November 1, 2009

If You Want Something Done Right, Do It Yourself

So we thought it's time here at STS to tie up some loose ends and post what should have been posted by the skeptics.

*Keith's new tattoo Personal fan photos have revealed the tat is much more than a big black splotch as the skeptics declared it to be. There were idiotic comparisons to Mike Tyson and another fool said he must only feel pain. Foot in mouth disease has taken over on the E! threads. Get your shots Mimosa and Oh "so" Leery.

*UNIFEM Nicole Kidman and UNIFEM are launching a new campaign with the kick-off in Kenya. Currently an ad to promote the cause is running on Lifetime.

*Important Links We promised a reader STS would repost her researched links. Here they are. They outline some of Nicole Kidman's past charity efforts that were not covered in some way by the media. A thank you to this reader for sending these our way.

"In the Hospital’s 2004 Annual Report, they showed a few patients and their stories. One of those young patients had a picture of her with Kidman when the latter visited the hospital. See page 3 at this link HERE

That photo was not taken by the press/paps, but obviously meant a lot to the young patient as she had it displayed in her room. Kidman went back to Sydney in Dec-2003 for the premiere of “Cold Mountain”, but did not host a special screening for the children. Instead, she visited the children the next day, and that photo appeared to have been taken then based on what the young patient wrote.

In early 2003, Kidman also visited the kids at the hospital, again without media coverage. Her visit and generous donation was acknowledged in the Hospital newsletter. See page 5 at this link HERE

Back in 2001, Kidman was in Sydney for the premiere of “The Others”. The charity premiere, attended by some hospital patients and staff, raised $250,000 for the hospital, of which $100,000 was Kidman’s personal donation. The following day, without the media attention, Kidman visited the kids at the hospital. This was written up in the Hospital newsletter. See page 8 at this link HERE"

*Jimmy Wayne As commented on by one of our readers, and duly noted by this blog, the skeptics have been lax in their enthusiasm over Wayne. His latest single to radio, "Sara Smile", and upcoming album haven't been talked about, mentioned, linked to, or otherwise promoted. If you haven't heard it, take a listen. Mimosa this may be your first time hearing it!

*Nomorefan She posted on E! she tried to watch Australia. She couldn't "handle" Kidman's acting and it made her skin crawl. All we have to say is you get what you deserve. Maybe the problem is you aren't woman enough to handle it! BAHAHAHA!

*Urban Myths Idiot Savants They seem to be fixated on other Aussie actresses like Cate Blanchett. Despite what they say, performers like Blanchett have alot in common with Kidman. Both take daring interesting roles. Both are beautiful Aussie women. Both are working mothers. Both cover controversial topics in their films. Both have a list of successes and failures. We'll also put long-time Kidman friend Naomi Watts in this category. But for some reason arrogant fools maclen and Choice seem to believe Blanchett is easily superior. Well let's cut these idiots down to size....

It's a well-known fact that just breaking into the acting business is a hard road. You do what you can for little or no money, little or no respect, even if it's something to put on your resume. So with that in mind here's a mini video scrapbook of where all our favorite Aussie gals came from.

First up is Cate Blanchett. She appeared in the 80's on an Australian show called Hey Hey, It's Saturday. It was essentially a comedy/variety extravaganza that had a recurring segment called Red Faces. Think of it as the Aussie version of The Gong Show. Unfortunately her entire performance is unavailable. But a big thanks to reader timtam for providing a short clip from a recent reunion special.

Next we have Naomi Watts. With her girl-next-door looks she was cast early on in several commercials. And while that kind of money can be nice, even she did the dreaded advertisement guessed it...feminine hygiene! Watch as Naomi advertises for Tampax.

Last but certainly not least, Nicole Kidman. Of course, it would only be fair to share a clip of Kidman. Unlike the skeptics, this blog is accurate and provides the facts. In the following video you'll see what is one of Nicole Kidman's very first on-screen acting roles, and in a music video no less. It's a classic Aussie wonderfully-cheesy one-hit-wonder from the early 1980's!

A word of caution to the skeptics. This video was featured as part of Nicole Kidman's televised AFI tribute several years ago. Kidman fans around the world know all about this appearance. If you choose to post the video on your blogs and threads and pretend to have recently "found" it, we'll all know where you got it from.

So readers, this is a good way to start off a new month...with a clean desk. STS looks forward to the upcoming months. Award shows, movie premieres, and of course more nonsense to easily disprove from our favorite know-nothings.


Anonymous said...

Gwenyth Paltrow has been announced as the replacement for Charlize Theron in The Danish Girl. Thoughts anyone?

Anonymous said...

I have 2 comments, SM. First, maclen and the haters seem to forget Cate Blanchett played a teacher having an affair with a 15 year old student. Skeptic logics would make Cate a pedophile. She also appeared fully nude in "Elizabeth" and "Bordertown". That would make Cate some sort of skank. Cait has also said it was not love at first sight when she met her husband. He is a screenwriter so it is only logic to believe her career was in the dumpster and she used him to get work. Cate also has 3 children, including a baby born in 2008 but she continues to work so she must be a bad mother. Her face is also on an Australian stamp, like Nicole, so she must have bought herself in somehow. Just recently, Cate was hit on the head with a prop while performing in "A Street Car Named Desire". She was taken to a hospital but using skeptic logic, it never happened and/or she only wanted publicity for her show. Cate's latest film "Indian Summer" has been shelved because of financial problems. Obviously no one in Hollywood wants to work with Cate or bail out her next flop. Cate was also declared box office poison after "Elizabeth, The Golden Age"?

The site is Australian so obviously they don't like Cate in Australia.

Comment #2 is in regards to Nicole's mission to stop violence against women. The skeptic/haters don't care about violence against women. In fact, they promote it on a daily basis.

countrycat said...

Wow, so much to comment on here.

Give it to OSL to predict doom and gloom and be so dramatic it's a joke. I can hear it now in my head, Keith has nothing left! Sob! he's trying to erase the pain away with more tattoos! LMAO! And I'm the last person to defend Mike Tyson, but these women are morons. His tattoo was modeled after the facial art the Maori people of New Zealand have been doing for centuries! I don't have a clue what Tyson's reasons were for getting a tattoo like that but I'd bet it was more thought out than anything the skeptics post.

I just have to say something about the Jimmy Wayne song. Take away the fiddle and some extra oohs and ahhs and it's practically a replica of the original. The tone in Jimmy's voice on certain notes sounds identical to Darryl Hall's. The vocal phrasings are too similar. The way they went with this production-wise he did not make it his own. I get that he'd want to record the song eventually but to put it out as a single and name your album after it??? I really think it's a mistake. Don't get me wrong the song sounds nice enough but the fiddle is so intrusive I really don't ever want to hear it again. And this is coming from a fiddle player! Mimosa and the rest are really going to be jokes when they make fun of Keith for not being enough country and Jimmy with this song. Does anyone know if the single is doing anything? I haven't heard it on the radio at all and they were playing Do You Believe Me Now on a consistent basis.

nomore is in so deep. After all this time she's still watching Nicole movies? The liar's not offended at all, she tunes in specifically to find stuff to post on the negative thread, I guarantee it.

Bop Girl is an iconic song. You may not know this SMistress but they used it in a silly fun comedy called "Take Away", probably about 5 years ago. I got a kick out of Cate's clip. That's one I hadn't seen. Naomi also guest-starred on a cheesy 80's sitcom called Hey Dad. There used to be clips on YT, they might still be there.

Great job as usual!

nicfan said...

This is new poster Verity from the E threads. I wrote to you once before about Nicole. Whoever these women are in real life they are disgusting witches. I don't know why I bothered but at least they'll look a little more out of touch today with the facts I posted. I'm really glad this blog is here. There's no way to challenge them without breaking the sites rules. It's like talking to robots that throw out the same lines on autopilot. I'd been reading for a while and got treated the exact same way as everyone else that tried to have an ounce of decent back-and-forth. Word to the wise - stay away from those mentally ill people!

SkewerMistress said...

Anon, hold your horses. There has been no announcement yet. One French site is reporting it and that does not qualify as a definitive answer as to who will replace Theron. It's highly probable though. another case of wait and see. I will predict though that maclen if he decides to use it in his ramblings will say it's a plant by Kidman's people to get Paltrow to join the cast.

Anon, it makes no difference to them. Nicole Kidman is a skank because she's Nicole Kidman. It's irrelevant what anyone else has done, is doing, or will do. And you're right on the money. They advocate Nicole killing herself, being tied to train tracks etc etc. If she died tomorrow they would be ecstatic.

countrycat, I wanted to to wait to get a reaction from some of you here about the song. You aren't the only one who feels this way.

A reader described Wayne's cover as "rote"

nicfan, I don't want to say I told you so but you did read my last email....

They are on the defensive folks. Anyone that comes on what they think is their turf they are going to hit hard and fast. Don't bother with them. And not to toot this blog's horn, but since this forum is the only one of it's kind you'd be better off coming here.

Anonymous said...

Add gay basher to nomorefan/ihateher/lynchher/sue's resume. I feel sorry for her kids. She's a nasty, hate filled loud mouth. What normal child would look at her and the things she writes and be proud? God help them because they're going to become disturbing adults.

SkewerMistress said...

Her hubby is a gay basher too, as per nomorefan's own words. They're proud of it. It reminds me of the Ku Klux Klan members that show up on talk shows and expect to be applauded and understood.

Anonymous said...

SM, if it's true they are celebrated gaybashers, then her ignorance runs deep. I agree with the Anon above - her children are in deep doodoo. My mother was generously kind and respectfully tolerant and those qualities enriched everyone around her. She taught us by example and when I think of the example Sue is giving, I feel pain for those poor kids. They are going to be miserable, unhappy, rage-filled adults. What a horrific gift to pass on to a child. Mimosa's mother must have been exactly like Sue.

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