of what they post is myth rather than fact) that speculates that the new tattoo is Nicole marking Keith. Didn't they comfort themselves with that same BS when he got the "Nicole" tat? Seriously, why are they still chasing after a man who, according to them, is so weak that he'd let his wife mark his body and make decisions about his music? They say they don't want to know the ins and outs of his personal life because it's all about the music for them. Please! If it was about the music, they'd be long gone given what they've had to say about the last TWO albums. Instead, they continue to follow those Google alerts that they're not the least bit interested in. What sad lives they live!

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